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We're going to take the boat where they row us along with the stick thing
push us along.
It's 5700 yen (~$57) for four of us, so that's actually not that bad
For 35 minutes. For a ride.
Here's our boat!
That's pretty big.
We were here last fall and we got to see all these people riding on boats
and we were like, "I wanna ride on a boat."
But then we thought it was too expensive for us. BUT NOT THIS TIME
Okay, go ahead.
Oh, hang on a sec
They switched boats. We got a smaller boat now.
Okay, go ahead!
Watch your head. Take off your shoes.
We're okay with Japanese!
All right, Japanese it is.
We're on a BOOOOAT!
You can switch positions but be careful not to upset the boat's balance.
If the river gets clear somewhere I wanna put the gopro in
so we can try to see the fishies.
Nope, just a leaf. orz
wtf wtf
This is so cool
It's a shop boat!
Can I get dango, too?
Yeah! Oh, too late.
Dango? Yes
Thank you. Be careful (with the change)
I feel like we got pirate boarded by like...
By a candy shop?
By a candy shop.
All right. So we got-
Woah, look how fast they're going!
Warabi mochi and-
They're going fast!
They're going fast.
Oh, that other boat's outrunning them! He's like "NO. NO SHOP TODAY."
"Get your shop boat outta here!"
That's hilarious.
Look at all these shop boats!
All right, warabi mochi!
It's so soft.
I don't usually get warabi mochi this soft.
It's good!
That lady came out of nowhere, but this warabi mochi's pretty good.
I know, that was pretty funny.
It's a lot softer than what I normally eat.
Yeah, it's quite soft for warabi mochi.
The one I always get from the supermarket is not as good as this one.
Wow, it's good.
[passing boat person] Hiii~
They just got boarded by the snack boat!
We almost got Titanic'd.
I'm filming-
We just hit another rock.
Don't sleep, Chris.
Be careful!
[boat driver] Service.
"Sabisu" means "free service" [usually extra food for free]
That was free, Chris.
Oh hi
He threw that in for free.
Come on, appreciate his hard work [pulling this boat by stick]
I am. He's making me fall asleep.
This breeze is wonderful.
There's the snack boat!
I really like how that other boat just outran them.
They were like "No. Gtfo of here, snack boat."
"We don't want you."
That's a dragon boat!
We could have ridden on the dragon boat!
I feel bad.
Look at his face. I don't wanna do this.
Don't make me do this, Rachel.
What was thaaa~t
I had to, man. Sorry.
That felt so good.
Can we do it again so I can take another nap?
I know, really.
Thank you!
Thank you for working hard.
Thank you!
Good morning.


Kyoto boat ride! (With surprise!)

36 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 26 日
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