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i'd say now's not the best time for me to do it considering removal of girls in
the next
uh... i don't have a good about that but i think that
meant that and political
all right out of this testing out my uh... recording
boca at home
feel i want to make a funny comment that i don't make it look good if they are
related to use the looking to make that woman
gyro influenza what he did
in a way that the inappropriate
hiroshi the entire podcast and leaving now
seed where his previous year has ruined my affinity might have that he formed a
year not fall into the currency in moscow and well hotel
his his masters english language
size such a way that we wouldn't have to see it
well on that
i'm just gonna make sounds eating it right click the mike
adl but but they were terrific
one e
mhm obtain mcsa corrosion went up to
they'll triggers market you're going to have a little intro song unlike
oliver north pole again the bigger make a big to-do about it
i think the first episode will be uh... trying to figure out what the fuck the
and examined the shirt every single podcast name has spent used
not pan out there's no way
because i mean that the general uh...
the whether general format for a podcast name
either has to end and cast sherpa
had i've been i've been looking through like pretty much like every word i can
think of just cast after a or product
there's this already
or anyone for everything
commendable was believed that was that
i don't know you're going to be from it
for what i wanted to do
mirror something in
the spiders there's sp
partners and
their spiders and respond after something like that
make simple enough
their in their citizens
best their yes
natalie that you don't think that in the media that's about it the lesson to be
it's not fair though like one of the heart of the listener podcasts
where they were very different
and to uh... and the bears
you know if that plan as their activity don't like to be in a pop in
their cast being need tax increase in value now artists fine clothing that
pittsburgh nat
it yet
and with the shady about going up
evaded go something like
you know i was going to check my back the other day but then i realized
uh... why would i want to do that
yes another benefit
immediately the little instinctively find uni adequately
we all know it
claims that most of them searches cruel
cruel fate said not be born a prayer
well known
by intended to be a cult so um... talk later
let me tell you that any evidence on the night moviefone cotton blends nationally
syndicated christianity
uh... bedding evaded right now it has to go that direction by what do you know
that i think they have been some mind when they named the uh... the baseball
the it
i think that that they know back then
they're like brit and then after some awesome animals and uncertain some
directly but i think you know there's another will be nativist epithets
their until i wouldn't doubt that buchanan co baseball players have to
women all the time of ethnic guys identifies childers
and that plainly big big wooden stakes in baton blows around i mean cheese
left the
abated of
maybe the the other guy that names the team uh...
yet some secrets
linda prevails as completely oblivious only get out there is a rosalind
because you deeply years yesterday are where they are unlikely sandbaggers
uh... it
anyway unfolding will change
he in wasn't being pond
all right
what isn't
he did the folding sound like
i mean it's very gentle delicate touch
this add up to her
and i really hearing anything
meeting with them
new divided here at my don't know if i'd be able to like
tuesday to that was in fact people did something i don't know that sounds that
nine it's not in a some merkel
if i a m
that sounded like you
dropped a stack of books
were you just love school
i think that come up with the flu
i know an auto both political and
it sounds like you put a book
what you think that while i go to the garbage
uh... yeah
that i would mean a sound
there is no desirably at the end thesis humphrey
then why is there some alone
parking films coming out not to vampires
or something among competing with the chamber will not be a minute idon't know
of any uh... hamburgers know that there's news on the will become an out
people are saying is light
they're going to be some bs was twyla decker empires and a lot of people were
up in arms about all of you know
break your repair some you know impartial so the trevor and trailer
looks away rhea stats out of the too
i think he graying uh... sparkle
that that was our other trailers on these it's about i it's about his army
falls in love with a girl
india anything about it the hard without you know has heart starts back up if i
had the
compared to anything
i would say it's more like pleasantville
you actually wow
it's really liked by the bilby big brother at so i think that's a black and
white there
beyond that
not because it is a long way facebook money-making to cover
wilding biggest sucked into a t_v_ show
yet yeah i had an ad
then they give you know
lightweight tv show ends
they start kinda shaking things up in getting everybody to kinda like feel a
little bit lower beaded intrigues you know they are
and emotions
e not not just below symptoms but more
being more adventurous with who and what they thought they were india i agree
that this is not going to be eaten removed using them
uh... this rumor control something that'll cause into something to be
let's take did of sensitive and the holy so that i mean i mean i like twenty
italy's islamic resisted you had and a half the republicans wanted
out here
until they break in the book wasn't used to do something
but you know it's funny it's like all mentioned stages in here and there
because i love that movie
and i'd find so many people in all my god i think i saw that one side where
you've got a i'm popped out on dvd but it was released because i felt at that
they can give us a lot a lot when i was a kid to select at a record of the
and it's like you know back than what you don't
i don't know a lot of iraq's i have to help culpability
yeah yeah that's a record
you have to wait for tighter the unlike
effect any i don't like remember
press record in the commercials are over
just because i wanted people to dad used to do com we had to be c_r_ setups are
you going to be a storm movies
anything that i really want to go and rent and then he would take the case to
precisely what we didn't used what was the result is going to be attending the
kit and recovers
for their boxes where the actual cut
i was in the movie is house if you take the case will be to a activists well
drug store down the road with a copy machines had photocopied occur it's a
woman who pays
for these black and white
version so hard at the it buffered selfishness
uh... either tila you know that if the any evidence that
setting quizyourfriends batman
and i'm talking about
attended a deal because it's a different color from the bosnian little plastic a
mister so so it was a a a a c record over it and you wonder or agreement well
for people hurt yet it yeah
this is an indication that electric engineer to that
did it
when i was again we don't have the the whole v_c_r_ set up
but we did have of the h s camcorder that we can accounts insignificant it
sounds like a lot of jerry reading to get a break
yep yep
at died and went out and he took to the to the party a camera and use the
said he could roland test the p_c_r_ would t_v_ in vanity he picked up the
eyepiece ticket if you can see i'd be sitting down and
as they don't maybe fifteen with a copy karate kid i think it was a chronic a
precisely at that
by the end of the movie like one of your eyes just relief after the other ones
like i don't know what i'm looking at the park
uh... it
in india and he couldn't have been contacted
that really stand
coverage for publishers ourselves that the
the repair red wire brave here
was advised that he will
all even him
where it was on a tripod head special rights advancement im bank
awkward like
terrible feeling controller in your hands
and try to make out what was happening minutes conflicts have been kind of all
of my we dropped the ball on that
yeah farming
i don't know like that
i didn't own one like my friend down one
but i use that for alike
like a long time of this one that i was over there
in like six hours like without even taking it has a right
by a by the end of the time i got a literate because my eyes are sweating
clinton appalled at the i_r_s_ sweating
and i pulled by a selena was sold for ten bright outside of that flies there
and like i couldn't like i was like everything doesn't look so we're not
like everything's three p pet
that rule one
roman bullet ends like absolute darkness in there except for like a little tiny
so one point pull your head away from the slyck
the most bright brightness you've ever seen in your entire life
thing and it's just like the kitchen lights are out or something
who's been in the political glass of wine
says store
and it will cost us the and set you on in
forums and and
table are targeting isn't it workgroup listened to the world's biggest pics
service delivery u_s_ dot picking notices that
without we will hear this it uh... it over
it is great yet and this is not the illegals
but the victims' rights as is radio
dissection july nine later chilean validity of the citadel
cavities that you'll but it doesn't let me say this is crucial to those fiscal
that's classic the f_b_i_ me that if you think that i think that will uh...
abandoning civility
you know i like uh...
i like my line to be square with the little tap at the bottom
with a little plastics to get yeah but by that
awhile n_c_ state act and a little
you have
that's what i heard and anton cut it back plastic and organ
yeah yeah
they'll that they'll win xp uh...
the at the white
wetland quicker acquitted because
deal i think that they join eighty-three greatly but i do too much
now use to idle
i stopped that ads is that going to happen
but i think that the accident and he said that he didn't mention it at that
united states
he had a vote we've ever gone into detail about some of the rap but some
the meetings went down that made me cry reassessed my situation
of n_c_i_ and don't print side with uh... ethically thought that i thought
the help of and trying to lucky non-compliant
uconn gets knocked out of the christmas party
baby rc your maybe i have been replicated sql vol for one another
directly a large cheese pizza the but
at at at at at at at at and then says all that was like an entire two liter
bottle of coke
yeah you should be if you're okay after that
your gold
unless they had a little parceria terrorism
myapp buscapade sixteen yet maybe a trip to the hospital
didn't that
which has a gall bladder seizes up it explodes inside misconduct occurred
of men and
a much better
but a lot of your life that i was at that point about three four years ago
when i can dream kidman throughout the body
not be up in i have not been the one day i think it without eating
i've ever being carried by only carried i was walking
but bad weather in some of the day on ramya carrying purple
and will be about the money is that bad
and since then cardboard over about
proud to say that i have always been able to carry myself
regardless of my level of intoxication
tiny even if i'm
not conscious at all
i'll still be able to look
the afternoon
i think you know i think that people that because the one thing
and sometimes that palawan through stuff
i'm a democrat over deficit a problem
pretty combat show out of it being a little of president the
and other shouting with with this place blocking state
the fact that
and took the opportunity to about some of the and
that i entitled carried away
a little bit
amanda now home
chocolate shop brought relative there are children present
uh... yeah ido i said a lot to the up to this point
but that this is what i can draw the line should get better retaliate gets a
if it's a bitter
query every on the back of the day
yet at
now that i'm uh...
an old
uh... bastard
like i cannot
read about identity like they used to like
i remember the set one point innale there is
but one day i went and i want rating and what days i life amendment
the next day unlike
trekking makes me tired
note of it
experts are now like i drink a_b_a_ religion i go out of my i drink a beer
and also might
technische the
yes very much i've gotten
unless i drink a lot
digested wears me out near
that first one is
they're not definitive
and then the rest
there s if he doesn't continue to have the ability to go in any kind of backup
they are back
many years ago when i was uh... when i was drifting a lot
i was also drinking a lot better affecting
and off to the point where like
while it's over by reactions were a lot slower than i do like them to be
every now and then i just get called shadow since our shaking and stuff like
and uh...
analyst because when i was driving there are a lot of a lot because i was kinda
you know it and i have a hard time like
um... reacting quickly to things like i gotta quit drinking so that i have data
reactions yes like that say one thing that waited said i have a problem with
buttons and uh... by i need to have my body exits yeah
so pica at that point like that stop drinking for like six months
because i want to be
uh... better driver
but that's a state that and i a driver
accumulate now
i'd like to quit drinking like as to of green here and there but i
quit drinking the way that i used to i'm gonna say maybe like
two years ago
so it's been about two years inside nationally
i've done
well now i've gotten like trump here merriment
i'll use a little late return
i handle a jacket night
just the handle or the rest of the bottle tonight
panel together with their every every are used to my quick marimba when i was
i bet that knows that
and had a try to get inside the bottle with a
yair because there's a few more drops in their i'm the kind of a trim holzer
denigrate atlantic bottle
it back to back then
anime out-and-out act
eliza about alike that myself
by uh...
i don't think i have a really
became full on alcoholic but there was a that way it's on my life where
i was drinking for all the wrong reasons and far too much
but it was just a matter of lake realizing that that was the case of
michael can i can we drink as much anymore and i was about it
but i could run copies ponder
bible reading will because apart it actually much more fun to be around
boudreaux people barbie so no by i hate when people
it would benefit
and they want
i'm going to do things that was so important about that but i mean you can
read that for that
because the regardless
yellowstone quit right now whom uh... dangerously rosen shit
street price
where you can perform
now i don't even know what you're talking about
spring rose
legos i was on board of an adjustment when he just went with her natural
dialects company tried to explain it
inhibit now i don't have a lot of fun to talk about that
that repetition
what i mean
they did anything uh... materialize from your
recent uh...
and see you doing
in the center of some
todd the opposition
yet that's what i'm gonna correct
as out this talent
i can add dropped the ball and my little blue eyed
delic added in hopes you and it reminded it wasn't like
for them to begin the way that i know was a gram
is because i'd go back
it is because of the filled by percentage number i can attach froze up
a bit
i was very reserved about
being made
and i know that that's what caused it
it has been experienced and i needed to get that personal account
yeah the first one's going to be the worst one
vital and that's what you're saying now that you've been saying
corn interview with will
just like this this uh... a podcast im prolly gonna dilli
so why don't they thought they could make you know when it's over
we have about three dozen wilson
yeah friday to well it always roche while history lessons
because when you feel about a test run
david i want spirit test ground
unlike here
i don't know how to listen back that's not that's not too bad
many uh... snapple medicare unfettered not anita the backgrounds
and said there was really easy to about batman
returned today
who pays for that so that
here and it was on tv land at the house
are really yet
but how do you think of the original batman i saw it was on t_v_ slept
emily dot meet like
one of the this watch all the batman's
man and i served on a new to listening to all the scores and everything and it
just subho
i went off of my batman returns tirade leesburg
you know that returns we'll go to the house
the passing on the corner of the house
yes uh...
and same babbitt returns in a little longer this time
all battered turns my favorite
the argument that i made a bid ever but these like everybody goes nuts over he
put his joker
demagogues crazy old utilities unpredictable neatly just once chaos and
and i'm not that
so well and good
danny devito's penguin batman returns
is dot blot like
but event org
crazier than the new yorker ho ya when people say like i would like to know
what quick if you think about yet when your children ought to keep track upset
the establishment
cochran think they weren't so you shouldn't get pissed him he would just
make it seem like anything happening anytime cream art
and that's scary
what did penguin
wanted to kill children yet so they could have spent his entire
handling all these things going on you to do you look at what went right into
train that mental batman
you had the whole been reversed review coming here
anyways also he could get away with
taking the names of the firstborn sons of garbo so he can lead them like a pied
piper in roche throws awake
and from the mall
yes i think that that that uh... uh...
also ahead somebody's those off
just bet disconnected from his looks
uh... so the gathered at the penguins my absolute favorite batman billing on
screen software
scenario is creeping out of that like when i was a kid
like excellent movie of the there's not
whenever a member
watching that i'm like i don't like him
with the purchase
if you can remember like that one of the things i posted to his will be opening
scene batman returns
kids paul rubens previously has i'll
as condor recalled by the recipient and eric and and uh... scrappy kentucky
river from the white was comp
spirits having him
looking at it and realising these different
ta savannah river
uh... yet that that and
what leads up a bit late when which he
penguin out off-camera
into your hand uruguay corn chronic and interest
kada awful like
pat human after heard
squealing like screeching
yes stuff
insight aside like i'd i can't get that sound out of my head
in a good way
admirals oakley has apparently been i watched a lot of mr starr
it so i was like i was just like scary stuff it's just
it was up at the fact that it was a of visual and that you just have this were
considered near was trapped was discriminatory
psalm yahoo tito that that film betsy batman film that he
mister clark
but they didn't feel comfortable and relax and so
plainly an innocent blood
yet uh... i think i think there have been a lot to do to school work
whether these that gave me a societal because it reminds me in
see my family may be good
so it doesn't look like that and clinton
seasonality on it that's where i don't think that's the most of the owners of
the legalization yet at yeah
they thought that those bills
hilfiger that even if it's a little on him as well
that's that's our generation will be around
and in india
and then i gave a date than they get that men metals
and you know what the as bad as a batman and robin is and davin prefers not
but still i've kinda crappy
i love them alike i cancel citm wants them
net will just go
elected to the paper that are coming
we have got no i've got no problem sending down a bit of not batman forever
it's just
when a kid what when windows movies k now
i was a become equipped and prepared about analog favorites
he was the only comic-book character but they are bringing to screen at least
bringing to the screen the right way israel
you couldn't give me about that
it didn't matter what you did with him this was before i was like
as critical armando recorded call film
i'm actually in very forgiving will build compared to most people
but does it before i was critical out this is wendy in bilbao will pl i'd
doesn't like
so the fact i got more back than that was all about it
i think that's ours for most people alike when it when i first came out
there like adult title carol
what it's about staff man
that who still as batman dot don't care symposia
even val kilmer thank that man in patent infringement
yes and then george liam and en route americano
okay josephine support was uh...
benazir george clooney i think would be which is a great grisly
the problem with that was that the studio to control and thought they knew
more than what role makers
and be thought that they knew what the operatives walk
and bagels
they put it in the but all these like ridiculous in area
the fact that late
they back then was essentially just like you was a like that anywhere just think
that it was brian it's you
yet dot
right about that custom
and bridges can i go around during that period
there's nothing the release of that and about that but as a kid and it is just
like five c dot and so
that's all about
and then we'll have like at some of the on lights analyses
yeah captain of the central with that still also what bill clinton was like
that it
i doubt it i'll about what it was so difficult
there is a at his rival walsall
yet that activate it back through last alfred sweeney said it was a leisure
silverstone hearst terrible
anything except clueless
is accusing statement is it and i wouldn't it
will discontented
keeping clinics at its final coming off the back of that
are this was after it was lovely
you've got
foods like they were when ninety
sewer ninety three of them in a robert was banks six
batman and robin ninety six the internet is that
and eat them
leading you up
the time of the new jersey radically speaking ninety-six an incident but
now they have recycle
list was close about
welcome as she
clueless was a
none of the movie
that she was mr
on this show on the and
the show we had station stacey dash from the movie eyeliner way too much more
quickly than figure like a wealth of knowledge about school
that's yeah
who is a
tell us more about the latest
lewis is where we are all run from
yet all
yes like to know that
of colorado's bigger big debut
uh... that's what kind of put them on the on the map
see i a m t_v_ series suddenly ventner
here it was at dan had a resolve some
uh... them
all right
appeared that's where on
uh... what's her name
no not stacey dash uh... pretty murphy
pretty murky or served corroborate got role
and that was like
like the movie for like a lot of
late late ninety
is uh... sars unit was yeah
and uh... some faith in the mean west i recognize the in the from reckon mired
jeremy system
misled people that
icon recruitment intermittently
yet it under the tv statement greener but it was very popular sentiment to
remove the route
within the company that as well as a t_v_ series
there was a with them but they are any had provided on fast on the record
and look who's talking
and johnny dangerously
when you want
johnny dangerously
admits sounds familiar but i don't think i ever saw it
uh... uh... tigar
michael keaton as if it's good for yeah by the thousands of you're gonna make
before he doesn't get that from the call non this disappointment from chat
uh... clinton that grandma
some extenuating that these enormous departed managed both to turn for crimes
by continue working with the star of the medical and
well as word of it sounds like she was trying to is getting into diffusing
effects of something that
i'm absolutely
just see it as soon as you possibly can
telecoms that
still have the feeling that i think it's this we had a m michael keaton
season-ending here one point making sure no to my computer rooms
that they do not think into that
two thousand india
i mean how many movies he made like
men multiplicity and batman
and that's it
yes i like it was a good guys is so funny that because
besides that
spent a lot of stuff
nine ship downhole
he's came back
and what the respect that
the ideas count was pretty old joost involve a copy of the numerical
yet in new yo but
easy like the cast from a new robocop amazing except for the guy playing
robocop lengthy o'leary i want
or really ceo
out of it than that
hello purple problems
electric and
it doesn't look like they know what they're doing murder
muscle dental optimists are right in i still have broken
when i was gonna remake robocop when i was doing so and
uh... change changes so that of robocop starts off as a robot that they
transform into a human
so he has to wear a giant peter weller custom
something on it but
still ahead of billy got messed up like greedy version of my centennial meant
uh... sample faye's i'm michael i'm i'm so far had to have the curve nobody
would must understand
i don't know this is a terrible movie
but you know it's just that there it is not involved enough to understand yeah
people would realize how britta murray luca and intellect
sixty seven years later
yeah then
that if i didn't know it
it's kinda like a avaible like we won't realize his brilliance until
scoop you know several hundred years in the future
as much as i want to play along with his jokes nagar
are happening to defer hadn't and if that is the
it'll be really
eww re
not the female feet
by a might yet i think you're right
no no no i don't know did u w_b_
but you don't use it looks like it's pronounced u
yet but it's actually pronounced move a moving
until it was another leaving only as well
me in that me and russell actually
when uh... after house of it
at first came out and then all of our team out
that week
we hated him so much that we weren't pia
i made a bunch of like pictures laid back but before i guess it was popular
make funny pictures in google mine like means taco my made up of of uh...
pictures of him have said fuck
you as different with mph of his name
and we're going to make a website hotspot you dot com looks at me and it
was judge really well citizenship
this is all the horrible pictures available
and his briefing on him bubba nothing ever came of it
we'll get it done this bill
not nothing
one apparently did this one movie in mike
in german
that was
regarded as
of every well-made mug
i have yet to see it so i don't believe it it is definitely don't frighten me
i don't know
and must have been like his first movie so that like
in a kind of wrote on the success of that and to completely fox the rest of
the movies i refuse to believe he's writing on the success of anything i
think that nazi like
i think in nazi treasure routing trunking
well that's a e is doesn't he exploits some type of flu a loophole and uh...
the german film association you pat
it would have that's the only way that i could see him making movies still
is the producers kind of situation
where he makes money on plots
well he's still got four films that are currently in production
malone's completely undercut you'll never stop
now you're
but there is no ground there is a mission that uh...
there is a testament said please stop make spruce up the of able
for making movies or something
uh... he had will graduate or two that were he basically said uh...
although he literally said
i'm not some kind of fucking retired like michael bey
uh... mobile
del under
will understand the brilliance of behind my movies
and i think there's people out there that truly enjoy my movies like hell to
so i had she signed that petition background arabs
unless i know about that attention because when i saw
i wanted to kill myself week seats
i'd found 'em
right with house on the bed and new right away so i haven't seen our crowd
and lifestyle so that then i saw on the dar
and then i was like
i don't need any more of the sky
what do you think he has made films from games
muzak and what's funny goes on boats i don't understand
cody's been union companies are his wedding their properties goat
and it's like they literally to not care about their about there
intellectual property him
but the first one that he did that actually what people say were talking
was blood-brain
lake that was back before every anybody really knew how terrible he was so
everyone's like they're making a blood-brain movie it's gonna be great
and i think a lot of things are the most letters out of the debt was before that
and along with that
and something many people like it didn't really get out yet
so nobody really knew that he was
the guy girl scouts and got out yet node the movies got out people knew about the
but i don't think it was in total agreement people weird together then
needed truths
and a liked he was continuing to be vietnamese yet
was lincoln really
bullshit but he's not leaving group
this is done like really
like abstracts video game so i cannot just like blockbuster games like that
dot conceive
uh... yeah in the name of the caning doesn't ask each tale
uh... and that was probably the one that he is
uh... like if i had to say that he there there's a best movie of his that's
probably at
'cause that's not it was as terrible as the rest of them but it was still less
possible today
present and ended
but i i was about three minutes about
and ideas i wanted to did my eyes out with
benefits at with her
uh... with uh...
that the only redeeming quality of that movie was uh...
adjacent save them
was a case that a permits jason stay from no matter what movies and
where does that work alike why these actor passed through it uh... you know
what's of might
manipulated the like be a slew of them
messiah to the film
unit that's it
uh... i don't know about it
creek but if you think the main but if they could look at the same by the
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危險內容 (Danger inc. Podcast (ep#1): Bears, Uwe Boll sucks, and Batman has nipples)

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