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Our government closed the cities and then we realized that this was really, really dangerous.
It definitely feels like a movie.
The streets are empty and all of the stores are empty.
The situation is very dramatic.
Your brain starts to function in another way to survive.
So it's very difficult because we are not free.
But we are together.
All over the globe there are people doing things from their balconies and windows.
When I saw this I thought, we should do that as well.
Music has the power to change a bad day.
(Speaking Italian) I sang on the balcony because I wanted to tell everyone that we are very strong.
I am not a doctor, I cannot heal people, but I can give hope.
And I can make people fly with me in a perfect world at least for five minutes a day.
I think that people are using art to express their deepest senses of joy.
Welcome to kitchen quarantine.
It's just at the end of the day, human connection.
Happy birthday dear grandma.
(Spanish) Cumpleaños feliz.
It's a balance of being realistic and also, you know, being able to smile.
Once upon a time...
Thank you for coming!
People cannot go to the gym, but it doesn't mean they can't get a workout.
Casey Naftol and Matt Greene held their wedding online yesterday, complete with a flower girl.
Mazel tov!
People are really trying to be their best versions of themselves right now, I think that's all we can ask.
So many families are missing milestones.
But with a little improvising, they got to meet their newborn great grandson.
What a beautiful baby.
A strict no visitation policy at this retirement home hasn't stopped Charlie Johnson from seeing his 88-year-old father, albeit through a window.
Amid the coronavirus outbreak many people are in need.
And volunteers are stepping in to assist the elderly.
We just decided to post a note, and put it where we sometimes run into our neighbors, so that they feel and know that their neighbors have their back right now.
Grocery delivery, pharmaceutical deliveries, whatever it is that they need from outside if they don't want to go out.
Our thought was kind of like, okay, we can shoulder some of the responsibility in our own individual communities.
We have never been so close, you know.
Because we a team now.
Musicians have set up washing stations to protect the homeless.
Melbourne's Sikh community rallying to prepare meals for delivery to anyone most in need.
A Cuban medical brigade is on the way to Europe.
The people who are now working hard, they're maybe not the people who get the most applause in everyday life.
We just take them for granted.
So now people are just applauding them.
[Stay strong!]
I hope that when this all passes, that we all still have the same amount of love and respect for each other that we have at this time.
We're showing that we, we are bound together, even though we have to stay apart.



【新冠肺炎】世界各地的人如何團結一致抵抗新冠病毒? (How people are connecting in the coronavirus crisis)

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Annie Huang 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 30 日    Annie Huang 翻譯    adam 審核
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