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(knife chops)
(bright music)
- Hi, everybody!
Today, I'm going to show you
how to make cinnamon rolls, cinnamon-rollpang.
Rollpang it's familiar? I know
you guys are making my rollpang recipe.
I posted it a few years ago,
it's very, mega, mega-popular.
You can make these cinnamon rolls very easily
because we use the same dough.
I used to make this for my family and my children.
Rollpang is not very sweet but this one is.
I just make it a little sweet.
I try not to use too much sugar or butter.
But this is a perfect taste for me.
So, let's get started.
So this is butter.
This is a 1/2 a cup.
Just one stick is a 1/2 cup
and one tablespoon butter,
that's all I'll use for this recipe.
1/4 cup and let's heat up.
(butter sizzles)
I'm melting at medium heat.
All melted and turn off.
Now this butter is very hot,
I will just add this milk.
I will just add one cup.
1/4 cup sugar.
And mix well until the sugar is well melted.
The temperature is very nice for what?
I will use one package of yeast.
This is around two teaspoons plus 1/4 teaspoon.
This is Active Dry yeast.
I'm gonna wait around five minutes
until all this yeast is frothy.
That means this yeast is alive.
This edgy part is just really bubbly.
You see? Wow, great, great.
And I will add two eggs.
Salt, 1/2 teaspoon.
So this is milk, eggs,
all these things are nutritious
and good for children,
or good for you too.
And I'm going to add three cups of flour.
This flour is all-purpose
wheat flour.
So one,
My dough is very sticky, very sticky,
so, if you use your hand,
it will stick to your hand.
I'm using my wooden spoon.
You see, very sticky.
It has to be very soft and fluffy,
that's what we are looking for.
And my one cup is 240 milliliters.
Your cup sizes are all different.
So 240 milliliters, okay?
And then now, I will just put it here
and cover.
And then let it rise one hour.
I hope this guy rise, rise quickly!
but one hour later, it should go up
almost double in size.
If it's not double in size,
you gotta wait.
Next, I'm going to make dried fillings
and also a kind of sweet stuff.
Let me wash my hands first.
This is dark brown sugar.
1/3 cup.
1/3 cup, same amount, water.
I use dark brown sugar,
but you can use also brown sugar,
white sugar, you can use any type of sugar.
And I will just add, also,
rice syrup.
Three tablespoons.
Turn on the heat.
Medium heat.
So I'm going to boil this until
all these bubbles are coming up,
around usually six minutes,
five to six minutes over medium heat, let's see.
And then meanwhile, let's make a kind of dried filling.
I'm using walnuts,
but you can use, if you don't have walnuts,
peanuts are also good or almonds and anything.
So dried nuts.
I use one cup of walnuts.
And where is it?
These are golden raisins.
These two things make it very special.
So I will just add this.
The problem is that this has kind of a bitter taste.
Did you guys know that?
Walnuts have a little bit of bitter taste.
So I will just wash these.
A lot of brownish stuff,
I need to rinse this.
Okay, one more time, wash like this.
Now my walnuts are so clean.
So let's see, it's bubbling now.
And you can stir this.
And turn down the heat to low.
So now just let it kind of simmer and bubble.
Six minutes after, I'll turn it off.
See, hmm, nice.
Very, very hot.
Let's go back to our walnuts.
Let's dry them out.
Dry, dry, dry.
You can fry these without oil.
Kind of a dry stirring,
in any pan, with no oil,
and just around three, four minutes
over medium high heat.
But if you use microwave oven, it's so easy.
So I will use my microwave oven.
Three minutes in the microwave oven.
(microwave beeps)
(microwave whirs)
1/2 a cup, golden raisins.
One tablespoon, cinnamon powder.
And pinch of salt.
Okay, so this is well-done.
Still hot.
And I will just mix all of it together.
We should add some sweet stuff, sugar.
Sugar, 1/4 cup, sugar.
My dried filling is done.
All I can do is just wait
until my dough has risen.
Okay, see you soon.
(bright music)
One hour, passed. (laughs)
What happened, what did you do for one hour?
I posted a photo to my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
and one thing different! Just this thing.
I just wanted to show you more,
so I just put it up a little. (laughs)
Okay, so, let's check out our dough.
Ooh, ah, ooh!
Nice, nice, you see.
Very good, so I'm going to deflate
all these bubbles.
Get it all, look at that.
Smells so good, I love this yeast smell.
First when we made this dough,
it was really, really sticky,
one hour later, it's better, see,
already better.
I forgot to add vanilla.
So, two teaspoons.
If you don't have vanilla extract,
forgot about that, but it makes a very huge difference.
This vanilla extract makes it smell
a little like a Korean bakery.
Just mix.
And then 30 more minutes.
We are going to rise this dough again.
Vanilla extract
makes it smell really special, really nice.
Okay, this is 1/4 cup flour.
First, I will just dust my cutting board with flour.
Like this.
About two tablespoons.
I'm going to press this down and shape it.
This dough is very soft,
so you don't need to use a rolling pin.
Even if you tried to use a rolling pin,
it's going to stick to the rolling pin.
Using your hands is better.
So I will flip it over.
So this is around to 13, 14 inches wide.
And here is 10 inches.
So now I will add the butter.
I will use my hand.
This is 1/4 cup, butter, melted.
This is the minimum amount of butter I will use
because I don't want to use a lot of butter.
Too much calories, you know.
But it also has to have a buttery flavor.
So this is, 1/4 cup is perfect for me.
So, next dried filling.
The cinnamon smells really good.
Very refreshing.
Now I gotta roll this and cut
and put this in my pan.
Put this syrup, oh, yeah.
Spread this evenly.
So, I'm ready to roll.
Let's roll together. (laughs)
Leftover flour is here.
If this is sticky, I gotta use this.
You see, here it's sticky,
so I will use my flour.
Like this.
Sticky dough is good because sticky dough
means a very fluffy bread.
Wow, nice, it was around 13 inches,
after rolling, this is 15 inches. (laughs)
So, I'm going to cut this
into five inch, five inch, five inch.
So that each five inches, I will cut into three portions.
And cut each piece into three equal size pieces, okay.
Wow, nice, so we have nine,
almost similar-sized pieces.
So I'm going to put this one here.
All ingredients are used
except for one tablespoon, butter.
But this one I will use at very last minute.
And I just use this dome
for my lid and put this here.
I will let it sit for another hour to rise really nicely.
Okay, see you.
Okay, now let's bake this.
One hour passed, I preheated my oven to 350 fahrenheit
so now be ready to welcome this, my bread.
Wow, nice.
Just full, now it's filled.
Bake it for 25 minutes.
Okay, woo-hoo!
My babies grew a lot.
So now, this is one tablespoon, butter.
And just brush this.
Wow, smells so good.
You guys know how delicious a smell
cinnamon rolls have.
But I know some of you guys are already
curious about what's going on in the bottom.
So, you can serve it the other way.
So I'm going to flip it over.
It looks like a cake.
So you can take it out, like this.
Look at that.
Ooh, wow, wow, wow.
See, look at this.
I will use my hand.
See, very fluffy.
Sticky, gooey, cinnamon syrup really make it special.
(bright music)
Mm, my god.
Today, we made cinnamon rolls, cinnamon-rollpang.
Enjoy my recipe, see you next time!
(bright music)


Cinnamon Rolls (Cinnamon-rollppang: 시나몬롤빵)

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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