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  • 23% fewer women than men are online in developing countries.

  • If no concerted effort is taken, that Internet crap is going to grow.

  • Intel's Girls and Women Strategy Promoting quality education, 21st century learning skills, training teachers I didn't dance school and felt because off the sickness, but my father educated idiot he interests me a lot.

  • He taught me.

  • Now I am working as a teacher here I endured.

  • This is all very much dating that so using technology, I can start by on makes their learning used.

  • Makes a cornfield and dull stuff.

  • Always said nothing.

  • Santa Save the Commission Commission came Santy to fun.

  • A really important thing is, is getting men to champion this cause Stuffed a negative Lamade Safer Gamble Nespoh area I'm writing machine one in five women in places like India find that the Internet is inappropriate for them and that if they did use it, their families would not approve.

  • So those culture ingrained cultural norms are incredibly powerful and something that is a challenge that needs to be addressed.

  • Basically, this district's agricultural district, the Children, they would come to lend it to the school.

  • It's Lenore, you share National.

  • Sorry, Shilo.

  • Nothing like this.

  • I am a fellow convict When I was 20 years old and starting this research camp in Kenya I remember driving my little truck and it I had It was packed full of women and I remember hearing them speaking in Swahili in the back seat.

  • You know, if she can drive a truck than we can too.

  • And it just to me struck me.

  • As you know, when when women see role models, people doing things, it enables them and empowers them to think Why can do that as well?

  • And accessing the Internet and using technologies exposes them to an entirely new world.

  • A llama like that, much motive is shown in the times more they cannot with a torch l a moan a young Shelagh Buddha.

  • One day she would talk with us in the classroom.

  • She will be alone on this when collecting data, say, communicate with the society.

  • No, the motor with their fingers Also not No, she can type.

  • She could write neatly, but she could write something that ho I can also express my thoughts through technology, just mingling with others.

23% fewer women than men are online in developing countries.


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Magdalene和Naema。縮小性別數字鴻溝 (Magdalene and Naema: Bridging the gender digital divide)

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