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- Hi everybody.
Today we are going to make delicious, delicious
and nutritious soup.
It's called ppyeo haejangguk.
Ppyeo means bones,
Haejangguk is hangover soup.
But you don't have to have a hangover.
This is my all-time favorite soup.
So I got this, this package
It's so cheap, it's five dollar only.
It says beef cow feet.
When I lived in Korea, ox bone was so expensive,
still expensive.
In Korea, somebody says, "oh I'm making ox bone soup."
Oh, that means that they are rich
or they just have some special occasion.
And when I came to America long time ago,
I couldn't believe it when I went to a grocery store,
some packaged.
What, this so cheap, cheap.
So I had to buy. All Korean immigrants,
they know about this.
You could make Korean ox bone soup easily here.
Any type of Korean soup can be hangover soup actually
because after drinking a lot the previous night,
early morning you have some headache
then you don't feel like eating anything,
no appetite, and then like a huge bowl of soup,
It doesn't matter what it is.
I already posted soybean sprout soup
and also dried pollock soup.
These soups are also considered as a hangover soup.
Basically hangover cure soup.
And really nutritious. I'm using bones, ox bones.
Inside bone marrow, also lots of protein.
Delicious, no matter what's happening,
if it's not delicious, I don't care.
Delicious food, that's what I want to learn,
that's what I want to share.
I am boiling 20 cups of water now here.
While this is boiling, I'm going to wash this bones
and soak in cold water.
We have to wash well because there is some bone fragment
and also remove the blood.
So I'm going to soak this in cold water.
20 minutes passed, my water is boiling.
Drain the bones.
And then I'm going to turn down the heat to medium
and cover.
Now, we got to boil, boil, boil these guys.
Until when?
Until water goes down half.
After boiling hours, all the nutrients,
bone marrow, all this protein coming out,
drawn out to water.
Water color changes to really milky color.
I used to make a huge amount.
Huge, in a large pot.
I don't count the water volume or the hours.
Just boil, and the water goes down
pour more water until when,
all this water turns milky, that's exactly what I want.
I'm using this guy, cabbage, napa cabbage.
When we make kimchi, we use this cabbage, right?
We need two pounds of cabbage
but if you guys don't have cabbage,
chard, sweet chard.
Chard is really working well, sometimes I use chard.
Oh my, wow, delicious looking!
Inside yellow, perfect.
Yeah, two pounds.
You guys may think that, "come on, Maangchi,
what is the big deal, you don't have to measure,
just like that, really exactly."
I have never measured my food when I lived in Korea
and before I started my YouTube video
and I never, never measured.
But when I make a video, I got to really give you guys
exact measurement.
Otherwise, sometimes food taste really good,
sometimes it doesn't turn out so, so good.
That's why I like to give you the recipe,
ratio, measurement, as accurate as I can.
I'm going to make geotjeori later with this.
Geotjeori is fresh kimchi.
This guy, I need to blanch.
Let's just boil water.
I have another pot. I'm going to boil my water.
Around 10 to 12 cups of water, let's boil.
Really delicious cabbage.
My water is boiling, let's blanch.
Stem first, stem.
When you blanch this, like this,
keep turning it over.
without the lid, we are going to blanch
around four to five minutes.
And this, cabbage is really wilted, see.
Really flexible.
It took five minutes.
It's hot.
We never wash this cabbage, we need to wash
and stop cooking.
So cold water, we need cold water.
You see how soft it is, but still very crunchy, crispy.
Gorgeous, beautiful.
just press down.
You don't have to squeeze.
Small pieces, just like that.
In a large bowl.
huge amount of cabbage, right.
But this is for four servings.
I love this cabbage.
I'm going to set aside,
later I'm going to add with the seasonings.
We're going to wait for bone broth finished.
Welcome back, everybody!
I boiled my bones for three hours.
I saw the water reduced a lot,
more than half, so I'm going to add more water.
This water used to be here
and then go down more than half.
It's milky.
Milky but I need to cook longer.
I want to make it milkier and more broth I want.
And when you see, all these bones are here
and some stuff is still attached.
Some bones, like this, are very clean, right?
So we need to, I think we got to add more water.
Four cups of water, let's add.
Turn off.
Oh my,! so quiet.
Oh wow.
All this bone marrow coming out,
isn't it milky?
I like to make it cool down.
So now I'm cooling down, using my ice water
Meanwhile, this is a little cooled down,
so I can handle this.
It contains a lot of collagen,
good for your complexion.
So I'm going to eat all.
I'll just take it out, all this sticky stuff,
delicious stuff.
Use your fingers or spoon.
Whatever you use, take it out, all good stuff.
A lot, eh?
I got a lot of stuff here.
You see, icy water make it really gel.
You can see the little white part
and this kind of yellowish part.
This is fat.
We got to remove this.
I will use my thin spoon.
We removed all fat.
Wow this is very, very nutritious.
Delicious broth.
We have to season this.
Let's add some soybean paste.
Korean soybean paste, doenjang.
About a quarter cup.
Eight cloves large garlic.
Two green chili peppers, we need.
Let's add here.
And then, one tablespoon fish sauce.
And then let's mix.
I'm going to mix this and then put this in my pot.
I like to wear my glove today.
Add this here.
And then, eventually we add this bone broth.
Six cups.
six cups.
We still have about one cup leftover.
Reheat this, boil this, and then mix with the salt,
chopped green onion, and then you can drink, it's good.
Look at this, how nutritious it looks.
Let's add this, all this thing.
Look at that.
Let's boil.
I boil 20 minutes over medium-high heat,
it's really boiling, almost boiling over.
Smells so good.
And lower the heat.
I turned down the heat to low.
I'm going to cook 10 more minutes
and then, done!
I made rice.
I will have late dinner tonight.
I'm making cucumber salad, spicy cucumber salad.
Very fresh and tasty.
Add some chopped green onion.
When you serve this, just serve with a little bowl
filled with hot pepper flakes, gochu-garu,
because some people want to add some hot pepper flakes here.
I made a non-spicy version today,
but you guys can add hot pepper flakes.
And this is the soup we made.
I don't need many other side dishes.
Even I didn't bring my kimchi.
I made this fresh cucumber salad
I'm going to eat it.
Let me taste!
Let's add some hot pepper flakes.
Just a little.
Really delicious.
hot, savory, and kind of sticky, earthy,
all kinds of tastes are inside here.
And also, so much collagen inside,
so after eating, my lips are sticky.
Today, we made ppyeo-haejangguk,
ox bone hangover soup.
Enjoy my recipe, see you next time, bye.


Ox bone hangover soup (Ppyeo-haejangguk: 뼈해장국)

8 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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