B2 中高級 5 分類 收藏
(cheerful music)
- Hi everybody.
I moved!
This is my new kitchen and new house.
I have a hood, a nice hood.
And so really ventilated very well.
Nice stove and my nice workplace.
But the water faucet is behind me.
You know, for me best of best kitchen,
especially to make a cooking video,
I like to have fire and water and workplace
and then I don't have to go anywhere.
Just I make this everything.
I'm going to be very busy going and coming, going and coming
between here and my sink. (chuckling)
This is going to be my first video.
I'm so excited.
This recipe is very, very delicious.
Korean street snack, hotteok.
You know that? How many people, you guys, have you made my hotteok?
Usually people think hotteok is a Korean pancake,
sweet pancakes inside filled with syrup.
Hot, hot and sugar syrup.
But today is the yachae-hotteok.
Yachae means vegetables in Korean.
A lot of my readers who visited Korea
they just asked me,
"Maangchi, I want to make the Korean yachae-hotteok.
"How can I make it?"
Yachae-hotteok in Korea,
famous place is the Korean Namdaemun Market in Seoul.
Last year I visited Korea in November
and then I went to Namdaemun Market
and then I found this yachae-hotteok sold,
just there on the street.
I kind of went "Oh, yachae-hotteok can be delicious."
I was kind of suspicious.
But after tasting, "Oh it tasted really great!
"No wonder why people love it."
People are lining up to eat this yachae-hotteok.
It tastes like a croquette.
You can eat this as a snack
or you can eat this just as a simple meal.
But first we gotta make dough.
This is boiling water, around 1/3 cup.
Like this.
And then let's fill it up with cold water
so that the water is going to be very mild,
We are going to use dry yeast.
If this water is too hot, dry yeast is going to be all dead.
(water splashing)
two tablespoons white sugar.
I'm going to use this active dry yeast.
One package, around two teaspoons.
(spoon clanking)
Well mixed.
1/2 teaspoon salt.
Oil, vegetable oil, one tablespoon.
mix well.
We have yeast water.
We are going to use all purpose flour.
Two cups.
My cup is a one cup, 240 milliliter.
I weighed my one cup flour, there was five ounces.
So you are going to use two cups
which means it's 10 ounces flour, all purpose.
So easy, isn't it?
This dough is awesome.
I love my dough ratio.
Use your wooden spoon.
I'm using my rice scoop.
And then we're going to let it sit
until it rises to double size.
Like this.
One hour passed
Let's see.
And also I'm boiling water in a large pot
because we have to cook noodles.
Noodles, why noodles?
Probably you guys are wondering.
Wow, smells yeast smell.
(spoon clanking)
This time, let's use hands.
Usually when you knead some dough
you use your whole fist
but this one is very sticky that's why I use this method.
Just like this.
So let it keep rising.
We need to cook noodles.
Before that I need to wash my hands.
(water flowing)
This is my pillow. (chuckles)
My noodle pillow.
This noodles are made with starch.
Sweet potato starch.
Very clear.
When it's cooked, clear, translucent, and chewy.
Korean japchae.
When you make japchae, you need to use this noodle.
We need only three ounces.
My water is already boiling.
(noodles, bag crunching)
(water bubbling)
And then put these here.
It takes time to make it really soft, tender, and cooked.
It takes around six minutes.
(water bubbling)
Noodles are done.
Then turn off and I'm going to strain this.
(water splashing)
I'm going to chop up these noodles.
And I'll put this here.
Like this.
(scissors snapping)
It's fun using the scissors cutting this way.
Actually really fun.
I'm going to season and stir fry these noodles
with seasoning sauce
and also we are going to add vegetables,
chopped vegetables.
But noodles, I like to make it a little salty
and then later I don't have to add any salt anymore.
So I'm going to stir fry.
Add noodles.
This is medium heat.
Sugar, one tablespoon.
Like japchae noodles.
This is soy sauce, 2 tablespoons.
Ground black pepper.
Just a little bit, 1/4 teaspoon.
Dark brown color and shiny.
These noodles even by itself look delicious.
Just let cook a couple of minutes.
Turn off, then let's add sesame oil, one teaspoon.
Put this here.
I'm comfortable working right next to water.
Carrot, onion, and buchu, Asian chives.
All these three ounce, three ounce,
and this is, I'm going to use just a half.
I already peeled, washed.
(knife chopping)
And small pieces like that.
Add this here.
Onion, around one medium size.
This amount.
(knife chopping)
This one also, you don't have to really finely chop,
just cut it in to small pieces like this.
(knife chopping)
(water splashing)
Asian chives, this is three ounce.
I just washed this, all washed, cleaned.
(knife chopping)
Mix well.
Look at this colorful, beautiful, huh?
(spoon clanking)
Filling is done.
And then cooking!
You can see the cooking more in detail
because my stove is right here.
And my dough is ready.
Wow, my dough is really up, coming up.
This dough is very sticky,
so I'm going to use some cooking oil.
This is vegetable oil.
All the time I'm going to dip my hand here.
I'll just deep fry.
In the Namadeamun Market, they deep fry, lots of oil
and it's really sizzling oil and then they fry until
all sides are golden brown, crispy crunchy
and inside is really, really hot.
I'm going to use that method,
but you guys are worried about these calories,
you can pan fry.
I need to wait until this oil is really hot,
around 350 in Fahrenheit.
During short periods,
like this, guys,
it's really swelled.
Let's see
if this oil is hot enough.
You see?
Not many bubbles are coming up.
So I'm going to wait a little bit.
It's bubbling, right?
So this is the right temperature.
I'm going to lower the heat to medium.
I don't want to burn this hotteok.
About this amount.
Maybe around 1/3 cup amount.
Just spread this.
Then let's add this.
A lot of filling.
Making shape, this is very challenging
because we got to fill as much as we can.
(upbeat jazz music)
Fry this until both sides are crunchy
and golden brown crunchy.
And also you'll see sometimes it doesn't have to be
perfectly cover, but sometimes there is a hole.
From the hole you'll see that some steam coming out.
That means it is well cooked.
It's like some doughnut but tastes like a croquette.
(upbeat jazz music)
All the ends are closed.
Whatever method you use, with your fingers,
there is a little hole, that is okay.
Flip it over
Always control your heat.
So if this is burnt too much, like turning brown,
you should turn down the heat.
Whoa, hot.
When it's really hot, it has to be served.
My last hotteok.
This guy is so plump now.
Going up and up.
I'm going to press down.
(upbeat jazz music)
Turn off.
Wow, I made all these nine hotteok.
Nine hotteok, still some leftover.
Keep in the refrigerator, you can stir fry and eat.
Let's taste.
Savory taste, a little sweet.
Just taste like just croquette.
Today we made yachae-hotteok.
Hotteok filled with vegetables and noodles.
Really tasty.
You should make this for your family and friends.
Then let me know how yours turns out.
Enjoy my recipe.
See you next time!
(cheery music)


Hotteok filled with vegetables & noodles (Yachae hotteok: 야채호떡)

5 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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