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Hey, Aaron, can I talk to you for a sec?
Just a second,finishing up some really important business.
Tried to come up with a perfect tweet to get everyone excited about "Winter Hypernation" tomorrow.
But, I can't fit in under 140 characters.
Why did they do this?
Anyway, what's up? What are you still doing there?
I just want to first tell you in private that...
After the show, I'm probably gonna leave the team.
Is it to join another team?
Because you're like the best one here so I'll seriously cut everyone..
..and bring in whole new group of people just to keep you.
I care less about them.
Is it because I smell?
Look, it's genetical, ok? I'm trying a million different deodorants.
And I wear tank over to every practice. I just can't stop sweating...
Aaron, no.
It's not because you smell..that bad.
I just, I just have some personal things I need to take care of, and..
Being on the team isn't really help me with it.
In that case, I understand. I mean...you got me worried.
I thought it was because you're upset at Matt, and you're trying to avoid him.
What are you...talking about?
Oh your crush on Matt.
That stupid stunt he pulled in you,by switching out with Anna and...
It was messed up between them, but...
You're a strong girl, so.. I know you're not quitting just for that.
Should never giving one that much power.
Especially someone who doesn't appreciate you.
Right yeah. No way.
But, don't you think some people in our lives deserve it, i mean...
When is it worth going through all of this for someone?
When it counts.
A guy like Matt, probably not.
Well, we'll miss him. So make sure you don't scroll up tomorrow.
(Winter Hypernation)
-Oh my gosh! You look so cute! -Thank you.
Here, they're for you.
Aww..he's so cute.
Where is Julian?
Um...he was just here.
There he is.
Dude, I can do this.
You're really good.
You think so?
Well you...you're really...
Where is this Matt guy? I wanna kill him,he's a stink face!
I don't know.
He's probably off for her scene with Anna.
There's no point, D. He literally hasn't even noticed me since that dance.
Since he's really not gonna notice, that stinks..
Okay, well...
When it's his turn, I'll clap.
But I'll cheer extra loud for you when it's your turn, okay?
Alright. Sounds good.
-Alright, I'll let you get ready. -Alright.
-Good luck. -Thank you, thank you...
Julian, let's go.
Just give me a chance!
Have you seen Anna?
Yeah, around the corner next to the dress room.
Oh, okay.
What's up, man?
Girls are evil.
So, this is going to be a great show.
You wouldn't believe what I just saw.
Try me.
I just caught Anna kissing a guy from another team.
Yeah, I believe that.
He's wearing purple. What team is that again?
There were tassels,she's playing with them stupid tassels
You want me to put some tassels on you?
This is what I've been saying all along, man.
Nice guys finish last.
She's led me on this whole time.
And in the end, guess who wins?
The bad boy.
When I've been her friend for so long.
You done?
No, I am not done. What's your problem?
You really wanna believe you're this perfect guy, this victim, don't you?
But you're not.
And every time you go out to find that self-pity, right? No one feels sorry for you.
You just come out as clueless and ungrateful.
Where is this coming from, you're like...
I thought you had my back.
I do!
You're one of my best friends. Which makes this whole situation even worse.
'cause I know exactly what you're going through.
'cause the girl I like..
..is also going for some jerk.
That's what I'm saying, Man. You and me, man, this all along.
It's you!
You're the jerk I'm racing to.
What..what are you talking...how?
I like Tammy, okay?
I don't know how you haven't seen it.
Even the whole team knows.
But she's wanted to be with you for like..ever.
Despite you completely ignoring her.
You've been so fixed on Anna this whole time..
You haven't even noticed anything that Tammy's done for you.
And now...
How much you hurt her...
And guess who's the nice friend that had to be there for her this whole time?
-...second left choice... -Yes, yes, yes...
Hey, what's up?
Hey, can you meet up?
I tried to show her what she meant to me, but...
She really likes you.
It was like...
Throwing a cup cake into a wind tunnel.
Look, every practice, every time we met up, I always hope she snapped out of it.
And after you toss her aside to dance with Anna.
I thought that was for sure the last straw.
And..it just might have been.
I have no idea.
I'm sorry.
I made my own mistakes to put myself here.
You don't need to apologize to me.
She probably appreciate it, a lot more.
Where have you been???
You're about to go up, what are you doing here? Let's go!!
I'm trying to talk with my friend...
Hey, where you've been?
I'm so excited.You ready?
I am now.
What are you..doing?
What I should've done.
Hurry up! Hurry up!
Don't worry, just...com'on It's fine...ok...
Are you crazy?
I'm really really sorry for everything I've done.
Are you apologizing for dragging me on the stage?
I thought you want to do this piece.
I don't even know if I remember it.
I believe in you.
♫I think that the stars would've waited ♫
♫For us♫
♫Hanging onto the night♫ ♫Watching down below♫
♫Til we were hand in hand♫ ♫Together waiting♫
♫For them♫
♫So when I open my eyes♫ ♫I saw it too♫
♫Stars falling down...♫
♫I I I...♫ ♫I do...♫
♫I love you...♫
♫And I fell for you♫
Hey guys.
Sorry, I know, I haven't Vlogged in a long time.
I guess I just got caught up after the show.
A lot has happened since that night.
There were a lot of long talks.
Honest talks.
It was nice though. Finally getting to say and hear certain things.
I got a lot of good advice from you guys and.. I decided to stay on the team.
And Matt and I, we're good now.
I learned a lot from everything we went through.
And trust me, I don't like drama but...
Sometimes you have to experience the lows.
Because it helps giving you perspectives on life.
And sometimes...
-Hey -Hi
You ready to go?
You're doing that...video thing?
Stop being so awkward. Come say hi to everyone.
No, thanks. I don't wanna be over there and in it.
I'll wait for you downstairs.
And sometimes, the right perspective...makes all the difference.
Wong Fu Productions
(And finally, thanks to you, the views and fans!) (Your enthusiasm and participation truly helped create this mini series.) (Thank you!)


【Wong Fu Productions】《值得.愛》完結篇:好好小姐好好愛 - When it Counts - Ep 4 - FINALE - Wong Fu Productions

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