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  • I grew up in Indonesia.

  • Internation, taking traditional dance lessons as a child is as common s playing in Little League or you soccer.

  • So just like every other kid started dancing dances from the island of Java I'm Japanese and Bali since I was five.

  • It is so common they even get graded on it in elementary school.

  • And here's me playing the role of an angel at our Christmas pageant, complete with Japanese dance choreography.

  • Somehow Indonesians are able to combine the traditional with the modern, the old and the new on our culture into our daily lives.

  • Then, when I was 12 years old, my parents moved us from bustling town of Jakarta to middle of Nowhere.

  • State College, Pennsylvania.

  • I didn't speak a word of English, so they put me in E S, L or English as a second language.

  • I was a complete certified fob fresh off the boat.

  • Someone who is an American.

  • Enough!

  • It's a 12 year old.

  • I was devastated.

  • I was going through a crisis.

  • I acted different.

  • I looked there, friend, I saw no different.

  • I just wanted to fit in.

  • And now the worst.

  • My parents made us perform at Penn State's International Night.

  • Don't let the smiles fool you if I want to fit in.

  • I was failing miserably.

  • So that was it.

  • I quit dancing.

  • From then it was English only to get rid of the accent, watched a lot of college football and hung out with fair skin.

  • Boys immerse myself in pop culture.

  • I even rocked the nineties bangs.

  • I was becoming look really American teenager, complete with a slight obsession of boys to men.

  • Then life continued.

  • I went to college, got a job at corporate America, married a boar with pronounceable last name.

  • Then these two happened.

  • These are my happy girls.

  • Look, there's nothing Indonesian about them.

  • They don't look Indonesian that I'll speak Indonesian.

  • They don't even eat Indonesian food.

  • I know on.

  • If I wanted them to know the other half that I spent years that gave shutting off, I needed to get back to my roots to my heritage.

  • So what's the easiest thing to dio dancing?

  • So me and the girls we join an Indonesian traditional dance troupe, and you've got more inter dancing.

  • I realized I wasn't doing it for them.

  • I was doing it for me I was the one missing that half.

  • I was the one that ignored that have shamelessly, you know, all these years, choosing to become an American and disregarding my Indonesian heritage.

  • That wasn't the complete me.

  • What if I embrace both?

  • So here I am dressed like a bird of paradise because I realized that mixing the modern and the traditional American in the Indonesian, that's me.

  • And for many immigrants, we are both.

  • So what better way to embrace myself and continue this journey than performing one of the more unique dances and more elaborate costume?

  • We're performing a dance from the island of Bali called General WASI, or Bird of Paradise.

  • The dense represents our meeting rituals of these birds of paradise, and some of the movements are not traditional.

  • It mimics the movement of these birds, like skipping, showing off the tail, shaking off the feathers mix and our traditional technique.

  • Typically about these dancers cannot show our teeth.

  • So are expressing their done through our eyes, and the constant finger movement is also very traditional.

  • This is also an example of a dance that's Ah combination of modern and traditional.

  • The dance isn't classical or sacred It was choreographed to protect and preserve the bird of paradise from extinction in an R verse.

  • And we have two male birds that will be joined by a female bird.

  • Wait, wait, wait.

I grew up in Indonesia.


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