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LWIAY review
Leave your entries in the- oh my god is my discord showing- This could be embarrassing.
Does it show that I am drinking 2 G-FUELS! ThatS rIgHT. NO I'm NoT AddiCtED
Welcome to LWAIY everyone where we review THE MEMES, the top-notch memes on this channel that has been posted this week
Let's jump into it. Okay Addiction100 82 k
Mm. I have a feeling this is gonna be minecraft related. How was my day? Well it's good now
Good night gamers in the beginning. You said good morning, at the end you said goodnight.
YoU PlaYed MinEcRAfT the WhoLe DaY didn'T you?
wEll I haD To Build the RedStone ContrAption
Listen, if I would want how to prevent play minecraft all day if I could sadly I have other responsibilities sadly
I have other things to do but this is the society we live in I'm honestly thinking about doing like one of those
Marathon live streams where people just live stream for like 12 hours. Just so I have an excuse
Before I'm like, why would anyone do that?
Minecraft I could play Minecraft for 12 hours, damn that'd be sick. Should we do that? nO
NO, if this video gets many likes I might consider it unknown meatball IKEA recalls meatballs after
Detection of horse meat. jOERgeN miSSinG. Hey, what is this an old article IKEA recalls meatballs?
oh my yeah, this is
2013 yes-
This was 2013 was the big story in Sweden because of course we all love IKEA and of course we all love our meatballs
Admit it. You wouldn't eat Joergen, but you would eat water cow, you hypocrite. We live in a society truly day thirteen
Goodbye, Oh No, dear diary. What a crazy day Felix and I spent the morning together. He made me a fancy
Trampoline and we had so much fun!! after that Felix removed the bars of my cozy metal home
I thought it was going to take me to an adventure
Just like sven and joergen #2 always talk about
Instead he made me a fancy new home it even had a cozy magma block
I am so grateful to Felix for all that he's done to me
unfortunately >:(
Accident happened. I touched the magma block too many times and now I'm gone. I know it isn't Felix fault
I hope he knows I loved him
*cRying nOiSes* wAtER SheeP
I built a meatball for you. Water sheep the whole series is now just my Redemption arc for water sheep trailer movie
oh, come on, I
Mean, it's pretty accurate. Isn't it gonna prank water sheep when he gets home day 1 day 2 day
817 what if I stopped playing Minecraft and sven will just wait for me to come home forever
ADJSSFES -subtitles by luna :")-
Elon Musk. Why did you kill water sheep? What the Frick? I'm LitEraLLY crying. I'm sorry Elon. I'm sorry
Thank you Pewds. I had surgery today and the only thing I look forward to was watching your Minecraft video. aWwH :(
Thank you for doing the thing you do and being the only one that put a smile on my face today
Please greet Joergen, boat cow and sven (not Jeb_, I do not trust him)
Don't worry I took care of him. Hope you have a speedy recovery. I look forward to the Minecraft episodes
Just as much okay year
2064 nobody's watching YouTube anymore Felix. mEmE RevIeW. Hey guys
Let me tell you about memes this used to be a joke when I did horror games
I would play horror games when I'm like 80 and I'll die from like a jump scare or something. Ooh
240p someone's stealing my quality. I'm not sure if this has been on here
All right, but I feel like you need to see this. What are you doing in my house? Oh
Come on I need to start downloading minecraft mods. That would be amazing
Oh my god, another one made a resource pack that gives tamed wolves colorable armor. That's so badass!1!!!!1 I
Need to download all of this wait, there's a dye work. OHMY GOd ThaTs So AwsomE
We could create the Power Rangers, but with Svens
Svens Rangers doesn't sound as cool. Whatever Pewdiepie: tortures water sheep PETA and Vox: interesting. Ok, guys
I got to show you this I think they're onto us. I got a notification this morning
They liked one of my tweets. They know what I did
PETA is after me guys
Please help me a big goddamn it Fame power and a fat bank account will change almost anyone listen
I understand that I what I did was wrong
What do I got to do a 40-minute apology video with receipts if that's what it takes?
I'll do it god damn it
I got an addon Pewd's last minecraft video about some mobile game, which used Felix and Marzia
Just wondering if yeah, I've seen this we're contacting to get it shut down. It's annoying
Thanks for letting me know. Pewd's camera quality: prepare for trouble James Charles microphone: and make it double
the ultimate
Crossover. I may be a duMmy dUm DuM But I am NOT a dummy dum He's speaking the language he's speaking the language of the gods
wAter sHeeP
Aw the whole squad. Oh :(
Hey guys something to smile about Joergen is now in (tuber simulator)
He's alive and well in *TuBer sImuLatOr* as you can tell
Joergen is also alive and well on t-shirts check out the epic merch very nice link in description
limited time Joergen smergen water sheep:... Pewdiepie:
Felix the woodland map you found its used for locating a woodland mansion the place is very dangerous and contains a magicians
called Evokers Yeah, do not bring sven and Joergen into that place. They drop the totem of undying
oh the baby which when held can save your life what and
Regeneration other buff- baby can save life is this isn't this the part of the Kojima film?
He stole it for Minecraft you get some buffs too okay if anything
I wish you guys told me how freaking long away they are. I walked 20,000 steps in Minecraft
Literally anyone who plays minecraft what the heck is this?
We got a continue sky block I
was laughing so hard at all the memes from my
cobblestone generator
They built a statue of themselves. This is so dumb. HeyY!
hoW DARE yOu oh my god. That is so cute. They have JOeRGen. Oh
That's amazing. naytirixx
Incredible job. Okay, we have this cobblestone. Okay, we have this cobblestone generator with redstone
okay, and then the ultimate
Cobblestone generator admit that you were impressed top ten things
Scientists still can't understand. Okay, it worked. We're the Big Brain team
You guys wouldn't possibly understand Pewdiepie's home base with the shaders. What what?
damn that looks sexy little doghouse for sven
Damn the pool though, the water
oh the iron golems that rAn AwaY
Don't you think that will be a little much like I can't tell damn I can't believe you guys actually rebuilt the entire place
Wait, so does it say how to install it? How do I InSTaLL iT? little animation I made of sven thaTs So CuTe
Guys, we have to Sven merch as well
Sister fister. James Charles playing Hunger Games
Felix dying in the first five seconds on a Sunday me and Jack Black are gonna play Hunger Games and some other
Minigames for charity. So check that out on dlive.tv/pewdiepie creeper that blew up in the mansion pewDiePiE
Yes, so amazing and I love that song so much maybe creepers aren't bad after all guys instead of ending the series with Sven
Dies go John Wick style and kill every Pillager Ha-
God you know, something will have to be done Swedish diver finds over 15 doors underwater much done
What the Frick is am I creating an alternate universe in Minecraft? What is happening here? Why does this keep happening?
is this real does anyone realize that the time stamp that Joergen one dies in part 5 is
7:32 it's the same with water sheep (wHaT)
Well, there's too many patterns here. I don't like it. I'm getting uncomfortable the PewDiePack update. Okay, so this is another mod
Custom music disk. They have biCh lasagne and conGratuLations. What?
Zombies gets sven merch logo on the back of their tops-
Okay, that's kind of cool spawn eggs replaced with bucket of mob what does that mean oh
I see. Okay customized death screen with new death messages.
Okay, I'm downloading this this is epic oh my god I saw this it's so cut
when Sven ride the roller coaster
Very nice. Thank you man. This is so fun. What the Frick Joergen? What is happening?
What this is I can't tell if you guys are playing my game or if I'm no you're playing my get out of my game
What what Jeorgen? NaNi? WhaT?
It's a bar- jOeRgEn
My god, so you guys have told me that there's a thing called a seed in Minecraft
So if you types slash seed in minecraft
It shows a code and that code
Anyone else can input and they can join the same world as you I will share the seed
But I'll do it after we beat the ender dragon if that's alright
cuz I'm worried that if I do then some people will point out too many things to me and I just want to have like
A normal experience just letting you know so the prophecy is true
I snuck into area 51 in Minecraft. raIdiNg a WOodLanF MansiOn in MinEcRaft
There's too many similarities
The universe's are colliding this stay truly the end of time and the Minecraft series is were predicted it Felix so good
Here you go. Love you. Also Felix. Get down. Jesus frickin christ, this dog. Get away from him sven that dirty sheep. I
Want to help sven get off the melons you crazy
It's pirate time don't go in the boat I swear to god-
I'm sorry
I'll do better water sheep. Trap ideas. Oh my god. Yes No, someone did it
Why is he not dead? Whoa?
I want to do this. That's hilarious. Oh my god. What is this?
He falls whenever he's close. Oh my god. It's like that ancient Greek myth
Yes, it shoots eggs, oh
My god
If you guys think I'm bad aight gamers it's building time
Let's get it Felix deserved everything that happened to him at the water temple as payment for what he did to water sheep
You know, what fine?
Fine, Pewdiepie Minecraft Let's play episode 50 be like no
No, one more will die. If Pewds get Sven a girlfriend and they Frick they will have a Sven jr
And that way Sven ever dies. He will live on through his son. Oh my god Sven needs to Frick right now
Nobody:... mom when she walks into your room: Oh if this is so nasty. Oh my god. HoW dO you live Here?
Why aren't you in the water? Water Cow: INTENsE SWEATING
I made this. Oh, wow. It's so great. I was so proud of that building. Come on SvEN
Wait, I have legs. What the Freak? cUte! That's very cute
if Sven dies the series died automatically boat cow dinner bone water sheep Joergen, Sven
My only friend water sheep is not dead
Okay, so part three in part 3 we can see water sheep stuck in the water like usual
But in part four is not there
Yes, escaped and has gone somewhere else in
Part 5 another gray sheep is there but not water sheep
Water sheep was still alive and on the run, he was never killed his clone was
my gOd
Well, well, well, aren't you guys detectives huh? So you figured me out
I'll find you one day water sheep. I never make my channel about being Swedish
What I'm a hypocrite Wow, oh my god USS-
Hey next one. No dank memes on my family-friendly minecraft. How you doing Joergen?
Skeleton horse turns to Felix nine-year-olds. Well, there it is. The truth has been revealed gamers Joergen has returned
No, that is not how it works Pewdiepie torturing water sheep. Pewdiepie accidentally killing water sheep
I think I literally had that expression like I
Wonder if anyone will post it. I don't know if I shown this but it's so good matorototo very epic
Oh my god, here it is. Oh, no, if Pewds don't play Minecraft anymore
Sven will always be waiting for Pewds. No
No, I will play forever Sven and water Sheep?
Spending their last moments together F's in the chat boys. Sven has no clue at all -
Hey Felix! How's your day been? It's my friend. Water okay?
Yeah, I made sven out of sheep as a reminder for Felix to make a water sheep memorial
Okay, I did it. I'm sorry. That's pretty cool. Actually, I love water sheep and everyone is confused. Don't question me
And water Sheep's relationship. it is very complex and not everyone can understand
all the nine year olds at the hundred million brofist
Yes, have we forgotten about this? Come on Minecrafters?
Subscribe gosh, darn it Sven: gets hurt Felix: FEED hIM I know about the tail thing
everyone keeps telling me you can look at his health bar based on the angle of the tail if it's up its high if it's
Low, its low. It's very helpful. Thank you, baby. You can come sleep with me tonight. You're nothing to mE Oh my gosh
You guys need to drop it alright, I'm actually starting to feel bad people who game too much
Eventually mix up their games with reality Felix: holds BReaTh
Your crush her father her brother her ex you okay? All right sure a
Great movie the crappy sequel the weird spin up the controversial reboot
Oh, my god tourists in California. Oh cool a wildfire. That's awesome
No, there's nothing cool about wildfires, okay guys, I made it three weeks without controversies. Okay guys minecraft is doing good
Okay petition to PewDiePie to make a little pond for Virgin turtle and his boyfriend and child. Okay, sorry
I will do that Wow truly cultural men
The only way the only way to enjoy minecraft with the boys
Imagine if I was hired at Mojang minecraft bucket update
Everything goes in buckets
I saw this. I love it so much. Thank you
Sven: an absolute badass survived five creeper explosions survive drowning tanked a trident climbed IKEA Tower
frickked virGin toaDs WiFE
In front of him to water sheep Pewds, oh no, water Sheep I miss him so much TheRe it IS
Watching literally anything else watching a Swedish man walking for hours while talking to his imaginary dog
when you see how big his ikEa toWeR is
Yes, dinnerbone is near X-257 Z-599 ok cool
Ok, this fan art is absolutely incredible two great games combined!!
That is so cool. Thank you guys so much for all the support and all the memes and all the good times
I I love sharing this couple of weeks with you in Minecraft
It's been epic check out merch if you want no, no pressure, but like do buy it and as always
What you never playEd TuBer SimuLatoR
RIP Watersheep (In Swedish)


Epic Minecraft Memes - LWIAY #0084

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