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  • I was born in India.

  • They lived in California for 25 years before moving to me and Meyer growing up in India, I was used to blackouts just like here in Gun Meyer.

  • But I never thought that one day California will be in the same boat.

  • California, one of the richest states in the U.

  • S.

  • Has a new normal blackouts.

  • This blackouts are not caused by shortage of electricity like here in Myanmar.

  • Their preemptive measures by the local utilities to prevent fires.

  • The local utilities, the likes of Y E S E M E S e and yes, see here in Myanmar turn off.

  • They're big power lines whenever the fear that they could lead to fires.

  • And that is because this par lines have caused many fires.

  • In 2018 in one of the biggest and deadliest fires, 600 square kilometers of land was burned down, destroying everything in its path, including an entire town and claiming 85 lives.

  • So now PG.

  • Any one of the biggest utility in the country just turn soft power during the dry and windy season when there is high fire risk and when they do that, all the cities and pounds receiving power through those power lines are left without power.

  • Imagine that if, due to a fire risk and bego division, we have to turn off the big power lines bringing power from chaos to young gone in the months of March and April when it is hot and there is high fire risk.

  • Can you imagine that?

  • Now let me explain why that happens and why it matters.

  • Even here in Myanmar in the last century, when the current electrical infrastructure was developed, we have to generate electricity from sources like hydro, just like we do here in Myanmar.

  • Now the trouble with hydro is that you need the river water flowing down from the top of the hill from a significant height.

  • So we have to build this hydro par plans like the upper upon long project near the hills of chaos and sand.

  • What that means is that we can only generate electricity far away from where we need it.

  • For example, we need electricity here in young, gone.

  • But there are no hills with reverse flowing down near here.

  • So we have to move the electricity all the way from car or son using water called transmission lines.

  • Transmission lines are those big power lines that you normally see while driving along the highway sets a system of generating lots of power from a big power plant, beat hydro or term Oh, and then moving the electricity using transmission lines is called a centralized generation and distribution system.

  • Now this transmission lines are not like the ordinary power lines that come into our homes or businesses.

  • These power lines carry a lot of energy, So sometimes, due to a fault or high winds, they can create really big sparks that that could cause the bush or the grass underneath them.

  • Two cats Fire Now Risk of fire and blackouts is not the only drawback off the centralized power system.

  • A single electrical failure plunged a large part of the South American continent into darkness, disrupting the lives off 48 million people.

  • And it's not just what has happened, but what could happen.

  • Blackouts can be caused by cyber attacks off the centralized system as a result of all these issues with the centralized system, Even in countries with 100% electrification, micro grip utilities are on the rise.

  • Like this community that is in helping themselves by building a micro great utility.

  • A micro grave utility is a small utility that is deserve a small area or a campus.

  • If it serves a town or a number of villages like here in Myanmar, we call them a minute grip.

  • I am in a great and a micro greed are essentially the same, but the different size.

  • Both of them generate the electricity locally and distribute it over not more than a few kilometers.

  • And modern Microgrids and many greats used renewable sources of energy like solar because the electricity is generated near where we need it.

  • Where people live, say, using solar and the sun shines everywhere, There is no need to move the electricity over hundreds of kilometers using big power lines.

  • Such a system off many greats and microgrids is called a decentralized generation and distribution system.

  • Decentralized generation has been enabled by advances in technology is like solar and the white spread adoption worldwide and the associated price drops.

  • So even in countries without 100% electrification like India and Nigeria, they're betting on Mina grits big time in India.

  • They expect 10,000 Mina grits in Nigeria they want to electrify the remaining 40% of their population using mini greats.

  • There's a paradigm shift happening in the par sector worldwide.

  • There is a new way for us to get our electricity now.

  • Here in Myanmar, the center life system reach of only about 35 to 40% of the population.

  • That means 60% of the population, mostly living in rural areas, have none of this.

  • Big power lines come anywhere near the villages where they live.

  • And the World Bank estimates that Myanmar needs 20 to $30 billion to complete the centralized system and to achieve 100% electrification as planned in the national electrification plan.

  • However, five years after the plan was adopted, those funds are yet to be identified.

  • Now here's the thing with mini grids and microgrids, we no longer have to wait for the government to do something.

  • Businesses can set up microgrids in their campuses, on the rooftops of buildings and factories, to help themselves and to help the country.

  • To reduce the burden on the already overburdened centralized system, entrepreneurs and private companies can build mini grits using solar to electrify villages that are far away from the centralized system.

  • I want to leave you with a thought.

  • Perhaps Myanmar can leapfrog into the future by embracing men, egrets and microgrids to electrify the rest of the country and to stamp out blackouts forever.

I was born in India.


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