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(upbeat music)
- Hi everybody!
Today let's make some delicious pouch
filled with delicious stuff inside!
Today I'm going to show you how to make
shrimp and Asian chive dumplings.
Saeu buchu mandu.
Made with just only a few ingredients.
But really tasty, so you'll be surprised.
Most of all, you'll be happy to learn
how to make this, make shape, like a
pleated skirt, really wrinkly, kind of cute pouch.
After making this, I'm going to steam this
with my bamboo steamer.
Let's start.
So this is half pound of shrimp.
I already washed and cleaned and deveined.
This is Asian chives, in Korean, buchu.
four ounces.
I'm going to chop these guys into little small pieces.
You can get it in Chinatown or Korean grocery store,
or sometimes Japanese store you can find this.
Whenever I go to Chinatown, all year round I can find.
When these guys are cooked, really tasty.
And also color is really pretty, make it
really green color.
We are going to use this shrimp.
This shrimp, the reason I separated this,
I'm going to show you how to clean this.
Shell this way.
And like that.
around this back part, it has
intestine, sometimes a big intestine,
sometimes very clean, this is very clean.
Very clean.
And then one time quickly rinse this.
(running water)
You don't need to chop in really small pieces,
because when this is made, I want
some big chunks.
So just cut it like that.
And add here.
Now we have two ingredients here,
and the third ingredient's tofu.
I found this tofu, really soft tofu,
when you mix with this, make it really juicy.
I will just use a quarter.
Quarter is around four ounces.
See? really, really soft!
And squeeze out.
Just a little water.
Not much water coming out, but
squeeze out, around one tablespoon water.
Here you go.
Let's add salt, half teaspoon.
Ground black pepper, half teaspoon.
Sesame oil, two teaspoons. One, two.
Potato starch, one tablespoon.
And then let's mix.
Several years ago, I posted a video, mandu: dumplings.
Korean traditional style, I made the
filling with a lot of vegetables.
But to make this delicious saeu buchu mandu,
you don't need many ingredients.
Now it's time to make mandu.
The mandu skins, when you go to the
Chinese store, Korean grocery store,
you can easily find this, you know, mandu-pi.
They're called mandu-pi, mandu skins,
you can make at home.
My recipe for homemade mandu-pi, check out
if you guys don't have a Korean grocery store
near your house.
I'm going to make with this
amount of filling, 25.
This small guy package is around 25.
Whenever I make mandu I make huge amount,
and then keep in the freezer, and then
take it out, just whenever I need that,
sometimes I fry, sometimes I steam.
When I make noodle soup or rice cake soup,
I add some of my dumplings.
That's why dumplings are always in my freezer.
Later I will show you.
Take one, and then use your fingers and
spread some water here.
Like this.
And then...
Around the edgy part, and then
let's make pleats.
Two, three...
(upbeat jazz music)
Look at that, isn't it pretty?
This is a beautiful pouch.
And then here.
And from here, with the edge.
Really cute.
We made 25 dumplings.
All 25 members are good-looking.
I'm going to take some for steaming
with my bamboo steamer.
The reason I like a bamboo steamer is
that you can steam here and serve,
and you don't need to take it out with
tongs, you know, to the plate, you don't
have to do that, just serve,
so that's very convenient.
I'm just boiling my water, and I'm using
this parchment paper.
The size is large, I like to cut it.
This steamer liner is sold at a Korean grocery store,
and it has, even holes here.
When you put this here, water should not
be above this line, because this is the,
you know, bottom.
Then, to here.
And then let it steam.
The mandu looks a little translucent
and clear-looking, and then it's well-cooked.
I will just make 20 minutes, set.
This guy I'm going to freeze.
This is my mandu.
This one is, inside, pork.
This is shrimp, so sometimes I feel
like shrimp, and then I eat this,
sometimes I feel like pork, especially
fried ones, so pork is very tasty.
This is my always emergency food.
Any of my guests are coming suddenly,
and then "okay, I'll make this!"
Soup or fried mandu, homemade mandu,
everybody loves that.
These, I'm going to freeze.
You guys just saw my freezer.
My freezer is my number one important property,
because in my freezer, all kinds of
ingredients, something like some Korean jujubes,
dried jujubes and pine nuts, you know,
all kind of stuff, even squid, frozen squid
is there, so if I don't have these kind of
ingredients, I feel uncomfortable, I gotta
fill it up, my freezer, but now it's almost,
some of them are empty, I need to bring more.
Sometimes I have some inspiration,
"oh, I gotta cook, I gotta make this recipe,"
and then my ingredients are always ready.
Let's make sauce.
Soy sauce, about two teaspoons.
One teaspoon vinegar, I'm using apple vinegar now,
but you can use apple or white vinegar.
Korean hot pepper flakes.
And sesame seeds.
See, this is a dipping sauce.
20 minutes passed.
Yeah, I think we're done. Translucent.
Besides, my water is all gone.
There's some only on the bottom part, a little bit.
Turn off.
Oh my!
My God, smells so good.
one pouch.
I will show you inside.
Ooh, look at that!
It's very sweet and juicy and shrimpy.
And texture is very chewy and springy.
And hot! (chuckles)
The three ingredients in filling are
working in harmony.
Today we made saeu buchu mandu.
Shrimp and Asian chives dumplings.
Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!
(pleasant guitar music)


Shrimp & Asian chive dumplings (Saeu buchu mandu: 새우 부추 만두)

17 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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