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(upbeat music)
- Hello everybody!
Today we are going to make something delicious with kimchi.
Lots of kimchi.
Do you guys have kimchi at home?
Are you making homemade kimchi?
Then you can make this very easily.
Kimchi pork buns.
In Korean, kimchi-ppang.
So we need lots of kimchi inside.
It should be fermented, which means they're sour tasting.
With a well-fermented kimchi,
you can make a kimchi stew, kimchi soup, kimchi pancake,
kimchi stir-fried rice, kimchi steamed kimchi,
What else?
A lot of lot of delicious dishes that you can make.
First, we need to make dough.
So I'm using this flour, all purpose flour,
and also I use dry yeast.
It's active dry yeast.
I'm making six buns today.
So you guys can double, triple this recipe
and you can make a lot.
I need one cup of warm water.
It means not hot, boiling water.
Dry yeast will be killed in hot water.
I'm going to make your life easier, how to make warm water.
Measure half a cup boiling water.
And then cold water, half a cup.
Total, one cup.
Before adding yeast, let's use one tablespoon sugar.
And mix well.
And then let's add yeast, one teaspoon dry yeast.
And then let it sit.
My water is still boiling.
I need to cook my noodles.
These noodles are called dangmyeon in Korean.
Sweet potato starch noodles, or some people call this
glass noodles.
I'm making six buns today.
I will use only one ounce.
Several minutes I have to cook, seven or eight minutes.
Then let's go back to our dough.
So yeast water is here.
See, now yeast is floating.
Half teaspoon salt.
I will add this vegetable oil, one tablespoon.
And then mix well.
Now we're gonna add flour.
2½ cups flour. One...
Half cup.
And then mix.
Until all this makes one lump.
Now what we have to do is kneading by hand.
First, you gotta wash your hands.
We need to knead until this dough is very smooth.
200 times you do this.
One, two, three.
When you do this, "Oh, I'll make delicious buns soon."
Then it's going to be easier.
Smooth, smooth enough.
I'll just cover this with this.
And then just set aside.
In like warm kitchen area, set aside for one hour.
One hour later, we need to knead again.
So my noodles are done.
I'm going to strain these.
Green onions, chopped green onions.
Around a quarter cup chopped onion, so maybe this amount.
So this goes like this.
Next, pork.
Eight ounces of pork, pork belly with the skin.
I'll just cut thinly, small pieces.
A little fatty pork will work very well.
The reason I'm cutting like this
instead of using ground pork is because more delicious!
Use your knife like this.
I'll cook here.
And pork.
One teaspoon soy sauce.
And sesame oil, about two teaspoons.
And this is ground black pepper, around half a teaspoon.
And cook.
Keep cooking until the pork is totally cooked.
Smells good.
Sesame oil and ground black pepper, little bit soy sauce,
make the color a little brownish and tasty.
Smells so good.
This onion, green onion, garlic, add.
Just stir fry around 30 seconds.
And then I'll just chop up these noodles.
So turn off.
The onion is still crispy.
Stir this.
And this is hot, so noodles going to be again, really shiny.
Oh my, heavy!
My kimchi.
I told you we need kimchi.
Yeah, I made this around one month ago.
I made like two boxes like this
and now really well-fermented, so tasty.
Wow. Mmm!
I will measure eight ounce.
I think this is a little more than eight ounce.
This is eight ounce.
(laughs) Put it back to the refrigerator.
This is our filling for six buns, around three cups.
Half a cup filling in each bun
because I like to make kind of a small meal.
If you finish your one bun, you are full enough.
Half teaspoon sugar.
Sour taste and sweet taste always go well together.
Just a half a teaspoon sugar.
And this make it more spicy looking,
And then I will add one teaspoon hot pepper flakes.
You know, Kimchi is salty enough, so we don't need to add salt.
Smells good, because, you know, sesame oil,
All this mixture, kimchi pork mixture.
Even this one, pork is fully cooked, so I can eat it.
I can eat it now.
And let's wait for the dough to be ready.
(upbeat music)
Whoa, you rose a lot!
Smells yeasty. (laughs)
We need to knead again until very smooth.
But sticky, still sticky, it has to be.
Look at that, gorgeous.
And I'm going to cover this again.
And one more hour.
(laughs) One more hour, I'm going to ferment
and I'm going to rise this again.
(upbeat music)
Another hour passed.
So what did you do while you are waiting
for this dough rising?
I read my readers' comments.
Now I'm ready to shape my buns.
Pan is here, my large cutting board is here,
I'm going to work here.
And my filling and, let's see, show me your face. (laughs)
Wow, look at that!
It's even reached to here.
Again, deflate, this all gas inside.
Because it's a little sticky,
I will just use a little flour, maybe around a quarter cup.
And then I'm going to divide this into six.
Six balls.
So this is, each ball is three ounce.
And then make each one a nice ball like this.
So I don't want to dry out these.
So plastic bag will cover just this.
And then I'll work here.
Okay, like this.
So we are going to add a half a cup, like this amount.
This disk should be large.
I'll put this parchment paper on this pan.
So half a cup, this amount.
And then go in the center.
A large amount, isn't it?
But it's delicious.
Just seal it.
And then flip it over like this
and make shape, nice shape.
Pinch, pinch, lot of pinch.
Already a little rising.
Some of you guys really want to make this right now,
I know that some of your children
"Mom, I want to eat that!
"I want to make this!" (laughs)
This size is around six inches, six inches diameter.
When you roll it out,
the edge part has to be a little thinner than center part
so that when we seal like this,
there's not going to be too much doughy, right?
Now all leftover filling.
Our six buns, large buns.
We need to wait.
I usually do this one hour.
So total, three hours.
It takes a long time, I know.
(upbeat music)
I was going to rise for one hour but changed my mind
because when I see these guys, really plump.
Rose already a lot.
Even these guys are connected to each other.
And I gotta bake them now.
I preheat my oven, 350.
One small egg and then one teaspoon water.
Then strain this. Through this.
And a nice egg wash we made.
And then brush this egg wash nicely.
When they bake, a really pretty color.
Let's bake!
I will bake 20 to 25 minutes.
I'm going to check it after 20 minutes.
Some of you guys might be interested in steaming these.
After all these buns rise and then steam
for 15 to 20 minutes and then you will have
a really nice fluffy white steamed buns.
After 20 minutes, I check it out.
And then I like to make it a little dark,
so that's why five minutes more.
So total 25 minutes, really nice golden brown on top,
very shiny and pretty.
Look at that.
Three amigos, three amigos, they really get along well.
Awesome, looks so good.
I can't touch because it is too hot right now.
Still very hot.
A lot of kimchi inside and pork.
And bread is very fluffy, see?
Oh my, looks so good, doesn't it?
Why am I whispering to you?
Now let me taste.
Spicy and kimchi is very crispy.
And pork and noodles, all mixture is really awesome.
Especially also I like this fluffy bun.
I can't help eating, keep eating.
How can I share this with you guys?
Only I can share my recipe,
so at home you can make this very comfortably.
Today we made kimchi pork buns.
In Korean, kimchi-ppang.
Ppang is a bread.
Make a lot of kimchi-ppang.
And keep in the freezer.
And then whenever you need it, take it out,
thaw out first, and then bake five to 10 minutes.
Or just use a microwave oven like one or two minutes.
That's it.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time.


Kimchi Pork Buns (Kimchi-ppang: 김치빵)

10 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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