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  • technology and innovation is a topic that, of course, comes up all the time.

  • But I've been really struck by the change in the tenor of that conversation.

  • That digital revolution is touching all of us in business and way beyond this in society, in government.

  • And we in our partnership with Ted that it was a perfect topic for today's event.

  • Technology is playing a big role in helping us navigate and create the future.

  • We think often off the future, as the fixed point ahead of us this destination and the reality is that the future is not going.

  • Brainstorming is a work in progress.

  • A scientist and engineer.

  • My focus on efficiency efficiency can be account, Einstein once said.

  • Logic will get you from a to B.

  • Imagination will take you.

  • Every space is critical for the advancement of humanity.

  • Way are born explorers.

  • It's in our d n A.

  • To push the boundaries.

  • Whether it's seeking a new trade route, only to discover a continent or achieve a scientific way might be close to, uh, new material revolution.

  • But graphene is on.

  • What I'm going to talk about is actually a single layer off graphite only one atom thick.

  • When you introduce new materials, you usually enabled a new technology on with a new technology.

  • Society changes.

  • So the key question is not if technology replaces some of these jobs, but when our fast and one extent what other words will technology help us to solve this global workforce priced?

  • Call it the people economy way are exiting in a time when banks and institutions govern how money moves around the world every day we're seeing examples of people taking control of their own destiny.

  • When you understand Darwin on his term survival of the fittest, he wasn't talking about the survival of the fastest, strongest, most aggressive.

  • Instead, he was talking about the best adapted to the ecosystem.

  • So think like a mushroom on no like Dinos Way worked past problems we could solve because we don't have the right knowledge at the right moment.

  • Cognitive computing could help us bridge that gap.

  • Once you know you won't be ableto a no way will be more compelled to act.

technology and innovation is a topic that, of course, comes up all the time.


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