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  • Hi.

  • I'm Dr. John Brooks with the CDC.

  • You've probably read some recent reports about how long COVID-19 can last in the air or on

  • surfaces.

  • A recent study by NIH and CDC suggested that COVID can persist in the air and on surfaces

  • for hours, up to even days.

  • Now this was a study performed in a laboratory setting, but we don't yet know how that translates

  • to the real world where things are often very different.

  • These studies are important, we're going to continue doing them, and as we learn more

  • information about what this means to you and your home, we'll keep you informed.

  • Let me remind you though how COVID-19 is transmitted.

  • COVID-19 is transmitted primarily through respiratory droplets.

  • That means particles that come out into the air and then settle relatively quickly.

  • This is different than diseases like measles or tuberculosis that when they get into the

  • air they can float there for a very long time.

  • What can you do to protect yourself against COVID-19 in your home?

  • Using disinfectants.

  • Sure, COVID-19 comes out, it may fall onto a surface, and

  • it could be there for a couple of hours.

  • But the minute you use disinfectant, it's killed.

  • Let's work together to keep ourselves healthy, our families healthy, and our communities

  • healthy.

  • If you want more information about COVID-19, go to



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COVID-19能在表面和空氣中持續使用嗎? (Can COVID-19 last on surfaces and in the air?)

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