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Meme review is back baby
OH that feels good
Looking better than ever
check out Jeron Braxton, link in description
he made it
Did you guys hear that
Doko ni desu ka?????
Just don't cut to the end. Okay. Yes. He's hosting meme review. YEAH HE HEY it finally happened
Without further ado. Let's get into the
If you've been browsing the internet lately chances, are you come across this image
Now It's an amazing image with an amazing reaction, but someone thought
I can make it better, if I combine it with this confused
Conflicted cat, having a meal at a restaura-
I'm so confused
creating the best combination of photos online
Absolutely, beautiful
these photos together is making me lose it and thus
The meme was born
It works for dogs as well. Why aren't you sitting on my lap when we have guests?
You're never that happy when I come home
girls when they see spider
the spider
It's whenever Marzia makes me kill a spider.
I'm like
"The spider didn't do anything"
The spider didn't do anything Marzia
It's innocent
Video game causes violence me taking care of my fields with my boys
Oh, yeah me humming some weed in a Minecraft. Oh, yeah
I've been playing farming simulator for 20 years and I would never think about picking up an
Ar-15 and shoot down it. That was a little dark joke, but it was funny
Thank you
Wow, is it me or is that cat kind of hot?
Damn, is that the same cat that's really cute
That's a toilet
2019 everyone. It's it's good thing
That's good, I like that one. Team Rocket, Pikachu.
I mean It's a special Pikachu isn't. If I was Team Rocket?
I would try to get it as well.
Wait, this leaves me really confused
I thought the cat's face is happy is it not supposed to be happy?
I don't get it
How could you not invite me!!! ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚
I said no fifty times in a row and you just stop inviting me. What the F-
whats up with that
I feel like we at least have to acknowledge that this is the superior one as long as we all are aware then it's fine
My parents telling me video games cau-
is this all it is now
You never bought a 27 pound bucket of mac and cheese, why would anyone buy that
Oh, it's for like cafeterias and stuff, isn't it?
Like school lunches and private use of course
I can think of plenty reasons to buy a 27 pounds bucket or mac and cheese
Stop judging me
That's good
I get it now. I understand what this face is
This is the "I want something and I don't want something at the same time" face. Is that an emotion?
Cuz I I think that summarizes pretty well like when you're not invited to something that you actually didn't want to go to
That's the face you make.
But I don't want the attention
Congratulations cat, you've invented a new emotion. This meme gets a "it's alright"
Good. I feel like it's only natural for transition from this point to my parents screaming at me that violet that video games
cautious violent me building a house for my minecraft
ahaha me hosting a gay wedding for my
We must stop the
Glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace
It really do be like that one minute you're playing Minecraft the next year showing your cat your knife collection, I'm shaking my head
Otherwise, I've said it did instead of just shaking my head
maybe a complaining about violent video games me too afraid to pick rude dialog options thinking they
Gamers jumping from being viewed as chubby 34 year olds in their mom's basement to being viewed as terrorist by the media Barker
Well, wasn't it just Trump that said it I'm confused gamers portrayed by the media in the 2000s gamers portrayed by the media
2019 things can change a lot in a couple years. I'm a u.s. Politician. What does that mean?
It means he's afraid of video games. No, it doesn't
Crack, stop it Patrick you're scaring in Minecraft. It's terrifying to be fair. So that actually makes sense
Oh my god, if the tweet is real Reggie
Then Co Nintendo facts are facts. Yeah, I don't want to get too political
This is just a fun mean review show after all but it seems irresponsible to take a really complex issue
And just pivoted towards one thing. I'm not saying I have all the answers
I honestly don't know but all I do know is that anyone that has played Sudoku needs to apologize right now?
Jensi kid develops asthma due to polluted air baby boomer who freaked the atmosphere video games
It's those damn video games. All right before this gets too hot
Let's move on next me
I'm writing this meme a pretty important me, you know people really undervalued the effectiveness of shaming people
It's a tool that is actually very good. So keep on shaming people with bad opinions. Let's go gamers
They will never take away our pickaxes next
Video it's cool. I forgive then. Dr. Phil is hosting bonus me all is forgiven. It's okay
It's not really that much of a meme and it will probably be forgotten tomorrow, but it does make me laugh toothpaste exists dentist
Who is that one dentist? That doesn't like the toothpaste tube? It exists dentist No
Colgate no
What's wrong with it No, who is that one dentist and why?
What's your freakin problem dentist? I want to know I want to talk to them
Dendi's brand exist one out of ten dentist. I review you zero by bish cough. Hey, that's me. I
Feel like they just put a random number in there. Just so it seems possible
Like a hundred percent of dentists if that doesn't seem right, no one's gonna believe that let's just find one dentist that hates it
Alright, I just think you mean next name
terrifying fish walks on land
breathe air threatens to destroy
Australia now, this is an Avengers level threat Jake Gyllenhaal's saying this is an Avengers level threat
It's a fantastic me and I really like it
It makes me laugh and a dragon wither now the case is an Avengers level threat. Damn. You could do that
Oh, yeah, of course, you could they fight each other?
No now then I need help for me worthy waves to fight the ender dragon guys. Give me suggestions
Come on, another wither meme right after me after I just spawned the wither into my world. Now. This is an Avengers little bit true
True breaching. Hello Sang's. It's a gmail from a different device. My Google account now this
It's an effective subtle threat. I think this is how it started with the Thomas tank tension
I mean that's honestly terrifying Avengers
Please do something about Thomas the Tank Engine teachers when they see a student in a hoodie now. This is an Avengers level threat
Absolutely 100% postman delivered something to my house my dog
If we don't stop global warming, there will be no
42069. Oh my god guys, please do something about Club pooper. I'll do anything. I won't use the plastic straws
I swear let's please I need this I could really use this
This reminds me of the the zombies snail. If you guys see that that's an Avengers level real Avengers level threat
So really this snail has been taken over by a parasite and he made its inside
Maggots. Oh my god. It's so disgusting
I want to die so that a bird will come and eat it and therefore keep spreading the parasite through the bird
It's an Avengers level threat Avengers
If you're listening, please if you're real
We need you stop this
I don't like this now something positive to transition from that god-awful news is I'm very proud to present
Finally, dr. Phil posting name with you
Take it away doctor. Hey, hey everyone. It's dr. Phil here, and I am hosting meme review
So here we go. Okay, I'm gonna rate these as I go through
This is a pretty good contrast here. But I gotta tell you what I do with good. Charlotte is my business
Hashtags the little funds I give that an 8 because it's a pretty good contrast. Yep, floating water bottle. Look at the eyes
They're Dumbledore who who said Wizards have to have hair I can be bought you can be bald and being a wizard
Ok, this one. I
Don't get it it looks normal to me. I don't see that issue. Okay. Now they made it green
So Steve Harvey and I could share an M&M. That's all this is about
They just made it green so we could both be an M&M. They're just saving money
That's all the third one after the floating bottle. I'd give about a two
Green M&M. I give you an eight Oh another M&M melts in your mouth. Not in your Tim's
Okay, this is definitely the ranch class photo of 2019. Yeah, whoever patched this together is definitely going through the ranch. I
Did not think Tommy the Train could look evil but I think you got Tommy the train looking evil teenage girls don't insult me
We understand each other. I just need to pack now the mustache
Okay, this is like taking the holder off your phone
It feels really good for about five minutes, but then you want to put it back on. Okay, what is this?
I'm pointing at the iron or just that just the iron has nothing to do with it, right?
Okay, okay do not pass go do not collect
$200 do not ask Oprah if I'm right, okay
This is better than the real sonic hedgehog and it's definitely better than the one that they made. Okay
The ranch is definitely Paul Rudd's fountain of youth. I mean, he never gets older
He must be that you must stay that way by going through the ranch. That's all I can tell you. Okay too long didn't read
Somebody there are a whole lot better ways to cover up your search history than this
Do they make this effort as that? Well, it looks like
Autocorrect on closed captioning went really crazy
but if you're gonna be flexing on
My snout and you don't have honey bees with you
You better bring your lunch because I take that real serious foot fetish fans can now buy silicone feet with built-in
Vaginas what's wrong with people? Well, hey, they said the first assembly line wouldn't work either passed all the Constitution
Who is this guy?
Does something want to be on a fence or something? I don't even know who this guy is
We're just a headdress, you know, love this. You ought to see my chest hair, okay?
See, this is a dog that has found his best life
This dog is living his best life. He's just very much ahead of his time. I liked the way he rolls
Why does kid rock the clock? Dr. Phil dressed up like Kid Rock?
Okay, we might as well get this straight right now Clark Kent and Superman have been pulling this off for years
You've never seen them in the same room together. Have you ever seen Kid Rock and me in the same room together?
I'm just saying Oh another one. Well, this is me now, right? Hey, I'm just trying to get some of that Bob
What about money? Hey, thanks for having me on pewdiepie and you can subscribe to my youtube channel. Dr
Phil and you can follow me on all other socials Instagram Facebook Twitter all at dr. Phil


Dr Phil hosts Meme Review [MEME REVIEW] ? ?#63

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