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[Aiko] Hello world where I'm from in Japan, this is what yakiniku dinner is like.
[Greg] And what's yakiniku?
[A] Um... it's meat that is fried, kind of...
[G] Grilled meat, I think?
[A] Yeah.
It's very easy to prepare because you just need to cut vegetables
[Greg] Did you cut yourself?
[Mom] No
[G] And do you need to cut the meat?
[A] Well, no, you just need to buy the meat.
[G] So what do we have here Aiko?
[A] A grill.
[G] And what do we do with it?
[A] We put water in it.
And then we just put the grill on top.
And we're ready to cook.
[G] What are you doing right now?
[Shin] Just sitting here.
[G] What are you going to do with this paper?
[S] I don't know.
[G] You have to put the paper on the table
Do you know why?
[S] Like, I don't know why
[G] Think about why you're doing this.
[G] No, you're not doing shūji.
We're gonna put newspaper on here so the table doesn't get greasy
[S] Yes
[G] Shin, what is this? [S] Honey soya sauce, can you open it?
[G] I think you're good.
So sauce for the grilled meat?
[S] Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah.
Okay, but what kind of sauce is that, do you know?
I don't know - "olive oil and lemon"?
[G] Yeah, that's right
[S] And "something water", I don't know.
[G] Are you hungry?
*sounds of food sizzling*
[G] You're doing both?
[S] Yeah, double.
*extreme sizzle sounds*
[G] So which ones are your favourites, Aiko?
[A] Um, these two.
[G] And that is, what?
[A] Umm, meat?
I don't know what kind of meat it is
[G] Beef.
[A] Beef, and this potato.
[G] What are you eating, mommy?
[M] Enoki mushrooms.
[S] I'm making yakisoba.
[S] The salad, the salad I cut it.
[G] Whatcha gonna do now?
[S] Put the yaki- the soba.
[G] And what's that going in, Shin?
[S] What? Um, like alcohol.
[G] Okay.
[S] Sake.
[G] Are you allowed to drink sake?
[S] No, if you bake like
bake sake like 'oyu' (hot water)
you can- everyone can drink it.
[G] Just wait.
[G] Yakisoba!
[G] What do you think, Shin?
[S] Great!
[S] Thanks for watching, see you next time,
[S+A] Bye!
[A] Do you have yakiniku where you're from?
[G] What's that?
[M] Striking.
[G] Striking, striking the set.
[M] Striking the set.
[G] Cleaning the oil.


What an Indoor Japanese BBQ is Like

26 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 28 日
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