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(fun instrumental music) (knife chops in rhythm)
- Hello, everybody.
Today I'm going to show you
a very delicious and healthy recipe.
It's called beoseot-deulkkae-tang,
delicious Korean mushroom soup.
Boeseot, mushrooms are boeseot.
Deulkkae is perilla seeds.
We are using perilla seeds powder.
I'm going to show you these mushrooms.
I chose one, two, three, four,
five different kinds of mushroom.
No matter what mushroom is, one pound of mushroom
You can choose just only one kind of mushroom,
any types of mushroom.
Of course, it should be edible. (laughs)
This is white beech mushrooms,
and these are oyster mushrooms.
Oyster mushrooms, and this enoki mushrooms.
This is white mushroom,
and this mushroom is a dried shiitake mushroom.
I soaked this in cold water for four hours,
so it's now flexible and soft.
I bought these a couple of days ago.
Color already changed like this.
I will show you how to clean this.
If this is all white, you don't have to peel,
but I can peel this.
You just grab this and peel this.
Inside, the white part is exposed.
I'm going to measure one pound.
This is my scale.
First, dried shiitake mushrooms.
I got these three large ones.
White beech mushrooms.
Cut off the bottom part, and just split like this.
Let's add more.
White mushrooms, I'll put them here.
enoki mushrooms
Cut this like this.
This part is too brownish, cut it off.
I'll use this amount,
and oyster mushrooms
When you buy these oyster mushrooms
just split these.
Sometimes this part is very dirty, you can cut it off,
but this one is very clean,
and then you just put it here.
One pound assorted mushrooms,
and this is buchu, asian chives.
I use this around two ounces,
but if this is not available, you can use green onions.
Let's wash.
Wash buchu.
and garlic.
Shiitake mushrooms are
very delicious.
Also, shiitake mushrooms make the broth very tasty.
Slice thinly.
Smells great!
These enoki mushrooms, white beech mushrooms,
we don't need to cut.
This one, just pull it apart like this.
When it's cooked, it will be chewy.
It's like chicken breast. I pull it apart.
(laughs) You see? Nice.
Our mushroom is all well prepared.
I'm going to use this onion.
half of a larges sized onion
onion here,
and this buchu later.
At the last minute, I'm going to add this, beautiful.
Cut it just around two inch long.
Carrot, I'm just gonna use just for color
Just a little bit, slice thinly.
Four cloves of garlic.
As you see, I always like to use fresh garlic.
Fresh garlic, just while I'm cooking, I always use.
I mince my garlic.
When I have visitors or guests in my house,
first thing I gotta do is to make rice,
and what kind of soup is there,
and also garlic.
Lots of garlic I need to grind at that time.
I will use mortar and pestle or my food processor,
but just every day I make some kind of soup or stew,
like this, I need just only a few cloves of garlic like this,
I always use fresh garlic.
Next, we need to make this soup tasty.
Today I'm going to use beef.
This is around half a pound.
Cut this.
You can see the grain, like a line.
We always cut against the grain to make it tender.
It was just little frozen.
After I buying this from my butcher store,
I put this in the freezer.
I'm going to stir fry my beef and garlic
with a little bit of sesame oil.
Sesame oil, about two teaspoons.
Beef, and garlic.
Stir this.
You gotta cook a couple of minutes
until the beef is no longer pink, well cooked.
Now, really nice nice looking,
and then I'm going to add this water.
Four cups of water.
Onion, carrot,
and all mushrooms too.
Then cover this and boil.
I just boiled 15 minutes over medium-high heat.
The house is really full of good aroma now.
I'm going to turn down the heat to medium now
because the beef should be cooked at the lower heat.
This is powdered perilla seeds,
but if you can't find this, just use sesame seeds powder.
I'm going to use half a cup.
Half a cup.
This perilla seeds powder make this soup nutty and milky.
Glutinous rice flour, sweet rice flour ,
I'll use one tablespoon.
Probably you guys are, "Why glutinous rice flour?"
Probably you have some questions.
To make this soup a little sticky, I use one tablespoon,
half a cup of water, and mix well.
easily you can mix it later.
My soup is well done.
I just cooked 15 minutes over medium heat longer.
I'm going to add some salty stuff, fish sauce and salt.
One tablespoon of fish sauce.
Salt, one teaspoon.
Mm, delicious!
Let's add this deulkkae.
Wow, nice isn't it?
Once I put this, it already turned milky.
Just one more minute.
Let's turn up the heat.
The last ingredient, buchu, chives.
Wow this perilla seeds powder, it makes it really smell good.
Special smell, unique!
Stir this a little bit,
until this buchu is slightly cooked.
Well done, so remove from the heat.
I'm going to show you.
Here you go~
Oh my, smells so good.
I'm going to eat this just with my kimchi.
My kimchi's really fermented, really tasty.
Mm, yummy yummy kimchi!
This, radish.
(smacks tongue) Mm, delicious.
(blows and slurps)
I will add my rice here.
I love the brisket, well cooked.
Chonggak kimchi, ponytail kimchi.
(kimchi crunches)
I don't need anything else,
just the kimchi and this soup and rice.
Perfect, perfect meal.
Enjoy my recipe, see you next time!
(fun instrumental music)


Mushroom soup ( 버섯들깨탕: Beoseot-deulkkae-tang)

21 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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