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  • Hello! Welcome back to my channel.

    你好! 歡迎回到我的頻道。

  • I'm Charlotte and as you might have noticed I'm not in Taiwan this time.


  • In this video I want to tell you something about European Christmas.


  • My family, we're not religious but we use the Christmas time as some meaningful family time.


  • Wherever I am in the world, I'll always try to make it home for Christmas.


  • Something I really like about Christmas in Europe are all the little Christmas markets you can find in so many cities.


  • This year I went to Gent with my siblings. It's a very beautiful, big, historical city in Belgium.

    今年我和兄弟姐妹一起去了根特。 這是比利時非常美麗,古老的歷史名城。

  • We just walked around there all day, doing some Christmas shopping and then in the evening going to the market.


  • It's so nice to buy something warm like a hot waffle or a hot chocolate drink.


  • I just love the atmosphere of a Christmas market in Europe.


  • One of the most essential parts about the whole Christmas is probably the big Christmas dinner we have with the whole family.


  • At that time, we would go to my grandparent's house and my grandmother (she's Italian), she makes so much food


  • This year I was in charge of making dessert, so I made two big tiramisus.


  • That dinner is such a cosy time where the whole family comes together, talks and eats so much that we have to roll outside at night.


  • What my parents, my siblings and me usually do during the Christmas holiday is go to France


  • Because France is really close to Belgium. We can take a train or the car and get to the French mountains.

    因為法國真的很靠近比利時。 我們可以乘火車或汽車去法國山脈。

  • Usually we would stay here for about a week together.


  • It's so nice because we're so disconnected from the world. There's almost no wifi here, barely TV

    太好了,因為我們與世隔絕。 這裡幾乎沒有wifi,幾乎沒有電視

  • We spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities like skiing or going for walks


  • Or we play some games together, we cook together


  • It's a beautiful family bonding time.


  • Thank you so much for watching!


  • If you have any more questions about Belgium or Europe, just ask me in the comments and maybe I can make a video about it in the future.


  • If you liked this video, don't forget to like and subscribe. Bye bye


Hello! Welcome back to my channel.

你好! 歡迎回到我的頻道。


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歐洲的聖誕節 (Christmas in Europe )

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