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I'm here, courtesy of a coconut
Eight weeks ago, I woke up on Monday morning
I didn't go to work. I don't have a job
I went walking in the forest
and I heard: "hu, hu, hu"
and a coconut hit me in the face
broke my nose, bashed my eyes, cracked my skull
and worst than that, that push me off a high ridge
and I landed on a rock 25 feets below
I broke my ribs in 17 places.
I was very lucky.
I was sitting there. It was like a bad movie
a bad cult movie where you have coughed up blood
and that's the end
and I was very happy it wasn't the end
I went through a world of pain
more and more thin than I ever want to have
than I am here, I'm very happy to be here.
thank you
Last week, the Balinese priest
found my soul beside the river
and he put it back in my body
and this little string is here
to remind me that my soul is back
and all I can do now is continue the work.
How many of you have been to Bali?
How many of you want to go to Bali?
That's it, I'm in a good crowd
You've got a packet I hope
and I hope in your packet you have this stuff
The grass. Don't smoke it
put it between your hands, both hands,
and rub, really hard.
sompeople didn't get grass.
everybody got grass, good.
now rub hard, and than do this.
now, you know, what Bali smells like.
The little packet, keep your little packet
there is more little tricks we're going to do
because I want to connect you to Bali today.
It’s been 5 years since I started Green School.
and it’s a giant bamboo school with a new approach
to sustainable architecture used are being buit.
When we started, we understood that
the only way to make this school work
was we had to attract people and build a community
That's the Green School Bridge. It's our icon,
and it's our first building.
It has only been washed away once by global warming,
but it's back, and it' stronger and better
Green School is working. It's a success.
We have 250 kids from 40 countries.
and 10% of kids in school
are local Balinese kids on scholarship
The plan, the intention is 20%
and we'll get that
These kids are getting an amazing education,
and they're smiling!
How many of you smiled at school?
I didn't!
What’s happening is called "The Green School Effect"
and it has taken hold and it’s becoming a reality.
In the 5 years that the school has been running,
we have discovered a number of things
and that's what I'm going to tell you about today
things that have happened at Green School
The extraordinary thing is that
people see pictures of Green School
and they decide to move there before they know it's in Bali.
and when you tell your wife or your husband
you're moving to a bamboo school
and you can't even tell them where it is.
we've created quite a lot of marital discontent
some people have taken three years to get to Green School
because they’re dragging their mates along behind them
but this is real power.
The extraordinary sense of space and design at Green School
has inspired many things far beyond it.
This beautiful bamboo home was built by a woman
who was working in New York
just couldn't make it different, didn't get it
My eldest daughter Elora returned to Bali
and created an artisan-based bamboo building company.
It is called Ibuku.
"Ibu" means "mom," "Ku" is "mine"
My mother, your mother,
and the big mother: mother Earth.
The same artisans who built Green School
are now building Green Village.
and they are teaching us to do things differently.
They build 3D models out of bamboo sticks
they engineered them,
and they become hand-built bespoke houses.
The results are natural, beautiful spaces
that change the behavior of people living in them.
Who wouldn’t be inspired,
waking up in this house.
The Green School Effect is spreading.
Developers from all over the world are running around
you've seen them,
looking for the next thing.
They come to Green School.
This project is being built by Indonesians
it will be the greenest hotel in the world
and it's entirely made from bamboo.
Who wouldn’t want to check in here?
Physicality, irresistibility.
People will be making reservations
before they know where the hotel is.
These kids making chocolate.
(where is the chocolate?)
Take the chocolate.
Take off the plastic.
sorry about the plastic
put it in your mouth, don't gobble it
just let it melt on your tongue.
This is chocolate from Bali that tastes like Bali
These Green School kids are making chocolate by hand.
And then Green School parent Ben and his partner Freddy
decided to make a lot of chocolate
with this antique machine.
Raw chocolate.
They built a factory near the school
and they chose bamboo.
The world’s biggest bamboo factory.
Raw chocolate for everyone.
The health benefits are huge.
You've just took enough antioxidant that last of your all week
which is a problem if you want some more chocolate
every week you need one.
The School is changing the parents.
The parents usually are trying to change the school
This father wanted an amazing cup of fresh coffee
and this is how he did it.
He went with this buddy Nyoman to the mountain
he found organic beans, he brought them home
he roasted them behind this house by hand
and he started a little company called Freak Coffee
A business based on fresh roast
This year he opened 3 shops,
and the coffee is world class
you can taste it when you come to the school for lunch
He’s teaching Green School students about local business
and he is teaching them to be baristas
this is one of our students
Green School parents Steve and Avara
opened the Living Food Lab on campus.
Steve spent the last 3 years
looking for land mines in Cambodia.
He found a lot.
This business was influenced by the model of Green school.
Now we have delicious raw food for the kids
and a place that inspires a healthy community.
How many of you eat rice? Put your hands up.
Should be everybody, right?
Keep your hand up if Is the rice you eat is brown.
oh, oh.
Do you realize that all rice is brown?
The nutritional value is stripped off in your rice mills
and given to these guys (pigs)
They’re really healthy. How do you feel?
At Green School, kids plant rice.
They harvest it and they eat it brown
and they go home and tell their parents that it's brown
Whole food is our core value, and it keeps
making the community better, healthier, and stronger.
This is what we’re doing our parking lot.
Think about the parking lot.
It is important.
We are going to grow food over every car
and the parents and kids will be able to pick it
and take it home to eat.
We're calling it "Guerrilla Parking Lot."
and in that same parking lot,
I met Eric Scotto from Akuo Energy in Paris.
This is what he does. He takes whole islands off the grid.
He loves this school
and he promises to do that for us, too.
108 solar panels arrived at the school
and be careful what you wish for,
because what do you do is
108 solar panels and a beautiful school
Eric allowed us to do something
that has never been done before.
Eric allowed us to place the solar panels
in a way that fitted in with the school.
We floated them along a contour,
we put them on bamboo poles.
They are almost as efficient as the one on the steel rack
and together, we made solars beautiful
This is the battery bank for the solar energy,
Green School style
We stacked up the batteries in a curve
we built a bamboo house to protect them
we put it in the garden
between the eggplants and the corn
We’re working on a carbon positive community.
Everybody at this school was driving miles to get to an ATM.
Our bank gave us an ATM,
and agreed to let us put it in a bamboo house.
Bank International Indonesia is the proud owner of
the worlds first solar powered bamboo ATM
bolted to a rock.
They send this cement truck over to make it safe
and we said we got a rock, we're fine.
Putu Witsen, Green School pioneer
has reinvented traditional martial arts in our mud pits.
It's become an Indonesia-wide and it was on the
front cover of Jakarta Post
Kids love getting dirty at school.
Can you imagine?
and the yoga moms are getting into the mud as well
Okay, here goes the next one,
The effect that Green School is having on the kids
is the most important.
These kids are the future,
and they are starting businesses and making change now
not just in Bali, but also beyond Bali.
Take this guy out.
It's bamboo.
Don't lose it.
It's good.
It's for a free lunch when you come and visit the school.
It is made by a company called Bubam
which was founded by one of our scholarship students Gika
and her friends. It's on Facebook "Bubam".
This is our gift to you.
One day, my 11 year old daughter Chiara came to me
and said: “Dad, there should be iPads in the library.”
and I said: "Chiara, the money tree is just that way,
go find it."
She didn't go looking for a money tree,
she went to the local ice cream store
remember, she is 11
convinced them to sell her ice cream at wholesale.
The kids sell the ice cream at recess and with the profit,
they’ve put all the profits
they put 7 iPads in the library.
This is Mike.
He was almost pulled out to the show,
He makes soap. Organic Soap.
His grandmom kept giving him hankies and socks for birthday
and he was tired of that
so he makes the perfect presents for grandmas
to give the teenage boys: soap
get them clean.
the boys love it, but the twist is,
he makes it in the shapes of things boys want
brass knuckles and hand grenades
many other designs are coming
Our star students, Izzy,
went back to her Quaker school in Rhode Island
She was at Green School for one term.
There she started a revolution.
She created the first compost in her school.
She is changed forever and her community is composting.
The Green School dream has evolved into an reality.
The amazing buildings full of adults and children
are taking action beyond any dreams I ever had.
A real education.
So, here we are in Taiwan.
a big city, the dream is to buils a bridge from Green School
to your communities, and the communities all over the world
The Green School Effect can happen anywhere.
Just one simple thing:
you make the roof high
and you let your people grow into the space
One last gift. It's a test. Because we’re a school.
It is a magic bean.
Please take out your magic bean.
It gots something to do with a guy named Jack.
You have a choice:
you can leave it in the packet;
you can toss it; you can eat it;
or you can find some dirt and plant it.
and grow more beans.
I know you will make the right decision.
You’ve been given a lot of possibilities today.
Let's go! Thank you!


【TEDx】我的綠活學校之夢 (My Green School Dream : John Hardy at TEDxTaipei 2012)

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