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Hello everybody!
Today I'm going to show you how to make Korean gamjatang.
It's pork bones soup. What kind of pork bones we use?
Pork spine bones. Or neck bones.
If you have never heard about this soup, kind of weird: "Pork bones soup???"
But actually it's really delicious.
That's spine bones between the bones are a lot of delicious tender meat.
And when you boil this for a long time, you get bone broth.
It's tasty!
Not only these bones, but I'm adding lots of vegetables here.
Vegetables plus Korean seasoning sauce.
I posted this recipe video years ago.
But recently I met one of my viewers at some event.
Whenever I meet my readers, I always ask, first, I need to know their name.
And also: What did you make? What is your specialty?
She said: "Gamjatang! I make gamjatang all of my family, friends love this!"
I was surprised to hear that because Gamjatang is a long time - seven years ago from now I uploaded that video.
Almost I forgot about that video!
I just came back home and then I checked out my gamjatang video.
And I saw that, Oh My! I didn't mention some things, I said: "Use cabbage" but how much cabbage I didn't mention.
And also, just a lot of things didn't give the exact ratio for.
So I thought that maybe I should update this video. Remake again.
You can find this in Korean store, in the frozen section. Pork bones. Spine bones, or neck bones.
Each package is around two and a half pounds, under five dollars! Very cheap.
I'm going to make this with one package today, two huge bowls of gamjatang.
Pork bones...
They saw this. Bones fragments are still here.
I like to wash this and soak in cold water. At least for thirty minutes.
So a couple of times rinse this in cold water.
And soak in cold water.
Blood has some gamey smell. Especially pork bones. So we have to really take care of this well.
To make really delicious pork bone soup.
And now I'm boiling water, a big pot filled with hot water right now, and then we need to blanch cabbage.
This is napa cabbage. I'm going to use one pound.
Cut like this.
Remove the core, like that.
Let's blanch.
About one minute blanch.
When this cabbage is cooked with this gamjatang I love love this one. I keep eating eating.
Let's take it out
Still I have a lot of hot water. I'm going to save this water for my pork bones. Let it keep boiling.
And then I like to rinse in cold water
By the way, if you can't find napa cabbage you can use chard or bok choy even, or other kind of green vegetables.
So now let's boil pork bones.
Close this...
I'm boiling pork bones only for seven minutes. After that I'm going to wash and clean
So all this unnecessary fat around the bones, I like to remove all of it an make it really clean!
And then we make that real gamjatang.
So I didn't cut the cabbage into bite sized pieces.
Because I like to eat long stem, it's more tasty.
Cut this lengthwise like this.
If this is too big.
Cabbage is ready.
Let's check out the pork bones.
You see? The water is really dark.
And also foamy on the surface. I like to remove all the smelly fat.
I want a good and clean pork flavor.
Ok seven minutes!
Let's strain this and wash again.
So wash just one by one, remove all the bone frangments.
Boiled and washed and very nice and clean.
I will use this pot again.
We have to wash this with soap.
I will use this pot again to make gamjatang.
This is very tough. We need to make it really tender. Keep boiling so that all delicious stuff is coming out.
We want some kind of bone broth and the meat should be really really tender.
We're going to boil these guys for a long long time.
Dried red chili pepper I will add. Two dried Shiitake mushrooms to make the both tasty.
Ginger around one tablespoon.
Slice thinly.
Medium sized one onion.
And this is doenjang. It gives a little saltiness plus also it goes well with this flavor.
So two tablespoons.
And eleven cups of water.
And then boil!
[Gas turns on] Over medium high heat.
One and a half hour. Long time!
So I told you, we need a lot of vegetables.
Already this cabbage is blanched here.
We need kongnamul - soybean sprouts. About eight ounces.
And also green onion. Green onion four green onions we need.
And potato is two or three, it's up to you.
And this is optional, but really tasty. This is perilla leaves.
Perilla leaves later, at the last minute we'll add.
To make it really colorful plus also a good flavor it has, like minty flavor.
It goes well together.
I'm going to wash this kongnamu
When it's ready I will just add this to my vegetable pan. Not a pizza pan! Vegetable pan! [laughs]
Let's wash
When you wash soybean sprouts always pick out the dead beans.
This is perilla leaves, I like to wash this.
About a dozen.
This is vegetables we are going to use.
Green onion. Four green onions.
This is daepa. Large daepa. Daepa is more tasty.
If you can't find this, just use small green onions.
This one later I will add as a garnish.
Perilla leaves.
This is a small size, so just cut like this.
Soybean sprouts around eight ounces.
Vegetables are done. And then seasoning sauce!
In order to make delicious gamjatang I like to introduce you to really important ingredient.
It's called perilla seed powder.
I will show you this thing...
And basically, there are three types you will see.
When you go to the Korean grocery store. First, try to find this guy.
White color. And because it is all hulled. Skins removed. And then ground.
Color is like a creamy color.
And very very fine.
You don't have to do anything, just add this directly.
But lot of Korean grocery stores they don't sell this product.
Sometimes you will see just "deulkkae" - seeds. Perilla seeds already toasted.
Perilla seeds look like this.
And also this one is already toasted and they ground. But very coarse.
Color is brownish. It's already crushed.
Let's start with garlic. Six garlic cloves.
Six garlic lcoves.
And gochugaru. Hot pepper flakes. I will just add three tablespoons.
But you can add two tablespoons or one tablespoon.
Hot pepper paste, around one tablespoon.
And this is ground black pepper.
About a half teaspoon.
Fish sauce three tablespoons
Quarter cup deulkkae-garu.
Quarter cup water.
So well mix...
When I was in Korea actually I was not a big fan of gamjatang.
But when I lived in Canada, Toronto, I read some newspaper.
It says: "Oh, Korean gamjatang really delicious gamjatang pork bone soup"
The restaurant I got to find this! I went there. REALLY REALLY tasty.
I had never tasted such a delicious gamjatang before.
And then later when I developed this recipe I kept going on purpose and even take a photo. [laughs]
And then made this. So that's why still even though the video is very blurry
And then whenever I meet my readers, they say: "Oh that recipe is so good!"
[Jazz music] [horn honking]
Now one and a half hour passed.
You see? I like to take out Shiitake mushroom.
And then add this. Kongnamul soybean sprouts, all vegetables.
Except for this perilla leaves and this chopped green onion for garnish.
Three potatoes.
And this is seasoning
Seasoning paste.
Quarter cup water.
Let's cut this Shiitake mushroom into bite sized pieces.
Put this back.
[Jazz music]
[bubbling sounds]
Let's see if the potato is well cooked.
Go through just easily like this, potato is cooked.
I'm going to put these perilla leaves.
Turn off.
If you don't like ginger take it out.
All these vegetables on the bottom.
[burner ignites] You can reheat if you want.
I love this!
[bubbling sounds]
I made some side dishes.
Here. These side dishes you can share with people. So for your family members you make four servings
rice and gamjatang - rice and gamjatang you can make this way
and then all these side dishes sharing.
Kimchi. My winter kimchi.
And this is fish cake. Stir fried fish cake.
And this is cubed radish kimchi. Kkakdugi.
Spinach, and this is pickles.
Months and months I really enjoy this! Green chili pickles really tasty.
Stir fried shredded squid. Stir fried mushrooms.
Look at this.
Soft and nutty, mmm!
So you can eat this, take this and just wait until it cools down. Otherwise your lips are going to be all burnt.
So I'm going to wait.
But I told you my preference is this guy.
Oh my.
Mmm! Today we made gamjatang. Pork bone soup.
Enjoy my recipe, see you next time! Bye!


Pork bones soup (Gamjatang: 감자탕)

9 分類 收藏
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