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Hey Guys!
Hey Guys welcome to my first Re-ment Unboxing Video.
Uhh, I was in Nakano Broadway the other day,
and I came across this
[Rilakkuma Cat Cafe] Release Date 11/16/15 500 yen Per Box
It is a Miniture Cat Cafe Set.
If you are new to Re-Ments it's a Japanese
Company, that makes Miniture collectibles
They have lots of food items.
But, this One caught my eye. Obviously,
Because look at it, It's so cute!
This is actually, the first Re-ment I have ever bought,
and I can just uhh tell now that this is going to be a new obsession.
So, look out for more Re-Ment videos
They'll probably be over on my second channel from now on.
But, let's get opening this because I am so excited!
So, this is the full set it contains 8 boxes
You can actually buy these one by one
But you don't know what you're gonna get inside so...
you'll get some doubles
So I figured I would buy the full set instead just to prevent that
*opening sounds*
So this is what the packages look like.
So this is what they sell in the store individually,
So you could just buy this if you want but...
You have no idea which one you're gonna get
Ahh, so cute!
So the name of this set is "Welcome To Cat Cafe"
So I guess it's the stuff that's at the entrance of the cat cafe.
Alright, so the first thing we have is this little basket plant holder
With the Rilakkuma face
And some dirt to go inside
I love how everything's squishy plastic it's not like the hard kind
And then this goes in here.
I think... so.
And this goes on top.
There we are.
It also comes with Korilakkuma dressed as a cat
And this tiny little cat toy
Alright box #2
This next set is the cake set
Looks like it's got a set of 2 cakes, a little fork and some milk tea, I think?
On the back here it's got something to cut out, looks like a little placemat
There it is
Here's the little dish for the cakes
Again with the Rilakkuma cat design on it
This is the first cake
It's even got the spongey cake texture on the bottom
And this is cake #2
Again with the spongey cake texture
And this one comes with a little tiny fork for the cake
and here's the dish for the drinks
Here's the milk tea! I guess it could also be a latte or something
Ah this is the cat tower one!
I was excited for this one
It looks so cute
This set is the cat tower set
This is the main part of the set
I really like the detailing on the carpet part of the cat tower
It looks really fluffy
It says Rilakkuma down here and it's got little paw prints
and it comes with this little ladder
to balance on there
and it comes with these 2 tiny figures
This little kitten here
And the little Kiiroitori who's wearing a cat ear headband & cat paws
Ok box #4, my lucky number! Let's see what we got...
Aw cute
This one is the taking photos set
So it comes with a big Rilakkuma dressed as a cat
A tiny little kitten, a cat toy, and a little cell phone for taking pictures of the cats
On the back here it looks like it's got a little photo album that you can fold up
Here's what the photo album looks like once you've got it all folded up
This is the main cat figurine
Again, they feel really heavy and sturdy
Love that
Nicely made
And the little tiny kitten
So small
Here is the tiny little cell phone
With a picture of the cat
And the little cat toy
Oh this one has stickers
Aw this one looks like the food set
So this set is "Japanese Hamburg"
In Japanese it says, Japanese style hamburg lunch
On the back it comes with a placemat, and these are the pictures that you can change
inside the picture frame. So you can cut these out and use them with your set
Here's the lunch plate, I love how this is also cat designed
It's too cute!
And the little Rilakkuma shaped hamburger patty
Mystery vegetables
This little coffee cup is fun
It's got the coffee that you just pop inside there
Like that
Look at this! The detail on them is really nice
Wait it gets even tinier
I think this is a little sugar cube for your coffee
So tiny!
And a tiny pair of chopsticks!
Again with the Rilakkuma head at the top
And the picture frame comes with stickers to put on them, so lets do that
There we go
Alright box #6
So cute!
It's the little Rilakkuma cat house
Wish they made this in real life, feel like Maro would love that
Next we have the food for cats set
On the back of this one is a little carpet that you can cut out
Here's the little carpet once it's all cut out
This is the little cat house
Again it feels really sturdy and good quality
Love that
So adorable
Here is the little cat food dish, again with the little Rilakkuma face
This is the tiny little can of cat food
This comes with a sticker to put on so I'm gonna do that right now
Lemme zoom in so you guys can see the details on the can
On the back it's got the calorie information, and the ingredients
That's really cool
And last we have the contents of the can
To put in the little cat dish
Like so
Alright 2 more to go! Wonder which ones I haven't gotten yet
Oh the bed! I haven't gotten that one yet
It's the bed
Ok this next one is "The Relaxation Time"
Again on the back this one comes with a little carpet to cut out
Here's the little carpet, when it's all cut out
and this is the little bed
This is the little cat box. The cat on this one is really cute!
Guess it goes like that?
This is the first of the two tiny little toys that it comes with
It's so hard to show it because it's so small!
And the other one is this little ping pong ball
With Kiiroitori's face on it
Maro are you enjoying the cat set?
He's just been sitting here watching me do this
He's thoroughly entertained
Alright last one guys!
Kinda sad I wish there were like 100 of these
This is so fun
Which one is this...
Oh cute, it's a little table
Next is the "Teatime" set
It comes with a table, a cushion and it looks like a latte
On the back it's got this little magazine that you cut out, so I'm gonna do that
Here's what it looks like once you get it all cut out and folded
Here's the little table
I really love the detailing, like the little folds in the cushion here
Everything just seems like really nice quality
It doesn't feel cheap
This is the little latte set, so you just pop that in the cup
Like so
So you've gotta be really careful when you're opening your Re-Ment boxes
Because this box itself can be used to create a little diorama background for the figures
I'm gonna make that now
This is what the full set looks like all set up
So many little pieces
Not sure where I'm gonna store this yet, really wish I had a big doll house or something
Well I hope you guys enjoyed watching me unbox this
It was lots of fun to put together
Maro enjoyed it
Oh he's getting sleepy, it was too long
He also enjoyed trying to eat them and pushed them off the table several times
If you would like to see some more Re-Ment videos, I will be having them over on my second channel from now on
So go subscribe over there
I'll put links where you can find this in the description bar
I know the American amazon sells Re-Ments, I don't know if they have this cat one
Hopefully they do, I'll search for it
If you're in Japan, I'll list a couple places where you can find them as well
Other than that, I'm not really sure. Maybe EBay?
Check the description box for that information
Thanks for watching guys, I'll see you soon! Bye!


Re-Ment Rilakkuma Cat Cafe Unboxing [FULL SET/CLOSE UPS]

16 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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