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Hi everybody!
Today let's make a one-pot meal!
Simple, delicious and it should be healthy!
"Oh! One pot! I make one pot and then my meal is done!"
You are looking for that kind of recipe?
Me too! (laughs)
So this is a healthy vegetable rice bowl.
In Korean: Keon-gang-sik yeongyangbap.
I need rice at least.
But a small amount of rice and lots of vegetables plus mushroom.
First let's make rice.
This is my pot, I'm going to cook everything here.
For 4 servings.
2 cups of rice.
This is short grain rice.
Two cups.
So 1 cup...
And this is two cups.
Let's wash.
Pour out water...
And just scrub like this.
Rinse and drain 3 times.
Until the water is very clear.
And pour out the water, as much as you can.
But still the rice is wet.
This is one cup and a half cup. We have to use one and a half cup water.
One cup...
Half cup. So one and a half cup water.
So let's make it flat.
I have to soak rice for 30 minutes.
At least 30 minutes. One hour? It's ok! (laughs)
These are familiar vegetables!
Kale! Everybody loves kale these days. Really really fresh kale.
And we are going to use some kale and mushrooms
I use king oyster mushrooms. But you can use any kind of mushrooms.
And also Korean radish.
Radish or daikon. Radish or daikon is not available
you guys can use turnip.
And this is soybean sprouts.
Whenever I make this kind of rice I always add kongnamul.
Kongnamul is soybean sprouts.
When this is cooked with rice, it's really really good.
These days in New York City I see in regular grocery stores
They sell kongnamul, soybean sprouts.
But if it's not available, use mung bean sprouts.
Mung bean sprouts will work well, too.
First, let's start with kale. Remove the hard stems.
About 2 to 3 ounces.
And radish. I'm not using all. About 8 ounces, you need 8 ounces.
For this 2 cups of rice
And also mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, large ones. Two king oyster mushrooms.
So first, these 3 guys I'm going to wash.
Mushrooms first.
Mushrooms absorb water, so just quickly I wash.
Slice this.
And I'm going to add to this rice.
And then, radish. About 8 ounces.
I'm going to cut into matchsticks.
This is around 8 ounces.
In the old days, for we Koreans rice is always precious.
How can we share a small amount of rice with the whole family?
That's why we added radish, sometimes sweet potato, sometimes all kinds of vegetables.
But these days the reason I add this kind of vegetables is to make it healthy!
Make a healthy meal.
The radish is sweet when it's cooked.
And also when you make this, the texture is very soft
And lots of water will come out.
Even radish by itself with rice is delicious.
Next one is soybean sprouts.
Soybean sprouts I will add around 8 ounces.
8 ounces soybean sprouts. Let's wash.
So you can see some beans have spoiled.
Throw them away.
Cut and discard.
So wash until they are very clean.
Soybean sprouts, let's add them here...
Next, mushrooms.
Around the root, we have to remove this.
Cut off.
And slice this.
This rice is a really small amount, and all kinds of vegetables, full of a lot of vegetables.
While I'm soaking the rice, we handled all these vegetables and mushrooms.
Now I have time, I'm going to make seasoning sauce.
So we have to make a delicious, delicious yangnyeom-jang.
Ganjang yangnyeom-jang.
So this is soy sauce. A quarter cup.
(Timer rings) Ooooh! Now 30 minutes already!
So I'm going to start cooking.
Let's make sauce. Quarter cup soy sauce. Jin-ganjang.
And this is Korean gochugaru. Hot pepper flakes. Two teaspoons.
I'll use zero calorie sweetener, one teaspoon. But you can use one teaspoon sugar, too.
And then green onion and garlic.
So just one garlic clove.
So three green onions.
Chop it up.
And here, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
And sesame oil...
One tablespoon.
And mix well
This yangnyeom-jang is really delicious.
I just add it everywhere.
Even sometimes when I'm hungry I just make rice and mix it with rice.
Warm rice, and gim (seaweed paper) and just wrap it up and eat.
So delicious! And sometimes I drizzle this sauce on top of grilled fish.
So this is a basic sauce for Korean cooking.
So you guys have to learn how to make this, if you don't know how.
I just cooked this for 7 minutes and then I have to turn over this rice.
I'm going to add a quarter cup of water.
On the edge.
I turned down the heat to low I'm going to cook another 7 minutes.
This is optional.
Another 7 minutes passed.
Turn off.
Wow nice!
Well cooked. See? Radish.
It's translucent , mushroom is shrunk.
And kale is nice, it looks very soft.
Let's see this rice is well-cooked or not.
Mmm! Nice!
So this egg, I told you this is optional
but really really easily you can mix together.
And sesame oil, a little bit more.
Then I like to add some hot pepper paste, gochujang, too.
Mmm! (laughs)
Whenever I make this kind of rice I feel really really good.
Because really healthy, lots of vegetables inside and the rice is a small amount.
And the radish is so smooth and a little crispy.
And of course the soybean sprouts are always juicy and crispy.
And kale is a very very healthy vegetable makes me feel so good
And one egg, add this too.
But if you guys are meat lovers, you can chop up some beef or pork
and just ground beef, you can add it here.
But on purpose I didn't add any meat here.
"Oh Maangchi I'm living alone, this is too much for me."
But make this amount and put it in a container and keep in the refrigerator.
You can refrigerate it up to one week.
Whenever you eat this, take it out and just reheat
Using microwave oven or just steam again.
And just mix together and eat!
You will see a little bit of burnt rice on the bottom.
Just gently gently scrape this off and eat it.
Today we made healthy vegetable rice bowl.
Keon-gang-sik yeongyangbap in Korean.
So enjoy my recipe! See you next time! Bye!


Healthy vegetable rice bowl (1 pot vegan meal: 건강식 영양밥)

16 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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