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Bugs in Japan (Featuring Mae Channel)
Hi guys!
Hey guys! Today I'm going to be doing a video in Japanese!
It's been quite a while but...
I have a special guest here today, his father is also here
This is Eishin-kun from Mae Channel!
Thank you so much for joining me!
Hello everyone!
Today we're gonna be talking about BUGS!
Do you like bugs?
I like them!
I don't like gross bugs
For example?
For example... (Japanese) centipedes
Can't handle those?
Same with me
Also green caterpillars!
The butterflies that they turn into are cool, but
But don't like the caterpillars much?
Yeah they're not so great
What are we gonna teach people about today?
Rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles!
They're so cute!
They're cute aren't they?
So in Canada, I guess we don't see these very often
I don't even know if they exist in Canada
I hadn't seen one until I came to Japan
This one is my favourite!
The Hercules Beetle!
"Legend of Beetle - Hercules Beetle!" *said in a Japanese video game announcer voice*
This guy has two horns
And here, there's hair!
The hair is cute!
It has hair on it's horn, and it's the cutest thing ever
Have you seen a real live one before?
I've taken a picture with one that was on a piece of wood before!
That's awesome!
It was a REAL LIVE one!
"The Beetle Champion - Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle!"
You can find this beetle in Japan
It's your typical Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle
So this is your regular "kabuto mushi" (Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle)
When people are talking about "kabuto mushi" they usually mean this one
It's also called the "Domestic Rhinoceros Beetle"
If you put it on your arm like this
It's arms and legs will stick to you!
Yeah yeah!
But it doesn't hurt right?
Yeah it kinda tickles though!
The first time I had one on my arm I was so excited I didn't care!!
I was like that too haha
"The Strongest 3 Horned Atlas Beetle!"
So I had one of these!
If you go back to my old videos you can see him
This one's my fave because I used to own one
Aww a male Atlas Beetle!? Jealous!
Pretty cool right?
Very cool
They're so big and awesome
Atlas Beetles are kinda like a mix of a Rhinoceros Beetle and a Stag Beetle
Oh you're right!
If you put them together they look like an Atlas Beetle!
I had never noticed that!
Yeah they look like a combination of the two!
Pretty cool
Should we show them how to set up the tank?
So I got a Kabuto Mushi set
So if you want to keep a Kabuto Mushi as a pet, you can get one of these from the home center
Let's see what's inside!
What's this?
Water for the Kabuto Mushi!
And this?
A dish for food!
Oh so it works like this
You can stick their food cup into the piece of wood like this
It's pretty cute
What's this!?
What's the big one?
Ohh the mat!
And I got one more thing, what's that one?
It's a piece of wood and jelly!
Wood for climbing on
Wood for climbing that fits wide cup jelly
Wanna try putting the stuff together?
Guess we should start with the mat!
Yeah the mat should be first
Oh it's already kinda wet!
Almost there
Little more?
That looks about right!
Next is the Bio Water
Oh you put this in the mat!
Can just stick it in
That looks good!
They're hungry! They need their food!
Got it open
Comes with jelly
It looks like Jello!
Wide cup jelly
Jelly! So the beetles eat jelly?
Yup, they sure do!
They eat Jello it's the strangest thing ever
Looks good
Put this here
There we go!
Looks good!
I guess we can leave this one out, not much room
I think we're done setting it up!
Wow, it looks so real!
Wood for climbing
And the rhinoceros beetle!
If you put some mat on the beetle it looks even more realistic
Yeah it does!
There's a stag beetle over here
He's eating some jelly I see
Are these all male beetles?
Male, male, male, male!
Oh, no females!
No females this time
When they eat, it's so cute
I have a clip of when I had a beetle so I'll put a clip of it eating here
It's the cutest thing ever, they're really cute to watch
*dorky electronic music*
So if you want a kabuto mushi, where should you get one?
You need to wake up at about 4AM
The day before you need to put some syrup on the tree
Yep on the tree
At around 4AM there will be some kabuto mushi flying around the syrup
You can catch those with a net
Or you can take them off the tree when they're eating the syrup
If you can't catch your own they sell them at the home center too right?
They even have them at pet stores nowadays!
They even had Atlas beetles there!
Yeah! They have all kinds
Did you learn something about kabuto mushi?
I absolutely love them, I think they're so cute
And I'm really happy to share the Japanese culture of kabuto mushi with you guys
Thanks so much for teaching us all about kabuto mushi!
He knows everything about kabuto mushi!
I was so impressed but how pro you are about bugs
Well I don't consider myself a pro, but...
heh... my pleasure
Hello! I'm from Mae Channel!
Over on our channel we do funny English lessons, so come check us out!
But actually we don't do them...
Oh? We don't? Oops
No we don't
We introduce toys!
Lots of stuff like that!
That's right!
Go check out Mae Channel!
They have tons of fun videos so go subscribe! :)
Thanks for watching!! Bye bye!!



30 分類 收藏
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