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(happy music)
- Hello everybody, how are you?
Today we are not going to cook some special dish
I'm going to show you how to cut chicken.
How do you buy chicken?
You buy the chicken already precut, chicken wing,
chicken breast, but expensive
so in my case I usually buy a whole chicken.
Whole chicken, bring home, I cut into pieces.
Each part of the chicken tastes different
so that we use for different recipes.
In Korea chicken leg is most important
so the chef, the cook decides
who is going to have the chicken leg.
In America, Canada I found out chicken breast
is the most important part.
In your country which part of chicken is considered
best part?
I like to know.
I still like chicken leg.
because chicken leg is tasty.
I'm gonna show you how to cut the whole chicken
into pieces so that you can make some different recipes.
Let's start.
It's organic chicken I bought, it's quite expensive
but you don't have to buy organic chicken.
You'll see it's kind of really watery, wet, and slimy.
I like to wash this really thoroughly.
Just take a shower.
Remove all slippery things
until it's not slippery.
Our chicken is clean!
Next, more serious job! Cutting!
Put the chicken on the cutting board like this.
My grandmother's method is that, when she makes
dakbokkeumtang (spicy braised chicken) or
things like that, she just cu it up
into chunks of chicken, and then she used it.
She just picked up one chicken from her yard
when she had VIP, VIP is her son-in-law or son,
that's a big day and then she's like a small lady
just my size and she just took it
and one chicken and she twist the head
until the chicken died.
Always I remember my father's side grandmother,
she was a very tough lady.
But today I'm going to show you how to cut
section by section, very easy way
and then you can keep it in the freezer or refrigerator
and then you can cook all different recipes.
Are you ready to cut together?
Use your knife.
Then just press these with your both hands like this.
Here is a fat line, cut it just following this
very easily.
Then the other side, too.
The leg bone is coming up.
You can cut along this.
So same thing, there is a line, like this.
Wing also, see here is also joint.
You'll see the bones here.
Here too.
Cut it.
So here's a joint here.
Oh, lots of fat.
Remove the tip.
I like to cut the chicken breast.
chicken breast, you see?
There's also a fat line here
and the other part, the same.
very easily,
Use kitchen shears, you can easily cut it up.
Along the line, the fat line.
Here too.
Hard bones are here, so we can break.
Cut it up
and this part, in the middle, you'll see this like a V,
V shape you can see, and then
like this and easily you can cut.
This part, I like to trim.
Now we have some interesting part,
chicken backbone.
Backbone but I'm looking for some oyster.
It's very tasty, tasty part.
One chicken has only two.
Let's find oysters.
This meat is so tender and delicious.
Let's cut it up.
Here this part, very tasty.
Now chicken backbone we have.
Chicken backbone, you can use for the stock or just eat.
Especially when you fry this, it's nice.
Between the bones there are lots of meat also
and cut like this.
It's familiar?
This is, when I visited Korea, I bought this.
I bought two knives.
I was going to make a new intro like a chop, chop, chop,
chop, chop, chop and I use this knife like this
and then I was going to use two knives
but I changed my mind.
I gave the other one to my mom
but my mom had to pay me $1
because in Korea we never use knife as a gift.
It can bring some bad karma.
I told my mom, " just buy this one,
buy this knife for $1." so she had to pay $1.
"Okay, this is not a gift I sold this to you."
So now I'm going to cook my two oysters.
Oyster is usually for VIP or VVIP.
Who can be my VVIP?
That's you, but later on I'm going to eat on behalf of you.
And this is sesame oil.
And salt.
And black pepper.
Smells good.
Vinegar and soy sauce,
just little, one drop.
And just stir this like that.
Wow, looks so good.
There we go.
More sesame oil.
This is really fun because while I'm doing
my video, I still can eat something.
When you cut up a whole chicken, always eat this.
Don't forget this oyster.
So tender, tender and juicy and just a little bit chewy.
Awesome, best of the best part of chicken.
If you don't cook just right now
you have to freeze it.
All these, chicken leg, and chicken wings
including all these backbones cut up into pieces.
You can make Korean fried chicken
also you know Korean
spicy braised chicken
and all kind of stuff you can make with this.
This is chicken breast.
Today I showed you how to cut up this chicken,
whole chicken. I hope it's very helpful for you
Pick up a whole chicken
and sometimes it's on sale,
you can make many, many different recipes with this.
Next time I'm going to make
some delicious things with this.
I have so many recipes that I have not shared yet
but which one first, I need to think about.
Enjoy watching my video!
See you next time, bye~
(happy music)


How to cut up a whole chicken (닭 자르는 법)

5 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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