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Ha Ha- How's it goin' bro's?
My voice is completely ruined.
So I thought...
If there's ever gonna be a perfect time for me to do an update vlog, it is now.
Because it's gonna be chill, it's just gonna be a nice little sit-down,
and I- honestly, I am way overdue to make one of these
Obviously, I don't know if you noticed this,
but the channel has undergone some changes lately.
Anyone picked up on it? *short chuckle*
But not just that- but I personally have undergone some changes lately as well,
and I haven't really addressed any of it in a video
because I've been too busy playing Minecraft. So, I thought now
would be the perfect time
Minecraft! *another lil laugh*
Minecraft has completely taken over,
and I gotta say, I absolutely love it and it's just been so fun.
There's just been so much positivity with the channel and all the content and people just
wanting more videos and feeling like "Oh, that was such a good episode. I really enjoyed that."
That for me, has been so fun to follow, and to hear from you guys.
You know, when you make YouTube videos,
or at least gaming videos, an- and frequently at that. Sometimes you hit certain things that
maybe get really popular,
but maybe you don't enjoy making it yourself, or maybe some things that you really enjoy recording
doesn't get very popular for whatever reason or maybe people don't like it, because it doesn't translate as well, to-
into video format.
So, it's almost like you have these different- You have these things that you want to hit as a YouTuber but-
and sometimes you hit one or two of them, but with Minecraft, it's just been everything.
And its just been all positive,
but the channel is getting more views than has ever gotten. Everyone seemed really happy and positive about it.
I absolutely loved recording it. And ad revenue is absolutely fantastic! *laugh*
Like it could not be better. Uh- I know some people are saying "oh, he's only playing Minecraft because NOW he's getting ads."
No, I would have done it anyway, but-
It is epic, I'm not gonna lie. I feel like I'm finally earning what people think I'm making out of YouTube videos. *laugh*
Merch is still the best way to support the channel. (link in description) Thank you. Okay.
It is funny looking back as well, because I did a
podcast with Cold Ones, like a month ago, or before Minecraft took off and
we were talking about like "Oh, what's the next thing gonna be like?"
*Pewdiepie in podcast:* "I wonder what the next is gonna be.
"Cuz, I think people are getting tired of those type of videos."
"Yeah, well, it's hard to say, because no one wants to be the guy that makes the-
"Everyone wants to be the fucking follower of that. 'Let's just do what everyone else does.'"
YouTube is always changing so quickly...
It's pretty crazy. But, whenever my channel gets like a second wind like this for the
hundredth time at this point it feels like, I'm always so grateful. It just feels amazing and honestly like I can't believe-
I'm- I think I'm- this year is my tenth year as a YouTuber uploading every single day and
to still be on top of what I do is just
unbelievable, especially
looking back at other YouTubers at the time, you know, the longevity of YouTubers was so short.
I always thought like "Oh, I could probably do it for like another year and then people won't care,"
So just still being able to make videos that I feel really good about and that my audience really like as well
is pretty crazy. When I started off
Uh- YouTube, I made videos for like a whole year and no one really watched it.
I'm sure you've seen some of my older videos, YouTube liked to recommend them very specifically like my hundred subs special or whatever
*Pewdiepie in 100 subs special:* "And yeah today we're gonna celebrate because I got 100 subscribers, oh my lord 100 subscribers!
But once I started playing "Amnesia",
which was the thing that really took off for my channel,
because I played this horror game and I was giving these little
objects in the game names. There was Stefano, there was the barrels, which was the enemy I mean,
it's the same concepts as I'm doing now that I think about it *laughs out loud*
But, it was like a very endearing time for my memory and my heart at that time and
you know, that's what I really fell in love with YouTube doing that stuff
and that's when I decided I'm gonna pursue being a YouTuber because this is amazing and then you know
It kind of went down a lot after a while after a few years people
kind of got bored of scary games and so did I.
So... that was a very stressful period when you're trying to transition into something else as a youtuber, so to be here again
doing the same thing like with Minecraft,
having that moment that I had when I started off,
I never thought I would relive that ever.
I never thought I would experience that again.
And I'm so happy that I get to do that with Minecraft and I feel like such a douche bag for like
Picking on this game and be like, "No, it's too popular,
I don't want to play it!" and then here I am like
"Oh, it's actually good." but also looking back, I feel like now was the perfect time for me to play it, you know?
It's not just about the game,
it's also the timing, I think at least. It feels like I've come to a full circle with a channel now,
Coming back to gaming this way and looking back
you know, it's been a rocky road and I think
that's almost why a lot of people appreciate the channel at this point
and I appreciate everyone sticking through it with me throughout like all the controversies and and all that stuff and obviously looking back now
I kind of feel like...
very stupid about it, and how a lot of it just wasn't worth it
So basically, I'm sorry for all the bad things I've done. I just want to play minecraft, please.
I guess I just realized it's like- this is why I started making videos. This is what I enjoy doing.
Obviously, I'm not gonna be able to do Minecraft forever. There's always gonna be the next thing or whatever
but, then again if I stop playing Minecraft, then my pet Sven is
gonna be alone and I can't let that happen.
Another big change in-
for the channel has been Brad, who's been editing for- for those who don't know
I used to have two editors, Brad and Sive, Sive still working with me, but Brad
left to do his own thing.
Brad and I have been working together for five years and we made a lot of really amazing videos that I'm really really proud of
"It's now or never!"
"You're wearing a life jacket BeastMaster64, should I be wearing a life jacket?" "Oh, absolutely!"
What happened?
He didn't make it...
Camera Man... he didn't make it...
The sea swallowed him.
So now it's just me and- and Sive, and I was looking for a new editor right away,
but in the meanwhile, I was editing my own Minecraft episodes
And for those of you don't know, for five- for the first five years of me making videos,
I was editing every single day and as
tedious that can be- and as tedious and time-consuming that can be,
It's also something I've missed for a while and I realized while editing the Minecraft videos that
I actually really enjoy editing those and I can tell that you guys enjoy it as well
instead of just-
trying to record the video and...
just get it up.
Because tomorrow we have another video so it doesn't matter, you know
That's kind of the attitude
we had to keep with the frequency of the uploads on this channel and
Considering most of the time it's two people involved to get the video done
Instead, when when I get to edit it
I can sort of shape it in a way that makes more sense than I can really make it
Exactly how I want it and I can put that little extra effort in
which a lot of times I've seen as unnecessary, but
It's been really fun to do that. And there's a lot of Minecraft episodes now that I-
it always sounds cringey, but I generally feel very proud of like the-
The Wither Episode
and the one with Sven's wedding and all that stupid stuff,
I love that, I think it's so fun to make that stuff and I'm very very happy with that
It's been a while since I've been able to say like "Oh, I feel really proud of this video"
So that feels really good as well
You know, they said what I said
I feel like I'm naturally coming back to where I started with this channel, and I enjoy it. I really do
Another thing is that I'm getting married soon
Marzia, I can't wait to be your husband.
I'm very excited but it's also been a lot of work and then to also edit my own videos
It's been hard to keep up. So
just know, I'm trying my best
with the time that I have each day
for anyone that's a YouTuber that you know
it's a grind and for a lot of other businesses whenever you start something and
you reach a level of success. You can kind of like slow down a bit and
let other people take over the work, but to still have me here to like doing all that
It's kind of crazy if you think about it, but at the same time, this is what I enjoy doing
This is what I want to do. So I'm actually just happy about it. I think it's fun. The final thing
I wanted to address now is that you know, I'm getting married, Brad's left,
Hitting 100 million subscribers, an insane number. It's the dumbest number I ever heard, but I
still have don't believe it, like before YouTube,
I was that weird kid with no friends and then all the sudden there's so many people that enjoy what I do
It's pretty insane to me. I like I still can't wrap my head around it, honestly. Thank you everyone for subscribing
Whether your been here since the beginning or on and off or for a little while, I really appreciate every one of you.
There's been a lot of speculation that I'm gonna quit the channel because of all these pieces kind of falling together I
still really enjoy YouTube and
I have no plans of quitting
I do think it would be good for me to take a break at some point just to feel what it's like to have a break.
Like, I don't take breaks. I just keep going and going and going because I'm so in the routine of making videos
but it would be nice to just
Not have YouTube in my brain for the first time in ten years
I'll probably do that at some point in the future at least but I just wanted to address the whole 'he's gonna quit' thing
Other than that, I just want to say I'm really happy
Um, you guys seem happy as well and that just feels really good. And I think that's
The bottom line is that I just really enjoy making uplifting content and it was good to do that
So thank you everyone for watching. This has been the update vlog. Hope you enjoyed check out MERCH!
You don't have to like honestly, but it would be epic I'll see you guys in tomorrow's video. Bye. Bye!


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