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- Hi everybody!
Today we are going to make budae-jjigae.
A lot of people requested this recipe over the years.
Budae means army base.
Jjigae is a stew.
So we are going to make army base stew.
I had never tasted budae-jjigae.
So many of my readers requested it
and I was so curious about this dish.
And then when I visited Korea,
and then I tasted in several restaurants and tasted.
And also, when I came back, and then New York,
some restaurants would serve this budae-jjigae. I taste it.
Really popular dish everywhere.
Always in restaurant, famous restaurant for budae-jjigae
packed with people.
Wow, there must be a reason why they like it.
Actually, like the Spam sliced really thinly, you know Spam,
nobody will think that this is very appealing.
But when it cooked with kimchi and spicy seasoning paste,
sizzling, bubbling kind of a stew, it really tasty.
It go well together and especially when you eat with rice.
So, let's start.
To make delicious stock using two dried shiitake mushrooms
and the larger size of dried anchovies.
Remove the heads.
And remove guts.
It's a kind of a black things, remove this.
And very clean and put it in this strainer.
So eight, large size dried anchovies in the strainer.
Let's put it here.
This is dried kelp, it's called dasima in Korean.
Korean grocery store you can buy.
Always I have at home because whenever
I make some stock I always use.
So, like this.
And then, I'm going to cut this down to this size.
And then put it.
Close the lid and boil.
Over medium-high heat, I'm going to boil this,
my stock, for 25 minutes.
While we are boiling this stock,
let's prepare some other stuff.
This is noodles called dangmyeon.
Sweet potato starch noodles.
Some people call this glass noodle because it's translucent.
Very hard.
I'm going to use around two ounces.
Let's soak in cold water.
Then, let's make seasoning paste.
Seasoning paste, you know, it has to be spicy.
Six garlic cloves.
I just chose large garlic cloves and cleaned.
Hot pepper paste, one tablespoon.
Two tablespoons, hot pepper flakes.
Flakes, two tablespoons.
One teaspoon, sugar.
One teaspoon, soy sauce.
About two tablespoons, water.
So we make seasoning paste.
This is a lot of garlicky and salty,
and sweet, and spicy also.
Very good.
Very good, spicy.
And then I'm going to use some pork belly.
Cut into bite-size pieces.
Stock is really boiling and then
I see that a lot of bubbles coming up.
And it maybe boil over.
So in that case, you open this like a half, right?
And then still at medium-high heat, let it cook
until fully cooked 25 minutes.
I'm going to add this pork to my boiling stock.
We are going to cook this pork with this boiling stock,
10 more minutes from now.
So my stock is done.
Oh my God, so quiet.
Well, look at this kelp is really huge, eh?
It was small.
So two shiitake mushrooms and pork.
Let it cool down.
And this is pork.
We have this delicious stock.
Add one teaspoon salt.
Let it cool here.
So pork.
Actually kelp looks good, slice it thinly
and then stir fry it with soy sauce and
a little bit sugar and garlic, it'll be good side dish.
So don't throw them away and then later, use.
I prepare my kimchi, tongbaechu-kimchi here.
We are going to use only half a cup.
My shallow pot. This pot, usually
when you go to Korean restaurant,
they serve in this kind of pot.
Because you can see the whole,
all ingredients inside easily.
Not deep pot, right?
A little bit cabbage.
This is going to be around one cup.
And then, onion.
This is 1/3 cup onion.
I use a really huge green onion.
You can use two small green onion.
Let's add this pork, already cooked.
And these mushrooms.
I use all this stem too.
And it's too big.
And then I'm going to add kimchi.
Just half a cup I'm going to use.
Okay. This amount.
Let's add our spicy seasoning paste.
This is Polish sausage.
I use this, I found is really tasty
when it's cooked in the stew.
So I'm going to use this here.
This is four ounces.
Spam, I'm going to use.
Thinly slice.
Let's use, just 1/3.
This amount save this for later use.
So ham, sausage, and tofu, and cheese,
and this is rice cake, rice cake.
And then the noodles we have soaking right now.
And then beans.
Huge amount, right?
So we just add it little by little.
And this.
Sausage. Rice cake.
And tofu.
We are going to use 1/4 only.
And this baked beans, pork & beans.
You can choose either one.
This is the vegetarian beans.
So with this kind of seasoning mixture it is.
I'll use around a 1/4 cup.
With some juice. Yeah.
Cheese. Just one slice cheese.
And then noodles. This is Korean ramyeon.
So ramyeon, for this, half.
This is noodles we soaked.
Potato starch noodles.
Huge, eh?
You can use watercress or you can use any, even spinach.
This is radish sprouts.
There you go.
So let's pretend this is your table.
Large table, your guests are sitting.
While you guys are talking, it's going to cook.
It should not be too filled, right,
in the case of maybe boil over.
And then the leftover, just transfer to another bowl.
Nice bowl.
And then
with your ladle.
So while you are cooking, usually,
like a sizzling.
As this broth reduce, add some more with this stock.
Just over high heat, medium-high heat.
Usually gas stove is a very strong flame.
So just heat it up and then you guys can drink,
talking, waiting until this is cooked.
I made my rice.
And also, when you eat this,
be sure to prepare the individual bowl.
It's bubbling over, turn down the heat.
Control your heat.
So from now, you guys can, you know sitting around,
so you can taste this some.
Oh, this is sausage.
Nine, ten minutes.
After that, you just mix this with your tongs, like this.
Time to eat!
Look at this broth.
So always add, right?
And you can turn it up.
And then first, always my rice.
I know that when you taste one bite,
you know why people love this budae-jjigae.
Because this stew has all kinds of stuff.
I love this noodles also, you know?
The starchy noodles and even ramen.
So while you are cooking and eating,
you have a really fun.
Everybody's sitting at the table and then you
cook together and then eating and drinking.
The broth is more and more delicious.
We made it, budae-jjigae. Army base stew.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time!
(lively music)


Army base stew (Budae-jjigae: 부대찌개)

11 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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