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[Jack] All right gamers, welcome to the ultimate running away from storm map. I'm here with my friend-
[Pewds] Wait, I'm not.. I'm not in the, Which one do I join?
[Jack] I'm here with my BEST gamer, pewtiepie
[Jack] You might have heard of 'em, he's an up and coming Fortnite streamer
[Jack] Smash like if you're exited for the next event in Fortnite
[Pewds] Subscribe to support him and his Fortnite endeavors
*Jack and Pewds screaming over royal free music*
[Captions filled by JayJam from 0:00 - 1:30, Please continue from there]
*Coughing* help him, he's gonna game end
Oh yeah, epic gamer time
[Pewds] HWooA
[Pewds] Gaa... Gami- *asthma attack*
[Pewds] Day 3 baby! grab your G-fuel
[Pewds] Grab your gaming partner, jacksepticeye what's up dude?
[Jack] What's up gamers
[Jack] It's summer my hats on backwards and I'm ready to party.
[Pewds] make sure to subscribe and like, let's just have fun guys
[Pewds] "Have fun" It literally says it! *laughing*
[Pewds] Oh yeah, we're debating what the best title for this would be
[Jack] Yeah- [Pewds] The worst title
[Jack] The hidden Black Mirror episode...
[Pewds] Mom hacked my basement. No, wait..
[Pewds] *Choking on the best energy drink*
[Jack] This is prop hunt baby! We're Gmod now.
[Pewds] Gaming week baby, anything can happen!
[Jack] Don't forget to support a creator.
[Jack] Uhh, I don't know what my creator code is in Fortnite...
[Pewds] Pewdiepie *COUGH COUGH*
[Pewds] If you want more Fortnite content, be sure to leave a comment down below.
Ash a like button also the top 5,000 hundred
Comments for the first 30 minutes of this video. So I hope to see you there epic gamers
Can't wait to see what your egg gamers are gonna say if you guys are hyped about for tonight
Let me know down in the comments below. Hey, what do you guys think of the new for that update?
I'd have no weed input whatsoever. But do tell me update night update night. Okay? I don't know how this works
Yeah, we're playing a game the worst gamers. Okay, so you're hiding and I have to find you. Oh
This is how it works, okay. Alright jackaboy. We're okay prop ping
Ping's me right now and then I think I heard something over here
Does that mean I have to keep constantly switching position nearly? See you moving? No. Wait, that's a balloon
Shut up
Felix, alright, give me a hint. What do you smell like? I'm whistling at you
I don't know what the pings are doing. By the way, I don't know what the coins are
Anything works? Ok. It's definitely coming from here
Right is it?
No, it's coming from
Are you next to me?
You up there? Oh wait a soirée enter code jacksepticeye guys, where are you
Are you two buds are not the bus?
Well, hey, are you the soda?
Props won that round you killed yourself gamer week
That was a big boys locker room
Me and the boys just playing prop hunt in fortnight. This is 2019 gaming
Were you the soda though? No, I would say little like cooler next to it
Oh my god, you shot the soda and killed yourself. Oh
Not a gamer way, bro
That's the gamer way. Ok
so guys Oh the way this works is that now is my turn to be the prop and
Jack has to find me if you want to join it to win an Xbox. Call me your favorite jacksepticeye video
Wait, do I have to damage myself to get out of here? Uh, I don't know how I just hit the barn doors
Yes, but prop won't you damage yourself by? Ok? Yes. Hi. Oh, there we go about baby. Okay, that's the Train
All right, Oh God guys. We have to be careful because now
Jacksepticeye is looking for except the guys on the hunt, baby
Jacksepticeye, okay found the until me challenge impossible question mark
Jacksepticeye is a fortnight hacker
Okay, let's keep an ear out for this ping I didn't hear it
I didn't hear Dukie the first time see I'd never hear the ping
What crazy this is so weird? Okay. What's the coin? Just I don't know you collect the coins. Apparently, I don't Oh guys. Oh
Well, I heard it
What did you hear? I heard the ping. You didn't hear anything
I'm so far away guys. Are you PewDiePie? I don't know
Guys this is epic
It's new master 69 here
Telling you to subscribe to all your favorite gaming channels doesn't even have to be me should be me though
Subscribe use your fortnight creator codes like use any of your favorite creators, but I'm really saying it's an use of you
Guys it's all about giving you have to be a giving person
Paris this game to me
You make fun of my accent. I'm a prop II boy right now. What am I gonna what am I gonna be gamers?
Quick guys down in the comments. Let me know what I should be
Good guys, he's coming
So annoying, oh
Okay, guys, I think I heard a whistle over here here he comes
Did you just throw a boogie bomb at me you threw a bogey bar back at your favorite gamer
That's what it's gaming week
Everybody smash like if you're excited for gaming the title of this video should be how can we make the most generic? Obnoxious? Let's play
Another wish I think I would make it what it actually is
It's their boobs it fortnight verbs in finite does boobs. Okay, but don't trick me
Alright, you can't trick on gamer week
Where you're dancin buddy, wait, are you dancing too?
Okay guys now ah, oh my god, oh my god worried see
Bite me. Alright guys helped me to find jacksepticeye. Right? No. No
That breath sorry about that brides gaming week, I'm sure you understand. Did you just did you just have a gamer moment?
Watch out PewDiePie this gamers coming for your number one spot
Oh, I see you time for the jacksepticeye. Shout out number three
You gotta earn it bruh. Oh I heard ping ping comes from this direction Oh,
Amateur didn't even close the door after him
He did a swore he did a swore. Oh, please
I peed he'll never find me. Are you here PewDiePie? Oh, ah
Wait, wait, wait, wait, what will we wait? I'm not waiting for nothing. Okay
Oh god, I'm scared Bros Bros. What do I do?
What do I do bro
Okay, go hide again
It's because I can hear footsteps. Alright, you'll never find
Gamer I'll never dance for you Jack you here somewhere, uh
Yeah, you heard me oh crap no, I'm
Less do fortnight portal crossover
Okay. Okay, that sounds epic. Alright gamers. Let us know in the comments if that sounds that big
Alright guys, if you have not subscribed yet. We're doing a subscriber challenge
So join the broski's can you subscribe for 24 hours challenge?
whoever subscribes for the most times gets
$10,000. Oh
Man I'm not allowed to play with you Jack. That sucks, bro
Pro this is not game where I'm going back to the hub. Okay. Do you wanna do you wanna just do this?
Oh, heck yeah, bro. Let's let's freakin do it. Oh
Yeah. Oh
Let's just jump in
Okay, I'll get it. So you glide into this hole?
Bro, I have no idea where you are tonight
Over here. I'm here. Oh, you're all the way over there. I'm the complete opposite side
Come here. Brat. Come on gamer. Okay, I'm coming in dropping hot is this tilted mid rolls every one minute. Oh, yeah
That's my gamer boy. Yeah
Press B
No, no freakin way
That's not the right song though you got to do it again that
Is the right one if this video gets a hundred thousand million likes. Oh no
Wait, that's too much. If this video gets a million likes me. And Jack will do a four-night IRL challenge
All right jack
Oh god, all right you really good at this deck you're not
Dude I
Thought no else who's your favorite custom map creator in?
favorite every creator, you know what this these custom apps are really good real estate in Fortnight custom maps
I'm thinking about buying a housing for tonight smash like to take out a mortgage
To buy B bucks enter code beautiful free ebooks for anyone who has a fortnight real estate
I think oh I'm willing to take give out a loan of
500 beat books
500 Amazon gift codes. All right. I have not seen you do we both just die instantly
Yeah, I think yes jumping I think the momentum has to keep going or something. Well, you have to wait for a game
Are you letting let me know?
Let me know if you wanna see
Also that adds wait I get it this is just trying over and over and over head yeah, I'm already bored
You gotta jump at the very last second. Oh
I'm just gonna be over here eating epic popcorn dude. You took an L. How does that feel? I
Take Noelle's
You said jump in the last second bruh
Bruh no, I want to do it because it's gaming week and gaming. Oh my god
I'm just I'm just gonna leave you have to support a fellow gamer is this what gamers actually want to do in fortnight right now?
Ohio Brook Brook I did it
did you I
Don't believe you okay
Have you waited for your fellow gamer you wouldn't know
Dude, I'm too busy taking elves over here. I don't have time to oh
The secret is to glide to the second one. No, bro, that's I dunno fuli's know fully
There's something beautiful about watching you just for wait, are you still down there? Oh
Right, come on
Please make it out. Make it out. You can bait the traps. Oh really? Yeah
Alright watch I got to do this one for my bros. Oh, yeah. Oh
I made it. I'm up here. Did you die? Yeah, I left. Oh
Alright gamers let's finish this off with style. Let's let's play the wall. All right guys, we're playing the wall
It's a new challenge in fortnight
It's pretty yes video gets a million likes ninja will join us. Why are we shooting that?
You see the orange ones oh
Oh guys is a new challenge in fortnight. Oh wow. This is so cool
So we're like shooting the machines and stuff. That's really awesome. No. No, this is so cool. Oh shoot, dude. I got a mini
Alright guys, this has been epic for night time with my friend
Jacksepticeye what it's not over yet. Okay. Well keep
All right, guys, let's remain positive here. It's gaming weak support you enter. I don't know
I don't even know where you went. Now you tell you who tell me
I didn't I didn't change anyway, right guys, here. We are in the new fortnight portal. Oh, yeah, whoa
Okay, so this is cool. So like I'm in the four nine portal
Okay, Oh, have you guys played before - that's one of my favourite game? The cake is a lie
Aperture Science, I have all their merch. Oh, I hate you
We're not leaving the game. We're just even creative for like two seconds. And then we're gonna drop drop Jaime Hilton its gaming week
It's game take you out of my life. All right, Jack. Look at me once again
All right. This is me every day of the year Wow during gaming week. Is that is that your face? Wait the joke
My face where my friend is dancing in fortnight, this is me when my I inherited
Money, this is me when I'm at my granddad's funeral and I don't want to just dab. I want to do a gentleman's dab
See that's respect gamer is face
My granddad's for all
Okay do for a cop adventure oh
Yeah, so I was shooting me that's not ps-aguié desu, oh I think you have to shoot him for me
We have to work together. You're naming me be higher gamer. Oh, wait, wait. Wait I got
I need to help you. Okay, go over to the wall and it's gaming way to the very edge. This is good
No, this is gonna be epic. Alright, what what?
Okay, okay, okay when the bomb lands, okay
Three do what
Gaming we're all about teamwork with your friends. I'm gonna get into this super-sick go-kart that my mom bought me
Oh you can get in as well. Oh we're together. Now. This is gaming week Wow. How do I
Do I actually have to wait what?
Okay, alright, so this is how you do the driving week style
Gaming wig. Oh you want to get that porta? Fortress, dude? Oh heck. Yeah, but always a gamer bro first
There's so many doors
This is so cool. Like which door is it gonna be and then next time what doors are gonna be after that one
like what I
Gotta use the main menu and select back to hub to return there. I don't want to return there
So it's the middle right here. Oh, wait, is this expose it on it shows it on the map. Oh,
The map of the top, right
This is me when the chat is gonna be not stop harassing
Alright guys looks like we didn't through the challenge but gate smash likes he wants part to invest. No we should continue
This is me. When all my when I get a million likes on the video
What you never played tuber simulator
You know, it's fun, right?
I'm not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not
Not convinced yet. Okay. I'll cut you a deal
The game is available for free and that's a great price


Fortnite Prop Hunt Jacksepiceye BETRAYS me, Hacked (EPIC) $10 000 CHALLENGE

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