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  • Victoria is good.

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  • What Deliciousness.

  • Tartikoff Karatz Video.

  • My neighborhood is far from the seaside, but the sea always knew how to talk to me.

  • The ways will always bringing me back.

  • The sounds of the streets were always hunting me.

  • The warm between those four walls, my own little sounds they were leaving marks, memory after memory.

  • The way I was hearing the world was slowly changing.

  • I could distinguish Evan in a step I could even hear the son of the lifes, every touch, every pitch.

  • All those sounds were turning into beats.

  • Then they turn into rhythm.

  • The melody was part of every moment singing Allow me to fly away Freedom can never lie to people like me.

  • Those who love to room with the wind and the wind favours the brave.

  • The sounds will becoming stronger, but they were clear.

  • Chopper magnetize ing.

  • I know this was not just the rhythm inside of me.

  • This was my voice.

  • Music came into my life when I needed it the most.

  • There were people who could hear it They were people who are silent.

  • But I continue to follow my own, milady.

  • And now I will share it with the world.

  • My name is Victoria and I will represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song contest.

  • 2020 and watered down.

  • Trixie start to see the stock to taste.

  • It was Cheney.

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  • Does nature he send young mother because someone always sees way.

  • Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

  • Yeah.

Victoria is good.


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維多利亞-格奧爾基耶娃 - 邁向2020年歐洲電視網|維多利亞-格奧爾基耶娃 - TEDxVitosha (Victoria Georgieva – Towards Eurovision 2020 | Victoria Georgieva | TEDxVitosha)

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