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- This is our year.
Distrust the process.
We're all about loyalty.
I miss Dwight Howard.
I'm glad Kawhi's gone, that man was too vocal.
We're the best team in California.
I respect Kevin Durant.
Durant is the most competitive player in the league.
It takes a real man to join the team that beat you.
He's the Real MVP.
I don't want Zion Williamson, I'd rather make the playoffs.
Who care if we lose in the first round.
Andre Drummond is better than Embiid.
Who drafted Jokic, way too high.
We need Carmelo back. We're the best run team in the league.
That's what I like about our team, there's no drama.
We can't win without JaVale McGee.
I think we're better when Steph doesn't play.
We were better with Monta Ellis.
We don't need a guard we need another center.
Phil Jackson was the best thing that ever happened to us.
We don't need LeBron, LeBron needs us!
I bet you we win a championship before LeBron!
Think Dwayne Wade got about five,
10 more seasons left in him.
We don't need Juwan Howard as a coach,
we need him back on the court.
I don't see anything wrong with Markelle Fultz's shot.
I don't even like the trade for Jimmy Butler.
We shoulda traded Embiid instead.
Ben Simmons jump shot is wet.
I didn't even want LeBron.
Why get LeBron when we have Lonzo?
We need Carmelo back and Jeremy Lin!
LeBron said it was the Lakers or us?
I'm glad he went to the Lakers.
Of course Anthony Davis is gonna re-sign with us,
he has no other options, where is he gonna go, the Lakers!
I miss Dwight Howard, we need Dwight back.
I miss Dwight Howard.
We don't need Bradley Beal or John Wall.
We have Dwight Howard.
There's nothing wrong with Kawhi's laugh,
what's everyone talking about?
Oh he can ball, Drake can ball!
We shoulda kept Isaiah Thomas, Kyrie is garbage.
I don't even know why we took Jayson Tatum,
that's a waste of a draft pick.
We're the healthiest team in the league, every year!
You know who we really need, Liangelo.
I don't see what the big deal is,
who cares if someone spits in your face?
I didn't want Jimmy Butler anyway.
They never call any fouls for Harden, it's ridiculous.
Andrew Wiggins versus Stephen Jackson in a fight,
I'm taking Andrew Wiggins all day.
We should move back to Vancouver.
Best basketball IQ, JR Smith.
Wait so there's a song called Mo Bamba?
Never heard of it.
Who doesn't know how to spell Giannis Antetokounmpo?
Trading for Oladipo was the worst decision
this franchise ever made!
Giannis Antetokounmpo, sound it out.
Like this song is called Mo Bamba?
Are you sure?
That's who we need to bring back, Greg Oden.
I'm glad we traded Oladipo.
I'm glad we traded Tobias Harris.
Zach LaVine definitely beat Aaron Gordon
in the dunk competition.
You know who we should bring back, Brandon Roy.
Dirk could play five to 10 more seasons.
Doncic, is looking like a bust.
We've gotta draft better.
We need Vlade Divac on the court.
Kemba Walker is not even good, let him go, I don't care.
Damian Lilliard's trash.
Ben Simmons definitely shoulda won Rookie of the Year
over Donovan Mitchell, makes perfect sense.
Perfect sense.
Lonzo Ball does rap better than
Damian Lilliard, I hate to say it.
I don't want RJ Barrett.
We should make Lavar Ball the head coach.
I don't want Cameron Reddish.
We are one player away.
I don't want Nasir Little, I don't want any of these people.
Let's make the playoffs.
DeAndre Jordan needs to switch back
to his old free-throw form,
it's not working.
I know tons of 40 year olds who can dunk like Vince Carter.
My dad can dunk like Vince Carter.
What is our GM doing?
We need more talent!
I don't understand why we had to trade Jimmy Butler.
Everything was going so smoothly!
So what, KD had burner accounts.
Everyone has burners.
I need Russell Westbrook to shoot the ball more!
Shoot the ball Russell, stop passing all the time!
(upbeat music)
I'm a grown man.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
I'm glad we don't have a franchise anymore.
Who likes basketball anyway?


Things NBA Fans Don't Say

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