B1 中級 8 分類 收藏
(upbeat music)
- Hi everybody.
Today we are going to make delicious delicious snack.
or dessert
Twisted doughnuts, Kkwabaegi in Korean.
I've been making years and years, long time.
When I lived in Korea, I used to make this for my children.
They love it.
Whenever they came from school,
when they see this, they were so happy.
All of my friends love it
and this is also my favorite.
We are going to use butter.
It's an unsalted butter, two tablespoons.
So, one, two, two tablespoons.
Put it here.
Over medium heat.
(butter sizzling)
Very melted.
And remove from the heat.
So, this butter is hot now.
I'm going to add one cup milk.
Two tablespoons sugar.
Half a teaspoon salt.
Stir until all sugar is well dissolved.
This is lukewarm, not hot at all.
One egg.
Milk, egg, sugar, and salt.
We make this.
And then one package yeast.
Let it sit for five minutes.
Let's add flour.
This is all-purpose flour.
two, three.
mix this.
We don't need any other like a special equipment.
Using just your pot and then just add it,
mix it together like this.
My bread rolls, you guys are making,
really you guys impressed me.
Some of you guys made this with some cinnamon rolls
and they added some other coating.
And inside, they even put something
like some sweet stuff, you know, Nutella.
And then, always so many ideas you guys have.
The yeast flavor inside I can smell.
We're going to let it rise for around one hour or 1 1/2 hour
until it goes to like expand to double size.
You can use, you know, plastic wrap.
I have my lid to fit this.
How fast it rises depends on the room temperature
and also your yeast.
Open, oh my, look at this!
Wow, a little warm here.
So, deflate.
What we are looking for is soft and smooth dough.
I'm going to cover this again and one more time,
let it sit until the dough is double in size.
It took 40 minutes for it to double size.
Wow, look at this.
Oh my God, so good~ eh? like a balloon!
I love this yeast smell.
Okay, deflate.
very soft and smooth.
(dough smacking)
Start with a quarter cup.
This is 16 almost equal size pieces.
And then make a nice ball.
It's already I see the bubbles, wow.
Plastic wrap and cover this.
Okay and then let's start.
So flour, just a little flour and sprinkle like this.
And then start, center part start like this.
Spread it to both sides.
This surface is too dry.
Not easy for you to make shape.
Your right hand, left hand, different direction.
So right hand upward.
Left hand, downward.
And then we are going to see the tension.
So this is around the 12 inch long
and then lift this both ends.
Just automatically twist it
but we are going to twist a little more.
End part, you gotta really pinch it.
And then put it here.
So, start with the center like this.
Make many many ropes and twist it.
See, automatically twisted.
Start from the center.
Otherwise, later when you make this, it's not even.
The twisted, is like one end is like a big huge.
Ending part is really small like a tadpole.
We don't want to that kind of a shape.
So, you start this one because this center part is going
to be folded so it should be thinner than the other side,
you know what I'm saying?
I used to to make almost like 50,
at least 50 at one batch.
Always like I made it huge amount
and then huge container and the filled.
And then we ate this days and days.
And also leftovers, you can freeze.
Freeze and then take it out just at room-temperature.
Maybe five minutes after, you can eat it.
If you like make a longer rope,
you can twist as many as you can
but I think that three or four times is the best,
you know, pretty.
So, a lot of good memories I think about, you know,
while I'm making this.
My last, last ball!
Upward and downward.
Now, these my 16 babies.
I'm going to wait until this each one is expanded
to double in size.
It will take around 20 to 30 minutes.
10 minutes after, I'm going to flip it over each one
because bottom part is flat.
And but what we want is that all side should expand.
You know, all around
Meanwhile, I'm going to prepare some coating.
Sugar and cinnamon mixture.
Two tablespoon sugar and this is cinnamon.
Half a teaspoon.
And then shake it.
After we fry this, and then I'm going to put these guys
inside and then shake it, shake it boong boong!
And then, that's done.
(cheerful music)
So 10 minutes after, I'll show you.
You know, you remember the top part
because it used to be bottom, it was a little flat.
Now, it's plump again.
You see here, like this.
Yeah, nice, beautiful.
And then again,
slightly like this, flip it over like that.
This is like a balloon, you know
so you can really gently handle this.
And here, these guys should keep rising.
I'm heating up my oil.
Oil is around five to six cups of corn oil
and this is a 12 inch pot.
I'm using a large pot.
I'm going to check out this temperature.
It should be 350, and after,
right after 350 degree reaches,
we are going to turn down the heat to medium
because if this is too high,
high temperature is going to burn.
The color is too dark and inside is not cooked properly.
See, 352, okay.
Time to turn down the heat, to medium.
Pick up this guy really gently
and push this into hot oil like that.
(oil sizzling)
And just flip it over like this.
I'm going to just fry until
outside is a little crispy, inside is like fluffy.
Around three to five minutes.
Next batch.
Put it here, it's warm around here.
Okay and then again, flip it over.
Look at this color.
Beautiful golden brown, so I'm going to wait
until the bottom part is also like this.
You can hear the crunchy sound.
(soft knocking)
Looks done.
It took five minutes on both sides.
Make it really golden brown color like this.
And then strain these here.
Just gently.
(oil sizzling)
Look at this, so pretty.
So, I'm going to coat these guys.
And then shake.
(sugar shaking loudly)
So, isn't it pretty?
Well, let's go back to our Kkwabaegi.
It's growing in the hot oil.
(oil sizzling)
So, second batch's done.
Four guys left.
(sugar shaking loudly)
My last batch.
Okay everybody, today I made 16 Kkwabaegi.
This is good party food and good snack.
Look at that.
So fluffy inside, eh?
(doughnut crunching)
So delicious.
When I was at high school,
for the first time in my life, I tasted this.
After school, there is a place there.
You know, almost only 300 meters distance.
There was a small kind of a store.
People were always lining up.
Inside they're packed, then they kept eating.
Huge huge pot there just boiling in the oil.
And they make these like a huge amount!
I tasted it for the first time this Kkwabaegi.
this style, and you know, I loved it!
I never thought about learning how to make this
and forgot about this.
Years years later, I married, I raised my children
and then, you remember I made some bread rolls.
The bread rolls I learned from one of my friends.
She's really good at cooking.
I learned this how to make it from her.
If we know how to make this,
think about how exciting it is
that you can make this Kkwabaegi forever.
"kkwa" Kkwabaegi means twisted.
Kkwabaegi, right?
twisted doughnuts, Kkwabaegi is.
I will have one more.
Mmm crunchy, sweet, fluffy.
Mmm, make this for your family, for your children.
They will love it, okay.
"Maangchi Kkwabaegi I made!"
Just let me know how yours turns out.
Enjoy my Kkwabaegi recipe.
See you next time, bye!~


Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi: 꽈배기)

8 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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