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Hi everybody! Today I brought this chicken, around a little more than four pounds.
I will make a really delicious Korean style chicken called tongdak-gui.
Actually this is my family's all-time favorite chicken.
This kind of chicken was very popular before Korean fried chicken came
Roasted by electricity, so we called this jeon-gi tongdak. Jeongi means "electricity."
Rotating by electricity you will see everywhere these days
even in grocery stores they sell this rotisserie chicken.
But today I'm using my oven, and making a really crunchy skin and also
inside is so juicy and garlicky, this kind of a chicken I make . Besides, I'll make a really
delicious dipping sauce because it really goes well together.
I'm making with cream cheese! Cream cheese is not Korean stuff but it's delicious
So it's not going to be spicy. I'm going to serve with this my radish pickle.
In my previous video I posted the recipe for pickled radish.
This is organic chicken, let's wash
I gave this guy a shower, I need to dry him out.
(laughs) Some excess yellow fat. Remove this.
Pretty much clean.
Now I'm going to season this chicken and I prepared 2 tbsp olive oil.
And we need a lot of garlic.
I will use a 6. This is around 4 pounds so six garlic cloves
Whenever I make any type of a chicken dish I use a lot of garlic.
The taste really go well together.
Ok. Olive oil 2 tablespoons and then
1 teaspoon salt.
Black pepper. I'm just grinding around half teaspoon.
And garlic.
And mix well.
So this is going to be really delicious seasoning.
I'm going to preheat my oven.
I'm going to use this baking pan, and there's a rack.
I will add some oil here. I'm going to massage you all over here.
I'd like to brush my rack so my chicken doesn't stick to it.
And inside, too. Inside the cavity add this.
Then I'll just take off my gloves.
I like to arrest this guy's two legs!
Put this in the pan.
And some left over.
My oven is now preheated to 350.
Usually I'll roast around two hours over 350 Fahrenheit, but let's see.
I'll just say keep an eye on this. I want a really golden brown skin
and crunchy and inside also all garlic flavor really delicious I like to make.
But first let's cook for one hour. So one hour cooking
after that I'm going to turn it over and then I will use butter butter is a secret!
Because butter flavor makes it a really good flavor and plus also make it crunchy
and also color is a really pretty kind of brownish color.
So 1 to 2 ... 2 tbsp.
My butter is here because I like to take advantage of a little heat from
the chicken roasting, and it's going to be melted soon. And I told you
we are going to make a delicious delicious dipping sauce!
First let's use cucumber!
Seedless cucumber! If you have a large cucumber maybe use one third.
This cucumber is a small size and seedless.
Around 2 ounces.
Half teaspoon salt.
Just mix. Soon it's going to be really wet.
I will squeeze out water.
So this is cream cheese, 8 ounces.
Two hours ago I put this on my kitchen counter. Now it's very soft.
I will use half, four ounces.
And then I will also use mayonnaise, one third cup.
I will use one tablespoon honey.
Now lemon. I'm going to squeeze half a lemon.
Just whisk until all this sauce is soft and fluffy.
Meanshile my cucumber is sweating.
I will squeeze out excess water.
This pouch...
Cucumber contains lots of water.
Now add this cucumber here. Awesome! Really pretty!
I washed my hands.
I wash my while I'm cooking all the time, that's why water
should be right next to me. I wish my kitchen was water is here fire is here
and then easy easy easily I can cook. When I moved into this house for the
first time very uncomfortable, because water is behind me, but now is really
really comfortable because I know how to do. *Bump* two steps after, water and
fire, okay and now we made a really nice delicious dipping sauce.
Oh my looks so good.
Cover this with plastic wrap.
Let me taste! I can't help it.
Mmm! Yummy yummy! I will just keep in the refrigerator, it should be really cold.
Whenever I make this everybody loves it.
So my butter is all melted! So I
don't need to put it here. And then all I can do is waiting!
Now one hour passed!
Just one second ago my timer went off. I was in my room and working on my computer.
Now it's time to turn over.
And just put some butter.
Add some butter also.
I'm going to put this back in my oven.
One more hour I'm going to cook.
30 minutes after I will come back again and then turn it over.
And also butter massage
30 minutes after, butter massage.
And then turn it over. Again some butter massage.
Total 2 hours passed.
I was going to film my alarm ringing but I missed it by seconds.
Oh my! look at that!
Last butter.
A couple of minutes I'm going to broil this to make it a little brown.
This cream cheese dipping sauce. Looks yummy.
Pickled radish.
Turn off.
It's really nicely golden brown everywhere.
That's it! This roasted chicken really garlicky smell,
My house is full of a good aroma right now. Let's just eat!
Wow! I like to have one chicken leg.
Look at that crunchy skin!
So juicy! You see? Wow, it's perfectly cooked, really juicy.
Cheers, everybody!
Let's have roast chicken, Korean style garlicky roasted chicken and two kinds
of a side dishes, let's have it together! I really wish I could share with you guys. Really!
This sauce.
Or you can use chopsticks. Chopsticks are more comfortable for me.
Ok ike this...
It looks yummy!
Mmm! Juicy and tender, not dry at all!
Sweet and sour nutty cream cheese with lemon flavor, this is a so yummy
I invented this recipe. Crispy cucumber make it really different.
Mmm! Pickled radish.
Perfect match! Definitely you have to make these 2 side dishes.
Cream cheese really makes it tasty. And also sometimes between your bites
this pickled radish is also really refreshing and crispy.
This is organic chicken so this a totally different texture from the usual chicken.
Today we made tongdak-gui. Korean style roasted chicken with the cream cheese
dipping sauce. And also another side dish pickled radish. Enjoy my recipe, see you
next time! Bye!


Roasted Whole Chicken (Tongdak gui: 통닭구이)

15 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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