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J: Okay, we can't see anything but here's Rachel!
R: I'm here! Hello! So, we're going to make mochi,
er, we're going to watch Jun's uncle make mochi.
R: And we get to eat it!
J: I can't see anything. But yeah.
R: Freshly-made mochi, which is really delicious!
R: I'm really excited. J: Okay. Let's go!
R: Okay. J: We're here!
R: This is regular rice, and this is mochi rice. You use this to make mochi.
R: Between regular rice and... Uncle(U): The color is different.
R: I can't really tell.
Aunt(A): Me neither.
J: Now he's turning the rice into mochi.
R: They put the dry rice mochi in the machine and it made it cooked mochi rice,
and now they're turning the mochi rice into mochi.
J: Yeah, in a rice cooker.
R: To me it tastes like normal rice; it's just sticky.
J: Yeah. The texture is different.
R: But the taste is about the same, right? J: Yeah.
R: It was fast!
A: It's done!
U: HOT!!
R: How do you say flour? It's a special mochi flour?
J: It's made of rice. Rice flour.
A: It's smooth, right? J: It is, isn't it.
J: It looks good.
A: You don't get the chance to eat fresh mochi often.
J: Freshly-made mochi is delicious.
J: I can't wait to eat it.
U: There you go.
R: It's so soft! J: Yeah.
R: It's amazing. J: It's really good, right?!
U: Hot hot hot hot hot hot
A: It's still hot?
U: This is freaking hot, dammit.
A: This is kagami mochi.
A: You put one on the other one.
R: Will we eat it with oroshi (grated radish)? A: Yep!
J: It's really good. R: Really?
J: Yeah. It goes well together.
A: Do you have your chopsticks? U: Get ready! Quick quick quick!
J: Get your chopsticks ready!
J: It smells really good!
A: I don't know if the sauce is weak or too spicy.
J: Thank you!
R: It's delicious!
A: Sorry if it's a little spicy! We didn't add much soy sauce.
J: Isn't it much better than the ones you get at the supermarket?
J: It's really good, isn't it?
R: It's so chewy!
J: Yeah.
J: This is freaking great.
A: It's good?
J: It's delicious.
U: It's so hot.
J: These are all good!
R: Mmm.
R: Can you mix it for me?
J: That? R: Yeah.
R: You mixed with the wrong end!
J: Sorry.
R: It's so goooood~
J: Everything's delicious.
R: Is this where the word "mochimochi" comes from? J: Yes.
J: Sticky.
J: This is probably ryokucha (green tea). I don't know what type.
J: It's expensive. It was a gift.
R: I've never had green tea this delicious before.
A: It's different from Sushiro, isn't it?
J: Yeah. This one's sweet.
J: High-quality tea has amino acids in it, which make it really delicious.
R: Yaki-mochi, so, fried-mochi.
J: Yeah, with the heater.
R: Because the mochi is so fresh, it just came out, you can't actually put it in a toaster oven.
R: It would melt everywhere.
R: So we can make it on top of the heater.
A: You should use a mikan instead.
J: We display it like that for the New Year.
R: It kind of looks like a snowman.
R: After that do you eat it?
U: Yep.
R: This soy sauce is really good, too.
J: That soy sauce I got at Wal-mart--that crappy one...
J: It was just... euuaghhhhh
R: American soy sauce?
J: Yeah, that was...
J: That was... ehhh
J: Your face explains everything.
R: It's so good!
J: Yeah, it's really good.
R: Can I have a little more, actually?
J: You want more?
J: Here you go!
A: Do you want nori (seaweed)?
J: Oh, do you have nori?
A: I don't know where the nori is, but I must have it somewhere...
J: Sorry, I forgot. Yeah.
R: Mochi with nori and soy sauce-
J: Right, norimaki (rolled with seaweed).
R: I love nori.
J: Thank you!
J: This is flavored nori. It's sweet by itself.
R: I haven't had nori that I don't like yet.
J: This is reeeeally good.
J: Here you go.
R: Thank you!
R: This is the best.
A: ??? [No one knows what she said here]
J: "The best."
R: Oh, we can see there, but...
R: Okay, we can't really see again, but we've received some mochi
R: that we get to take home, which is super delicious!
R: So, this is excit- AUGH can't see.
R: Oh, I can see! A little.
R: Well, it's just a box.
R: Your aunt and uncle are so nice!
J: I know. R: It was really delicious.
J: Yeah. Glad to hear.
A: You haven't seen mochitsuki (rice pounding), have you?
J: We went to Koike shrine.
A: Oh, you did?
J: Yeah.
A: Oh, that was a while ago, right?
R: Yeah.
A: Oh, that's right! Two years ago.
J: There are so many grandpas and grandmas.


How to make mochi! 【餅を作りましょう!】(字幕・10ヶ国)

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