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(dramatic classical music)
(dramatic classical music)
- [producer] Yumi, you will be fighting for this motion
and Brian, you will be fighting against it.
Please pick up the card and read the motion together.
- Okay. - Okay.
- [producer] By default, Team Yes starts first.
So Yumi, you may begin.
- Yes, it's outdated. - No it's not!
- Yes it is.
Marriage was when women didn't earn enough money
to support themselves.
It's like we are trapped in a marriage.
That was an old, old system.
So it's outdated.
- Oh, it's a very fair point.
I'd like to argue against that point.
- Okay. - Because I think
the importance of marriage lies in its utility.
So for example, if I'm at a party,
I wanna go home and I tell people,
"Hey, my girlfriend wants me home by 12."
People would be like, (mocking) "Oh wow, your girlfriend
wants you to be home...
Oh you little-- you listen to your girlfriend?"
Something like that, right?
But if I say, "My wife wants me to be at home by 12."
The gravitas in the word "wife" itself,
validates the importance of marriage.
- Okay, so why don't you respect the girlfriend and the wife
at the same level?
- It's just a cultural thing, like a wife's order is-
you know, it's carved in stone, you have to follow.
- It's not fair.
- It's not fair?
- And marriage is coming from the place of fear.
- Fear? - Yes.
"What if I get older?"?
"Who's gonna take care of me?"
"Who's gonna pay the rent?"
Again, you are supposed to take care of yourself.
- Wow, I never thought of it that way.
As a married man,
- Congratulations.
- I never thought about losing value
because of my age, that is a tricky, tricky one.
But I think marriage is also important for other reasons.
For example, your relationships with family and friends.
So what other occasion could you gather
all your family and friends
and have them give you money and gifts?
It's like the biggest Christmas ever!
Well, you can get nice Christmas present
at a nice Christmas party. - Not me, not me,
no, no, no you have a nice family.
I can't get it unless I get married.
- So another thing against marriage is that,
you have to vow, you have to be together till death
do us part? - Till death do us part.
- Yes, yes, that's the word, that's too long.
- Oh, that's too long?
- Yes. - Okay.
- I think you have to renew--
- Renew the contract.
- It's like contract, five years.
- Five years?
- Sometimes, couples grow separate ways.
- Yes. - And then that's not,
nothing wrong about it. - Men usually grow
horizontally. (Yumi laughs)
A marriage is like the gym contract that you never use.
It's spending your money every year and you keep renewing it
for no good reason and you get fatter and fatter.
- Okay, I have to tell you,
very, very important thing. - Yes.
- Self-loving is the most important thing in the world.
- Oh my God...
- So emotional... - When you can love yourself,
so, so, so much love,
if you have so much love, then finally,
you can spread the love to the world,
to the society.
Sometimes, marriage makes you unhappy.
- Oh my God, this just went very emotional, very quick.
Yeah, I don't think I can defend marriage anymore.
I'm one month married and I'm not able to defend marriage.
Good times, world. - Yay!
- [producer] After careful deliberation,
the court has decided to rule that Yumi wins the case.
- Arigato. - I love your insight
on marriage, just one question.
- Yeah. - What do I do with this?
What do I do with this?
- Well, you can give it to me.
- No! - Give it to me.
- This is expensive. - Yes, well I'll pay.


(Eng/Chi Sub) Is Marriage Outdated? ft. Yumi Nagashima & Brian Tseng 曾博恩 - CC Courtroom

223 分類 收藏
Courtney Shih 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 31 日
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