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  • Hey, how are you?

  • I am good, how are you?

  • I am also good.

  • It's already quite late, why are you still studying?

  • Wow, it really is quite late!

  • But I am hungry, I didn't eat dinner.

  • Do you want to go eat with me?

  • I guess so. But I kind of want to sleep (sounds like the word for dumplings).

  • Oh!

  • Ok, where do you want to go eat dumplings (student misheard the previous statement)?

  • What?

  • Ah, what restaurant do you want to go to to eat dumplings?

  • Oh! No, no, no.

  • I said I want to sleep, not eat dumplings.

  • It's alright, it's fine.

  • We can first go and eat; eating is important!

Hey, how are you?


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太難了!中文學習問題。音調 (學生) (太难了! Chinese Learning Problems: Tones (Student))

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