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  • Kingfishers spend all of their time next to water

  • and small pond is a perfect place to find them

  • Charlie has been filming kingfishers on this river since he was a boy

  • and he has become a world's expert on them

  • This late winter - early spring period is, I guess my favourite time of the year

  • to be filming kingfishers, and they are just gonna get, super active

  • their courtship is gonna start up, they are gonna dig a nest

  • and they are gonna mate and they have got their whole

  • seasons to you know, just get busy, and its just great for filming

  • this pair of bird is new to the river

  • the female is easy to spot because she has a red lower beak

  • the young male on the left is trying to court the older female

  • but she isn't taking him seriously at all

  • they are at a stage now where he should be feeding her

  • as a sort of gesture of his love

  • the female needs to know that the male is upto the task

  • and a good fisherman, he tries to prove he is

  • by presenting her with a top quality fish

  • the moment she accepts the fish from the male is the moment she accepts him as a mate

  • and partner for the season

  • but for the moment, she isn't convinced

Kingfishers spend all of their time next to water


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Birds flirting

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