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Every day the world asks questions.
In times of crisis, some search to understand.
Now this is crazy, never seen anything like this.
what happened in Houston?
what happened in Mendocino?
what happened in Manchester?
what happened in Florida?
what happened in San Juan?
what happened in North Carolina?
what happened in Mexico City?
Some search to survive.
active wildfires near me
is the 405 open?
Oh my god.
what does code yellow mean?
am i in a flood zone?
how long can a volcano erupt?
when will the power be back on?
how to shelter in place
was my house burned from tubbs fire?
Some search to help.
how to become a first responder
how to donate to Indonesia
The most amazing response has been predicated on volunteers
and they've been coming forward in droves with aid and support.
red cross number
take in people from Puerto Rico
how to find a loved one after a disaster
Some search to recover.
how to rebuild after Irma
tonight we are all Parkland strong
vigils for Parkland near me
If we can get through this, we can get through anything.
what to say to a trauma victim
how to thank a police officer
how to thank a friend
how to thank a nurse
how to thank a firefighter
how to thank a 999 operator
how to thank someone who saved your life
To everyone who responds
when the world needs it most


Thanking First Responders: A Moment in Search

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 28 日
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