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Am run out of intros this is what I'm doing now. Okay, the why leave your entry?
Grab your favorite minecraft merch and let's get it gamers
What is happening 12 hour minecraft livestream at a hundred million subscribers? Come on gamers
It's my favorite part of the week after playing minecraft reviewing the luau means oh, yes
Finally bing-bong baby. Fuck
My hue my craft house is epic. So that was a freaking look
Good bitch. Hey, you know if you want to be mad be mad at sigh that's why right side. I'm blaming you
It was his idea. I was like site what's good idea of thumbnail? I
Think at least I don't remember was it yeah, it's eyeful. Mr
Bies speaking the language of gods make sure you limit your video game time today. I don't want you to become super violent
Remember before games war wasn't a thing lovely more hate them. Let's get real everyone loved him. Mr
Dees spitting facts pity pie. I think my humor has become less childish over the years
You think you're better than fart noises
No one's better than fart noises, let's get the brilliant 12-hour Minecraft livestream at the hundred million. Oh
Are we at 99 yet? Come on gamers minecraft Vicky Felix trying to beat the wither using zombie pigmen
The wither is immune to all attacks from other undead monk except skulls from other withers
Definite. Oh, here's the thing. I knew okay. I just thought that would be a good decoy
There were all the people saying that they heal them and that confused me as well, but they definitely serve their purpose
Okay Thank You Pig mate
Very great. Hey guys. So today we finally build the cobblestone generator
Yeah, I think I think it's time you can play something else in Minecraft we're still stuck on the club poster
Otherwise, it's this episode 500 at this points men has enter the nether twice. Okay, kill two
Llamas, okay entered the freaking room
Okay, all without Felix permission just like a rebel teenager Spanish growing up. This is so cute
He also got married meanwhile in Hong Kong throughout the protests. Pure news. Say was oh my god
What do I have to do? I'll call Papa Gloria. She's been on vacation. She's been having a good time
I'll get her on this stack. She's been playing Minecraft
When you forget to refrigerate your meatball, I don't like this. I don't even realise. What am I gonna do? I?
Have to climb the meatball
What do I gotta do?
People said I should put the red sauce on it like pee I should put like red carpet over it you dumb vault
You're a bunch of dumb balls. Okay, that's the worst suggestion I've ever heard in my life Swedish people
Don't put tomato sauce on their meatballs. That's Italians. You dummy dumb dumb. We put brown sauce on our meatballs
Honestly, you should probably just delete your YouTube account where ever it made that comment. Oh my god, that is the cutest
Who made this the Kiawah? Thank you very much. That's really cute. Then. We'll appreciate
We can use Spence, okay?
Scared for shadowy noises see I notice it even when I was editing. I said it like three times in a row a night
I let one end because I needed a sentence now
I'm starting to understand what it's like to be an editor and having to cut through my speech impediment Jesus Christ
I can see say freak as many times as I want YouTube
What are you gonna do people are saying that they got a mineral add while I said Frick Frick Frick, baby
What are you gonna do YouTube breakfast?
You can't stop the frickin e you can stop scared Peter pie, but you can't stop freaking me grandpa. I found your old stuff
What is it? It's a damn shame
I'm gonna tell you a great story
What you name your child is when after spend all well
What is this poor people food Felix, excusing the peepee poo-poo armor for healing the weather during the second phase. The people are
knowing that the Whizzer regenerates the
Second. Why do you know what tell me everyone just goes don't showman him by the house. That's all I heard
No actual help. You should sleep the nether Phoenix
Can't trust you jab in heaven watching Felix literally making a sex dungeon
What oh, yeah. Hey, hey, hey Frick dungeon get it right gamer gaming week
gaming month
minecraft addiction good morning gamers
This is the daily episode 69 34 Micro Micro must have passed away. But at least oh
I'm a terrible parent
The green parent that Felix trap waiting for Felix. Oh my god
I'm so sorry. I
Need to retrieve him now the perfect birthday party does annex why we is that redstone
What is redstone tastes like?
Red, where's that shoot? You have hundred million YouTube subscribers
What's your next video? It's not
No one's gonna want anything else let's get real here, come on gamers
our life game act 100 million
Subscribe end credits scene after peopie beats the wither fine. I'll do it myself
I love how epic that was legit. I was tearing up myself editing a night
I appreciate all the nice comments me when I'm scrolling through this
Subreddit without watching the latest video
I'm always so confused. Big fan didn't watch the latest video fake fan
You see you need an extremely high IQ to understand PewDiePie
Ok, the Lord goes extremely in-depth her. He's probably thinking about other villagers him
what if PewDiePie actually got the job he applied for at Mojang and the job was to become a youtuber again and
Gain, a large enough platform to revive the game after it initially lost popularity. Oh my god
Can you imagine how much minecraft gain from not hiring me?
Cuz instead I just went and became a youtuber and helped promote the game the KP saw on minecraft
Character is not because of your resource pack
Optifine has an add-on called caves with this you can wear capes in Minecraft and I gave you mine
What that's so sweet. Thank you
That explains a lot of so confused peepee poo-poo
Pink poop my first post here. Will you start it off?
Extremely strong. You're never gonna beat this one. Trust me when you realize that if we never told Felix about swings tail health bar
So one would most likely be dead. It ain't much but it done it work Thank You gamers
It is actually really helpful because it's the only animal that indicates it, isn't it not knowing anything about Phineas and Ferb
I still don't get it. Stop. Stop posting these what if Felix put both of us in the frickin chamber. No, just kidding. Just kidding
Hey, what happened in the Frick chamber stays in the Frick chamber? It's nice and soft. I think you'll like it Felix
Look what you've done
jacksepticeye, looking good wanna play Minecraft Oh
you should use ikea bird feather and make an arrow out of it and kill the Ender Dragon with it for eventually that is actually
cool, but what you nerds don't know is that inner dragon is immune to arrows so
Cringe these guys whose pulls cringe I'm a Minecraft veteran and even I knew that today's episode was freakin beautiful
Oh, it was from a few days ago. Thank you guys Swedish people's first name Swedish people
What it is now like eight years any time here in UK, what does your name Kajal Berg cuz eulenberg
Full of food and then you come back to Sweden me like Oh, mr. Shelburn. Ah
Just so good petition to name the place for Felix keep the villagers the ranch that is actually a good idea
I like that we could build a giant. Dr. Phil face. Mmm. Oh
My god, yes, I saw this
We both had the same dumbass face as well
Hey, hey
This is what happens when you're a Minecraft veteran brain goes infinity and beyond No, don't do this. Stop, please
I don't get it. Nobody's born cool, except of course the person that brought Felix that Swedish King I
Agree, I agree
Gamers helping gamers. I can't believe this is the same person that made a two-time 2x2 piston door and automatic
Fuck I don't get it either
For some reason whenever I play with other people Jack is the same Rangers goes
insane Liebig get in the
Last thing you hear before you never see your family again imagine one day
You're you're in your garden some Swedish guy walks up behind you. Think what a nice farm you got there
That's when you know, it's over
You can put stained glass on a beacon to make it different colors. Thank you
I know this you should know that I already know this. I like the creeper in the back too. That's good. Haha
There's man and oh, please oh
Man, I thought people would get mad at me for like changing the weather
I know I said like I'll never use creative mode, but clearly for some stuff. It seems like it's necessary
I won't use it for building. Okay, or getting material. Let me guess your home
It was and it was beautiful, you know
Everyone lost their mind over the fact that I summoned the weather in my base despite the fact that people going for days
Don't do it. Don't summon the weather in your base, you know the astronaut really wasn't that bad. I
Kind of hope it sound like I'm Marv Avengers like aftermath of battle kind of thing
Like maybe the meatball had blown up. I was like that would look cool. That would be like, oh, wow really cinematic an epic
No, nothing happens
Stupid death the golden one stupid death to the diamond one died. Like a hero the dirt one. What?
What oh my god, yeah, I
Don't know what YouTube is gonna do maybe cool if they did something like that
That's so cool magma block
Yeah, I don't know how I got that 241 minutes like it's seriously hard to get them that long I printed Felix Minecraft world damn
That's awesome. I
Get that would look so good Wow pewds villagers
0.001 seconds after potato start falling from the ceiling what if
Yep, just an idea for when Dinnerbone, you know. Hey, no
Fourteen-year-old boys talking about girls. So apparently if you throw food he may
Destroy it works. My frickin chamber is gonna be the most advanced thing ever. Oh my god. Yeah
I didn't notice this for so long. That's so awesome. I should have called them like GERD Yun or something
Yeah, I'm good with names. I don't know what to tell you Brad editing sigh
I love how it makes me. Look just in the same pewds in his own survival series piercing sky look, there it is
See, I don't I'll blame Ken
I'll blame can I don't care about area 51 in view to rewind doesn't have Jurgen Sven or anything about Minecraft
We read YouTube. Well, they will definitely have something about Minecraft put a tribute to Ikea bird on your shoulder
That's such a good idea. Oh my god. Yes. Yes
Absolutely, like a bird has died like four times
Don't know if I already reacted to this but it's okay
I'm like the dumbest person. I would like I would like to say the dumbest smart person but no
I'm just dumb una bolita meets men, you know full well with this means don't you? Yes
Yes, but I have accepted the offering they're sealing the fate of Swedish men's hands
I will now accept the fair consequences, even if it means my own demise may Watership with
The drama, what is this?
What these days I don't get it. Yeah, stop calling my meatball mouldy. Stop. Stop it now stop
Yeah, this is
This is what I was saying getting at earlier
Yes, everyone would probably just make minecraft cringy again. Please please YouTube. You don't have to have me in it
Yes, this don't ruin minecraft, please. I love all the fan art
I'm taking like a small thing that happened and making it in look like a
Thing Felix bonding with her inside bakes. He actually kills it without destroying his bangs at the third one
He's disappointed that he didn't destroy space. It's not what I meant
Relax, how I accidentally hit my younger brother still touched one how my brother tell him mom. I hit him sharpness five
That's good, I understand this much like if you understood this one
Don't spawn the weather near your house that same can stop me because I can't read
Hey, you can't tell me what to do. You lost those privileges when you killed the first Jurgen. That's right
I'm not over you did it you crazies out of a break you did it
I don't know much. It was like buddy. Oh my god. It's that many huh. Oh
This is so sad everyone went
Come on it added tension it added a drama you gotta appreciate it
If you don't have hi select, what do you want me to do? Make it everyone's like Oh what you can do
It's like you can spawn them in obsidian and that would make the fight easy. Like no no no pain no game
You got to do it. Oh
My god, there's somebody good memes Garden of Eden has a frickin chamber God creates Adam and Eve also god, yeah
What if we all live in the simulation and qtpie
Is telling everyone to free I see you crying through your front camera, but I don't blame you. I grind you
That was beautiful
Council of Watership the council will decide your fate. Oh
My god got a prank it
I'll bring him back. Okay, I'll bring him back. Okay gamers. That's it for this week's Lawai
There's so many more, but I gotta go back playing Minecraft
It's much like a be enjoyed if you want to check out protect Sven merch
I mean you don't have to but it would be pretty cringe if you don't have it next week. I'll finish up with another
Song by party in the backyard and that's it for me for now. See you guys later gamers
Now we live in together and I adore you. I will fight all those nasty zombies for you
Was almost meaningless before you here best friends till the end. No one else can compare. We got a bond
unbreakable, I love
Unshakable sick just sleep here. Come into my bedroom Rochus. I just wanna free
I've been the second but we had some dope adventures we cross the lattice see in every kind of weather sometimes
Outworking lost I can get a bit distracted, but I always knew you'd find me
So it never really mattered but stable was so epic and Jeff was so pathetic
But when Dinnerbone and broke out when I did feel empathetic I saw when ride the rails I wanted to have a run
So even though it killed me at least I died having some fun
You can
What you never played super simulator
You know, it's fun, right
I'm not supposed to give my opinion but give it a try and then you can tell me if it's good or not
Not convinced yet. Okay. I'll cut you a deal
The game is available for free and that's a great price


100 000 000 Subs - LWIAY #0087

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