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  • It is now time to prepare specific questions for your interview. Remember the purpose of


  • the interview for the organization is twofold; to assess your skills and knowledge; and also


  • determine the cultural fit. We will analyze the job description and develop a list of


  • specific questions you may get in the interview. The first step is to start by analyzing the


  • job description for primary skills and knowledge. Look at the Responsibilities and Qualifications

    工作內容與所需的工作能力跟知識開始。 看看工作中所需負的責任跟需具備的資格

  • sections to analyze this information. Let's take a look at an example Project Manager


  • description. The four items that would be most important to prepare for include: Leading


  • multiple software development and integration projects in Agile. Scoping projects and managing


  • risk. Estimates projects using multiple techniques. Delivering them on time and on budget. Mentors


  • and guides people. The second step is more elusive in that you have to determine the


  • culture and desired fit. Look for descriptive words related to culture. In this example


  • it would be "can-do" attitude, take charge of conference room, and unflappable. If there


  • are not words related to culture in the description, then you may want to schedule an informational


  • interview. You can now create sample questions based on the three types. Let's begin with


  • the knowledge and skills. For example, a Behavioral Question would be, "Give me an example of

    從知識與技能開始。 例如:工作能力有關的題目會是

  • a project you have scoped and how have you managed the risk." ; A Situation Question would

    "舉例過去曾經處理過的一個專案,還有你如何管理它" ;而情況題則會是

  • be, "Walk us through how you would scope the project and manage the risk." ; And finally,

    如果在我們這裡,你會如何處理專案跟管理風險?" ;最後,

  • a Resume-based Question, "Your resume states you managed the Agile projects successfully;


  • tell us more about it." You can also prepare questions for the cultural fit. In our example

    跟我們說多點關於這的事。" 你也可以準備跟公司文化有關的問題。在我們的例子中

  • they are looking for a "can-do" attitude and someone that is unflappable. They may ask


  • a Behavioral Question like, "Give us an example of where you have pushed through an idea.";


  • Or a Situational Question like, "How would you push through an idea at this organization?


  • Or a Resume-based Question, "You mentioned on your resume that you initiated a project,

    或是由履歷延伸的問題: "你在履歷中提到你曾推行一個專案,

  • how did you do this? Now it is time to prepare answers for your sample questions. It's important

    你如何執行?" 現在可以開始準備你的答案。

  • to have good examples lined up to showcase your skills and knowledge for each of the


  • responsibilities. Remember to be detailed in your answer. Use SAR as a way to prepare

    記得答案要回答的詳細。 使用S(Situation) A(Action) R(Result)的方式準備

  • and make your answers stronger. "Describe the Situation, explain your Action, and let them

    讓你的答案更有說服力。 "描述情況,解釋你的行動,讓他們

  • know the Results." Although you can't anticipate every question, this will give you a strong

    知道結果。" 雖然你無法預期所有的問題,但這可以讓你有個強而有力的方向

  • starting point to prepare. In the next movie, we'll talk about effective techniques that

    開始準備。 在下部影片中,我們將談到有效率的方法

  • you can use to practice.


It is now time to prepare specific questions for your interview. Remember the purpose of



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A2 初級 中文 專案 面試 履歷 準備 文化 問題

【職場的進擊】知己知彼,面試準備從分析開始!(Prepare Job Interview from Analyze the Company)

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