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Good morning gamers! Why are we on the ground, Ken?
We're supposed to be in the sky. We fell from the sky (x2)
We need to get back up Ken. There's only one reason we gotta get back up
The floor is lava
The floor will soon be lava
It's coming, It's coming
We gotta save this precious chicken from the lava. Follow me chicken. No, no, no chicken. Don't follow him. Follow me
so we definitely did not steal this from anyone else, but basically
Every minute or so lava will rise from the surface, it will rise from the surface
It will rise!
We should probably start, Ken [Laughing]
Ken: We should probably start and try to survive, right?
Yes, quick Felix make a cobblestone generator Hey don't you dare say those words to me
Yeah, you know, I'll do it speed run we're not gonna need a cobblestone generator what do you mean
Ken: So fast PewDiePie: I told you bro
PewDiePie: Never challenge me again. Lava is about to come. Are you ready? Ken: No, I'm not ready
I'm making sticks over here. 10 blocks of lava, Ken my god
Ok, so that's the first level of lava where where's the lava like a sea level probably
Ken: Okay. Thank God. We also got protect these villagers. We got to save all the people PewDiePie: we gotta save everyone!
we're like Noah's Ark but Swedish edition and
American oh my god. They had potatoes in here in bread my god
And wood, they got a lot
Emerald. Hey, we got pumpkin. (ken) these guys are rich, robbed them they can all die now
No, we have to save them, okay, I got I got pumpkins, Ken. Don't worry. Oh good. Very good
I'm gonna loot these guys everything useful out of them. What is this? This guy making like an enchanted sword over here?
You can trade them I think
Ken: 16 emeralds for an iron sword knockback one sharpness two get out of here
Ken: You ring the bell let them know PewDiePie: let him know what's coming love us coming boy!
Ken: Lava's coming! The end is near! Run!
PewDiePie: Hey, you can sleep should we go to sleep make an awesome houses? Yeah. He's pretty cool
Oh, there's some you made an advancement. Good job. Oh, yeah, somebody has to play for the lava, Ken.
Here money money is not gonna be good when everyone's dead, Ken.
Come here. Let me see who's a good boy. Come here. Look at me
Hehe your gonna punch me
All right
No don't walk away from my bread they took back
Okay chicken. It's okay. We're gonna survive chickens gonna die. What do we need it? What do we need to build?
What do we need to survive lava rising from the ground start digging we can get to work?
dig you dig for more lavas coming Ken 15 blocks got filled my god the lava's coming, Ken.
Don't believe it's coming. Okay, you want to see it coming global warming?
Oh god, the lava is real ken, do you believe it now?
hi i'm new to making subtitles so i'll stop here i'm tired these are just auto generated
Came out of nowhere the Fire Nation attacked and oh my god, put it out. Ken. You're on the other side
Save the pigs can sorry I doubted you I
Told you global warming real I told you many times
The lavas gonna keep rising Ken here. You are talking about college loans
Well good. Is he gonna do you now look, I believe thoughts and they're talking about you know
Like black holes and things that's baseball. They come to talking about the planet getting warmer. No, I don't believe science then until now
piggy the world's burning around
I'm just a skeptic. You know, I have an open mind
Looking at you and just everything around he's on fire
It's fine. It's fine
I'm trying to get to you, dude
I'm sorry. You're just laughing
Where'd my woman bitch ago? I was in the lava word bitch
Rock bagged
It was like father to me. I'm coming wood is fine. Right a won't turn on fire or anything, right?
Yeah, of course not okay. Oh god. I hope this bridge works
Oh God dad help back
Thank God
Thank God we got to get taller the lovers coming. You're right
I tried to warn you bro. I told you about the stairs, bro
Get to the trees oh
God no what have I done?
Gotta take this house down to get some stone. Hey, oh, look who finally made it to the Stone Age, huh? Yeah
Hey, don't talk to that guy. He's not gonna help us. Okay, we gotta save the peg. Do you have potatoes?
Yeah, yeah, thanks Brett's bread just kidding potatoes
He loves it we have to protect a protect him at all costs right Peter will be very angry
He'd be like bro. Okay, I'll make new workbench. Here you go. This is like origin story to sky blocks
Yeah, we gotta get a build this guy
This is the prequel we gotta get to this gasket, you know real talk about sky block. Yeah, it's kind of boring
It's like we're all the Minecraft pros gonna flex the e-beam but you just sit there no
C'mon cobblestone brah, he's roasting the nine-year-olds
What what happens if we water lava proof a house, what's the play in here I'm freaking out man
Get the pig inside the church
Or the church it right here. It's right here. There's the church. I need some Jesus in my life Oh
Zombie oh my god. They're zombies and lava come here piggy. Yeah, that's a good people our last bastion
lifted the church can
When in need go to God get into church game
It's the pig pig hurry
Get in here. Oh my god. He's having with you. He's having a stroke
Love it. Alright, is there any holes in this building?
Baba's come from the ground is gonna get any I can't stop it Oh God, we have to climb. Oh, you're right
It doesn't matter. Oh god. I'm so stupid
Oh God look out it's right there
First it's gonna eat me and then it's gonna all wait that was wrong
Wait, how did the llama get him here? I'm going to the roof again
It's do or dad can
Do a dad oh my god don't get on the ceiling dude, I think we got the coordinates
We're outside of the lava region right now, but I think if we keep increasing it it will pour over. Oh my god. Oh,
Thanks for sharing breath idea through bread at you you cook some already. Oh, yeah, right. Thanks
It's coming over that time for sleep. Okay, I'm awake. I'm woke bruh. I'm Lola, okay
Wait, we should probably go here and then just go up here. There we go
You're making it worse
How high can you dig I mean it built get to the drain oh
My god
It's everywhere
Everything's on fire
God, I got oh, no, this tree that I'm standing on. It's probably now on fire
You'll be fine Ken you'll be fine stone down here you go
That's a piece of stone Peter stand down as we wait for pain evitable death. We didn't save anybody
Stone golem is fine. Don't worry
Damn bro, hold down the fort front. Can I have a bad feeling about stone golem?
I'm sorry, bro. We didn't even pick the highest spot. We got to make it over there kid. Okay
I can't wait. Don't worry, bro. I got you right there. Oh my god. You're my hero. Ken
I got you, boo. Don't worry. Okay now it's got it
What did we did the sky blue sky boy just need water. Now if we can make infinite cobblestone. Oh my gosh.
Yes, we just need water
keep spitting you spitting.
He's not enough, uh, I'm saving world from global warming oh my god. Oh my god.
I want you to know that I never really liked you.
The Sun is rising on the lava. Oh my god.
There's hope it's Gandalf gonna come at the horizon Oh God, the Sun is gonna bless us
I always hated you the most I never liked you anyway
Don't you dare push me down?
Else do you have stop goodbye forever?
I just need the materials bro. Yes. Get away from my tower. Oh god. This is it.
God everything is getting into lava. Oh I hear villagers dying how
Did you hear that?
Everything's fine. You can't hear anything up there.
Top of my tower looking down these peasants. What? What are you doing?
Throw it throw some stuff down
But they're ill yes
Stop it's okay. Can I have a new strategy? I got more you need some more. Yeah, be quiet here.
Come catch it. Oh
My got it. I got it. Thanks breath screw you King
No, hey, don't touch it don't touch it love is coming King. Oh
Whatever you're doing. Oh, I think we want no blocks for Phil. This is nice
You don't
Hey can't look at sky blocks
No better better plant the tree, but this tree grows. Can I'm gonna get you
Big that play. Hey. Oh wait, I have an idea. Do you have one? Oh, there's more dirt. Perfect. No my dirt
Grah when I'm dead, you can't leech any more subscribers off weekend
You'll regret the
Thousand people subscribe god, I'm getting nauseous looking at the lava. Really? Yeah
What a big baby big brain and there. Hey look at me
Grub no, stop no. No, you stop don't you break it stop that
Pick it back up. Yeah get rick
I'm half a health bar
Why did you build with a pumpkin because I needed I need don't ask me those questions. Those trees aren't gonna grow
They're too close together. Oh my god, you think you know minecraft. I know if you place them like that. They're supposed to grow
Wait put the door in the lava Oh
Give me the door, it's our only hope at here is our only chance to sit back there. Only James
Are Dre oh god, I wish they would fight
What are you just standing on oh
I didn't think it would end like this. I think the doors down there
It keeps like going into burning is the doors doing God's work
I told you that door would save us get the door. Dad was dead. How many blocks do you have left?
Can I have two two wooden blocks?
Did he ever respawn what gotta respond uh deep deep in some lava and the treasure still Danny but
How is the cobblestone burning he's retired for revenge
I have the high ground cinnamon toast can
I ground don't even try genican who you obi-wan. I'm coming up there
Oh my god, how did you make it Wow?
Yousefi he survived he was in your pocket the whole time
We have to repopulate now. Can you I think you know what to do
Been training my whole life my red. Come here piggy
No, you and me nothing pig. What? Oh, hey piggy conjoint you right?
What you never played super simulator
You know, it's fun, right
I'm not supposed to give my opinion
But give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not not convinced yet. Okay
I'll cut you a deal the game is available for free and that's a great price


Minecraft but the FLOOR IS LAVA

11 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 26 日
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