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What's up fellow MINECRAFTERZ!
Grab your pickaxe because it's time for *LWIAY* buy the merch everyone let's get into it.
♪ Leave your entries in the sub reddit bros and i'll watch submissions in the next episode of LWIAY ♪
Doesn't it look good?
We got the dirt and the wrinkles.
Who doesn't want to buy this merch?
It's LWIAY goDdAmnIt
Now, let's get into the memes.
I already know it's gonna be 99.9% *laughs* minecraft tips, which is the only reason I'm doing this *laughs again*.
-"In memorial"
-Oh, no.
Oh my god!
-"In memorial of Jörgen." "30 hours"?!
-That's more than I've played minecraft.
Oh my god.
Holy freaky deaky.
Jörgen is so pretty.
That's rhyme..
He so cute and sheep!
Water sheeheheheheheheheheheeepp.
That's incredible!
This is gonna be a tough one to beat.
Thank you.... "u/Hierosonic".
-"This was my childhood. Hey, where's Jörgen?"
-"LOL best meme ever"
I don't get it. I *laughs* genuinely don't get it. I'm a boomer and my audience are zoomers. I don't get-I DON'T GET IT!
I didn't watch this cartoon.
What is this cartoon?
Stupid nine-year-olds.
Well, these kids just watching Rick and Morty now.
-Yeah, well, you're a little too late. Okay?
My horse died because of you.
-"Here's a few real tips and tricks: Baby turtles can drop 'scute'".
-That's a word 'Scute'.
That's not real.
I already know you're lying. You're trying to troll me again.
"...which can be turned into a helmet that lets you breathe underwater."
Are you telling me that I should kill baby turtles?
You're crazy.
-"Naming [a] sheep 'Jeb_'..."?
-"...gives you a special surprise (a real one)."
Oh, yeah, you expect me to believe that you think I'm gonna fall for that?
-"Naming any animal "Dinnerbone".
-Yeah. What is that gonna do?
Make the animals eat me?
Okay, I'm not falling for your tricks.
Play, you played the wolf and I now I don't believe it's real. Okay?
-"Diamonds are found on level Y 11-15."
-Okay, that's useful.
Listen. I knew that already. All right?
I'm a Minecraft VETERAN.
Can we make sure we remember this?
-"Guys, I think he's in trouble."
-I thought it was real for a second.
*laughs again*
Wait, there's wanted criminals...?
I've been letting through criminals into glorious Arstotzka.
No, that's German.
Oh God, take it off.
"Was I a Good boy?
"Where the fuck did you go?"
I love how
everyone was so casual you be like,
"Oh, it's fine
...He just like disappears. It's a glitch."
Oh, a game that has been out for nine years just has a glitch that everyone is okay with?
Wait, maybe he's just gone.
Maybe he's just disappeared again.
Maybe he's not actually dead.
-"I created a machine we should resurrect Jörgen....."
-Oh, yes the supreme spelling. (jÖerGen)
-"....when you throw melon *laughs* into the grave."
Oh yay
How is that even possible!?!
Goddamn minecraft hacker.
How do I do this?
Send me this mod, please.
I need Jörgen back.
Jörgen II? Hmm....
I don't know about him.
That was amazing.
It's all minecraft stuff (r/minecraft).
-REDDIT: "PewDiePie submission."
FRED: "Let's see who you really are..."
REDDIT: r/Minecraft
-There you go.
There you have it.
*laughs with claps*
-"5 stages of grief."
"Stage 1: denial (No!)"
"Stage 2: anger (Shut up sheep)"
"Stage 3: bargaining (Maybe he *laughs* went through to the other side)"
"Stage 4: depression (No I'm not crying shut up)"
"Stage 5: acceptance (Things happen, we must move on)"
"R.i.p. jörgen"
-He didn't have to die
That's all I'm gonna say.
It could have been prevented.
-"We can do it, god damn it."
Oh, yeah, we hit 97 million. (yeet)
Thank You, Minecraft.
*claps* Very.
*claps* Cool.
Just three more million.
That's all I asked, we can still beat every other channel (except t-series but pewds don't care).
-"We do not deserve gaming week."
"Pewds is a nice guy and he brought back gaming Week."
-That's right, nice guy.
As I said many times before, "we betrayed his trust and killed Jörgen".
Yeah, you better be crying. o(╥_╥)o
How do you think I feel?
You feel guilty?
Well, I feel hurt
I shouldn't betray, feel lost and confused.
I don't know who to trust anymore.
I thought we had a trust, a level of trust that is broken.
And we can take a long time to heal a very, very long time to heal.
"Hi guys, I'm nick, I'm the guy who upvotes your memes on a Nintendo 3DS." (nice post, nick.)
Hi Nick, how's it going?
-"happy birthday, Elon"
-7 days ago.
That's great.
Happy birthday [from] last week, very epic.
Is he playing Minecraft?
(a vhs macintosh plus)
Please hack your way into the game, notch.
-"New Era"
-"Bros (2010-2016)"
-"Squadfam. (2016-2018)"
-"Nine year olds (2018-2019, during the apocalypse of t-series and pewdiepie)
-Gamers *laughs* (2019-present)
-"Gaming week, *laughs* gaming month"
-Goddamn fly, freak off! Its gaming week!
-"Finding Jörgen."
It's just impossible.
-"Gaming week 2.0"
Oh well...
"Well, boys, we did it."
-"F's in the chat for the dark grey sheep."
"You all get wheat."
"You all get wheat."
*laughs* "You all get wheat"
-Well, you guys told me I need to feed him because otherwise he might despawn.
-So I am gonna feed him just enough to keep him alive.
-It's called Swedish torture (Schwedentrunk).
-"Let's make Pediepie name the sheep 'Jeb_' with a name tag so he can see a real easter egg to make up for making him sleep in the nether."
I'm not listening to anything.
I'm not a fool.
Not a fool.
Fly freak!
-"If Sven dies, this playthrough is over."
-I've legit
have not dared to put Sven out on any adventures, but maybe in an upcoming adventure.
-"I'm legit addicted to Minecraft, everyone like that."
-I really thought people just like Minecraft for the meme like "Haha, it's so funny. We like this game that used to be kind of associated with just screaming children."
I guess that's basically me anyway.
But it is a legitimately fun game.
I gotta say.
-"Nobody's born cool..."
-"...except of course that creeper that creeper that *laughs* saved pewdiepie from the zombies."
I love how specific these memers aren't getting like that one part of the video.
It was epic though.
Come on, everyone keep saying that it was super rare that those zombies spawn.
It happened one more time, and I wasn't even recording.
People thought I legit hacked the game they're like, "Is he using codes?"
I'm like, "you think I know how to do that?"
-"Everyone on this subreddit giving Pewdiepie (Felix) tips/trics tips for the survival game."
"Me *laughs using these tricks on my survival game."
There you go.
It's just gamers helping gamers. It's gaming week.
We all support each other.
We all lift each other up.
We all make sure we work together.
It's the most finest community.
There is no one is nicer than a gam-
-"Petition to add Jörgen to Tuber Simulator".
Let me call outer minds right now.
"Pewdiepie: Jörgen stay here."
-"*laughs* Jörgen:"
And it's the correct spelling of Jörgen, very good.
"Do I look like someone who needs papers?"
"*laughs* Also Felix:*
I swear I'm the dumbest person.
"Pewds, I have taken Jörgen hostage, I will release him if you make minecraft a weekly series."
Jörgen is dead. Alright?
That's a fake Jörgen.
Your threats means nothing to me.
"It's official so it's the right one. :/"
European people be like: Jurgen, Jørgen, Jörgen, Jørgen....
British/American people be like: *laughs* Joergen.
There you go. It is..... *laughs*
"Felix every time he passes water sheep."
"Water sheep."
This is so sad. (i know right?)
Anything minor bad things happen God Damn. I hate water sheep. So stupid. This is a stupid face
Do you trust the boys? Yes, what did it cost Jörgen.
It really hurts when you realize that Jörgen would have lived if I didn't sleep in the nether. This would never have happened
trolling Felix Jörgen dying 9 year old army
I hope you're all very proud of yourself for what you did and I hope it was worth it. I lost a friend god dammit
I made some improvements to the house
He got this new carpet. Should we tell him you can craft carpet. what!?
Let Felix know he can add banners to Shields. What!? That is awesome! I want that. Okay, Pewdiepie
I'll let you sell
LWIAY merch, but only if you let me host an episode of LWIAY on your channel s'only fair
Well, he did say it's only fair. So I have no argument against it. What do you get for me?
The Minecraft series. I'll take all of it. we did it. We time-traveled but - what year let me ask that guy over there
Who is Pewdiepie? A Minecraft youtuber!
No, no, it's still ironic. We're still ironically enjoying it. Okay, it's different
It's different, goes on murder spree because of his dog goes on murder spree because his horse. Just imagine if Sven dies.
It's not gonna be pretty the whole universe will burn, everyone after trolling pewds minecraft tips: I made this one with my tears
Notice this sheep in the latest episode. Oh my god. How did he escape? I will find him
2017: Fortnite beats PUBG in popularity. 2018: Apex fails to beat fortnite in popularity
2019 fine. I'll do it my self. It's happening boys
we're bringing it back. Pewds' fighting skills in Minecraft part 1
Pewds' fighting skills in Minecraft part 8, dude that raid was freaking lit though, seriously
Yes Felix
Icebergs are in fact made of ice. What is this? It's icebergs what it's made out of ice. Well, I thought maybe
It was like a snow berg. How do I know until I check it? I have to check it
This is a Swedish thing you would- you wouldn't possibly understand. Ok. Don't waste my time. Jörgen was like a father to me
I loved him as a son. What a beautiful quote. Can we appreciate how happy is Felix when he discovered minecraft?
No, I'm just ironically enjoying it. It's it's not it's not a real thing. Pewdiepie holding out for waves of raids all by himself
*laughs* 9 year olds
Dude, it was eight because I triggered two of them at the same time. It kept coming
I had to fight another one off camera, but I was so tired of filming
The entire subreddit when felix spelled it Joergen. I don't get it. Have you guys been fighting over the spelling or something?
It's obviously it's Jörgen (Which one Felix?!)
There's no there's no fighting
when Pewdiepie buys two buckets of
Tropical fish god damn it from you for no f-ing reason doesn't do anything with the fish
But you still get those five emerald. Stonks. Well, he's trapped in my house. So it's fine. He won't go anywhere
Oh, yeah, this is one I followed. Thank you very much Elg- Nevermind (Awh pewds why won't you say it??)
I'll never mind pewds will try to put normal diamond armor on Jörgen instead of horse armor
No, I didn't no I didn't you're wrong. You're wrong. You got played you have to smash like and buy the merch now
Mmm doing the stanky leg doing the stanky leg got him. I can do the stanky legs because I'm a gamer
Even if I don't have legs as long as you're a gamer, it doesn't matter. Ender dragon exists
Felix can I put him in the bucket? Well, has anyone tried it? That's the thing about Minecraft
You don't know until you try can you put the Enderman in the bucket? I don't know
Maybe this is the recipe for a lead. You can click to attach it to your horse
And then okay, so I got a bunch of leads, but I don't how to make it,
So I need slime and the slime is found in lily pads. Oh
Okay, I look for slime. This is a slime when you kill a big one smaller one. Okay. I'll kill slime.
I'll even frick a slime. They're slimy. I'm down for it
Sorry, Marzia, ask for any like goal to continue the Minecraft series. Alright ten million likes
Let's get it gamers Sven, water sheep Jörgen, Llama guys, and boat cow
gaming week
Petition for Mojang to add a new item Ender dragon in bucket secret ending
Everyone's warning me about this. I thought they'd look cool. They're like glowing and it's cool. It's cool
I don't think he knows that during nighttime. He's allowed to sleep and not play Minecraft a week in a row
Felix first episode
Recorded early in the morning. I wanted to get into the gaming. Come on gamers
The only gamers will understand doing the stanky leg
You understand you like Felix after you save the village from the raid. You got the hero village
Make sure you go back to the village with the stuff and trade with them because now you have discount
What!? why did nobody tell me!? what that means it already expired. I have to do that again
I'm not doing it again when PewDiePie logs into Minecraft
After not being on it for ten years as Is that captain america? god damn. He's got huge tits, dude (N-no Homo right? Right?)
Jesus, seeing Felix actually try to sleep in the nether then realizing that he was genuinely interested and curious about it
And that he was just trying to have fun playing the game. We've begging him to play and we betrayed his trust
Making him lose most of his inventory make him at least a little sad deep down inside that because of that
he might not be as excited about minecraft
Listen I didn't think it would explode I thought maybe like a Ghast or something would appear in my face and there would be a
Jump-scare and sure it was a jump-scare alright. I didn't think
I would just die instantly, Jesus Christ
This subreddit has turned into a minecraft tutorial and I'm okay with it stanky leg. Stanky leg
As you guys can tell I needed bigger storage
Also Felix, listen I need to know where they are they're very important. Okay only gamers will understand
Stanky leg Jörgen was like a father to me. I loved him like my son speech ten. Thank you (You mean speach 100 right?)
I'm glad you guys appreciated the wonderful speech. Pewdiepie three months ago? I cannot relate I
Don't have my glasses. I don't like wearing them cuz I look like my papi even though my papi is very good-looking
I cannot relate to cuz I never been trolled by the viewers. I'm just too smart for that PewDiePie
Alright, do you want to keep rubbing it in keep rubbing it in and see what happens? Okay?
There it is again
I am the I'm definitely done doing doing this unless I haven't already done it When you scroll so far down you see actual
Marzia enters the room to ask something
Get the frick out of my room i'm playing Minecraft! I get it now I get his pain I get his suffering maybe his horse died
Who knows he might have been in a moment like that and someone comes in? Of course, you're gonna go
Freak out of my room. Jörgen just died
Felix also feed water sheep some wheat. Oh, here we go, or he might despawn
Alright, I'm not naming him Jeb
But I will feed him just enough to keep him alive because someone needs to be responsible for my minecraft
suffering nobody Felix for an entire Minecraft Year petition for Pewdiepie
No, no, stop swedish engineer creates the first remote detonated bomb
That's beautiful
We're making history in Minecraft gamers and episode 1 of Minecraft Pewds meets a tiny Horse in the field by Episode three
It has grown and become Jörgen. Thanks for sorting by new.
This makes me sad
Alcohol, Meth, Heroin
Minecraft' do I look that bad?
Damn, alright, why is everyone obsessed with minecraft one month later? I am legit addicted to this game
Mr. Beast. I just want to let you know I'm loving the minecraft. Letsplay never stop Thank You. Mr. Beast. This lets play has been blessed by mr beast
F for Joergen
Oh my god!
Ohh Joergen
Pewds finds stuff which takes me ages to find, village at spawn, mineshaft,
diamonds, ruins,
temple, wandering traders Holy shit you're making me freakin jealous. Yeah, I don't know. How do I know?
I don't know. It seems like yeah, it happens all the time
We shouldn't have abused Felix's trust. They were just jokes. It was supposed to be funny
Jörgen is dead because of us. How were we supposed to know? He'd die in a wall? He's never coming back
Never coming back sure there's Jörgen II sure There can be Jörgen III, But their's only one. Jörgen I.
Make sure you take care of Sven Pewds the lower his tail. The lower is health is okay. That's good to know
I always wondered thanks gamers, "*neighing in Japanese* Felix
You can't give up now." "Choose your fighter Jörgen, Watersheep, Sven, sea turtle boat cows
Llama guy" very epic
Minecraft IRL according to Felix cactus equals characters carpet equals carpet toad equals toad. Alright, that's cool
The Sheep that's been trapped in
*laughs* in the water current in Felix's farm for three episodes, Jörgen.
Jörgen and Sven should be added into Tuber simulator this is gamer facts. Important tip for Felix, right now
he has his melons and pumpkins arranged like this. They wont grow like this. They need a oh
Ok, yeah, I'm gonna change my farm that's cool. Thanks gamers. So it needs an empty block in front of it
got it gamers. Getting around 30 minutes of Felix playing Minecraft every other day,
realizing there's hours of Felix playing Minecraft
We don't get to see, well there is a lot of dead end bad moments where I'm literally just building and focused on building
Ok, you don't need to see everything?
You're saying I'm obsessed? Ok.
Pewdiepie caught a dolphin. "Oh, yeah. I caught a dolphin I remember is it still here?"
There it is. Oh my god
Are there deers in Minecraft, I mean Dolphins. Drew some fanart because the Minecraft series is amazing. Thank you. Very cool
Very epic very cool and very nice Felix is too busy playing Minecraft and probably won't make a LWIAY for some time
So technically we could turn this sub reddit into whatever we want
Oh, you don't say it is a Minecraft subreddit This meme took me the whole gaming week
I'm gonna make a bed so you can sleep with me
marzia, liked that
Maybe minecraft is actually Felix's home universe. And that's why- HEY!
Stop take that back. No more quality jokes quality's amazing now
Basically pewds house right now
No, my house is beautiful. You guys better figure out a way to protect me or else minecraft is gone
It looks like Sven! Boat cow probably saved Sven's life because if Sven went and fought in the raid
He probably would have- oh my god, this is sad
"Pewds, just met me and I'm already his favorite pet." "Favorite?
I've been I have been with Pewds for way longer than you." "Amateurs." "What was that Punk?"
"Amateurs." *Felix should sleep in the nether* "sleeps in nether dies and loses half of his items.* "Reddit: I have made a severe- *laughs*
Yeah, I hope you feel bad. You should do a livestream charity and
do something good, do something virtuous to make up for your damaging deeds?
*Iron golem exists.* Hello stone man *laughs*
*Am I a stone to you?* What is the difference *gibberish* iron and I don't get it.
"What would you do if there was a child
right in front of you?"
Well, people said that the golden baby zombie is what killed the guy that did five years of Minecraft hardcore. Oh great
here's the warning about the raids. Awesome. Thanks guys. That's really helpful (/s)
9 year olds watching kids do the stanky legs without legs. Doing the stanky leg.
As long as you have G-Fuel
you can stanky leg you want, no matter who you are we don't discriminate. *You guys always act like you're better than me.*
You're a piece of crap water sheep. Adpocalypse is gone *Everyone like that.* Yeah
I don't know what's happening minecraft is amazing
Minecraft is the savior, the beginning of the redemption. All right, that's it for this week's gaming week LWIAY
Thank you guys for watching. Check out epic merch limited time only and thanks for all the memes and good times
It's been really fun. I've been really funny fun fun and I see you gamers next gaming week bye gamers!
( Bye Pewds ?)
What!? you never played Tuber simulator?
PvshHHHHhh ( you should )
You know, it's fun, RIGHT? I'm not supposed to give my opinion,
but give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not. Not convinced yet? Ok
I'll cut you a deal, the game is available for FREE and that's a great price!
dododo do do do dudodooooooo


Goodbye Joergen - LWIAY #0082

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