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Hi everybody!
Today, let's make really healthy, delicious, and gorgeous looking Korean "kongjuk."
Kongjuk is bean porridge.
You can use any types of beans: soybeans, white beans, and red beans
I make this porridge with these dried green peas
and split.
So this is in small pieces.
So you can make it so easily at home.
So let's start!
First, I have to wash and soak in cold water.
Rinse a couple of times.
Soak this in a lot of water.
I just washed these
and eight hours ago I washed these.
See? Size is different.
Look at this. Like this.
I'm going to let them soak and then make it later.
More bean bags here!
And let's strain these.
Now we have to boil this
until these beans are so tender
you can mash.
So I like to cook these first.
Two cups for two servings.
So one cup...
And then I will add two cups of water.
Two cups of beans, two cups of water.
Very low heat.
For one hour.
And then around fifteen minutes after
it's going to be bubbling, boiling over.
Then we can open, just half.
Lot of beans still left.
I always freeze these.
So this is a little more than three cups
and these beans are two cups
so with one package you can make five cups of soaked beans.
So which means that five people you can serve.
You can have a Korean bean porridge kongjuk party
So your friends are coming over,
"Ok this Saturday we are going to have a kongjuk party, Korean kongjuk party."
"Breakfast! So you guys come over."
And then, how many people are coming?
Ten people are coming.
You need two bags.
Because this is five cups.
Next, I'm going to make nice, nice gorgeous garnish.
With Korean jujubes.
This is jujube - dried fruit.
See? When you go to Korean grocery store
you can find it easily.
Any grocery store they sell.
Dried jujube.
And these pine nuts.
Look at this, big size!
Huge size!
And then I only need one large jujube.
We need to pit this.
Cut until you feel the seed.
And then, just like this
Cut around this.
With your knife, and turn.
Keep turning until you get the seed.
This seed has lots of sticky, delicious stuff.
Never throw away.
I'm eating this.
(muffled) Like this.
And then later, the seed I take it out and remove.
And then now we have a nice, beautiful, looks like a skirt.
And then here, on the edge part
I will just fill it up with pine nuts.
My beans are boiling over.
Close half.
Like this.
Go back to our jujube.
So press down.
Roll it up.
Roll, roll.
And then squeeze.
Or you can use your plastic wrap.
It's like a candy!
Last minute I'm going to cut it.
Let's keep it here.
And then now we have to make a nice rice cake.
My grandmother made kongjuk with kong - beans - and rice
Real rice.
Soaked rice and together boil, boil boil
and we just ate.
Of course no garnish.
That's the kind of usual way of making kongjuk.
But today's kongjuk is very upscaled!
Tasty and gorgeous and beautiful.
So I just made this nice beautiful garnish
and then we are going to make rice cake.
So I'm just boiling a little water.
I need my glutinous rice flour.
Half cup glutinous rice flour.
And I will use a quarter teaspoon salt.
And quarter cup water.
This water is boiling, really hot water.
So I boiled this water.
And then mix.
Mix this with your wooden spoon
until you can handle very easily
because it's too hot!
And then I will use my hand!
Just keep doing...
until it's a sticky lump.
And soft and smooth.
Even though this amount of dough is very small amount
but still we need to knead nicely
Ok so now, using both hands.
Make a small rope
and then, like this.
Knead together.
I kneaded maybe one minute.
I don't want it to get dried.
So like this...
Now I can really smell these beans.
Delicious smell!
Today's recipe we just use only glutinous rice flour
and beans
I have many many vegan and vegetarian followers
You guys are so so smart.
Sometimes I make a meat dish
you just change, modify to your recipe
I'm always impressed with your stories
how you make my recipes veganized or vegetarian style
But today's is totally vegan.
Now let's wait until my beans are done.
(distant honking and traffic)
One hour I boiled these.
A couple of times I stirred this like this.
Already look like it's well mashed
gorgeous green color.
So turn off.
This is really well mashed with just this wooden spoon
It depends on beans
if you use other types of beans,
but still it's not mashable like this
you can use food processor
It's should look like well mashed potatoes
I like to make it really really creamiest porridge
I don't want any kind of lumpy stuff
I'm going to strain out any rough stuff.
And this is three and a half cups of water.
Little by little, pour this.
So that only beans go through this strainer.
I will add quarter cup glutinous rice four.
And well mix.
Next, we're going to make rice cake.
So rice cake...
This is jeonbun, starch powder.
The reason I like to use starch is
starch makes it very smooth
The surface of the rice cake will be very smooth.
Just i use around two teaspoons.
This is starch, potato starch
but if you don't have potato starch just use glutinous rice flour.
Like this...
Divide into two.
Like this.
And you can spread this.
Flatten this.
This, too.
And then
Let's cut.
Let's make a square shape.
Same size, we have to make the same size.
See? Rice cake.
And this, lots of left over.
So I will make rice cake balls with this.
I will make balls...
So we made rice cake balls
Cute rice cake balls!
And this is rice cake, let's cook!
My porridge, let's turn on the stove.
And also..
For our fried rice cake...
When it's really boiling I will just add all this rice cake.
And garnish with this square rice cake.
So I will just leave it open.
And keep watching.
Put some oil.
So I will just turn down the heat
to medium.
This is really delicious.
Next this garnish, I'm going to slice this.
I will just, one more time...
I don't want to burn this. Really low heat.
And cut.
You can see, huh? It's really expanded.
So this is nice porridge.
You see this bubbling.
Now boiling.
It's time to add rice cake balls.
From now, three minutes.
We have to cook.
Rice cake balls are floating.
I turned down the heat to medium.
Add one teaspoon salt.
Lower the heat...
(bubbling intensifies)
After we put all the rice cake balls
it took three minutes.
So now perfect.
Turn off.
I'll drizzle some honey.
About two teaspoons.
So that's it!
Today we made kongjuk!
Let me taste.
Mmm! Yum!
So nutty!
I taste all beans.
Really beany, beany! (laughs)
And smooth!
Let's taste rice cake!
Mmm! This taste is irresistable.
What a delicious such things in the world. (laughs)
We made kongjuk!
So enjoy my recipe
See you next time!


Bean porridge (Kongjuk: 콩죽)

3 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 25 日
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