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Hey guys! We are headed to the YouTube Hanami Party 2015!!
Connor's in the background, and Miranda's over here
There's a bunch of other awesome people in the background that are with us
and we are searching for the spot
and probably like last year, it will take us a long time to find it
Fingers crossed that we do a better job than last year
It looks like there's some sakura left
definitely falling off... but that's ok!
The whole point of this event is to meet people and just hang out and have fun
I'm really looking forward to it!
We have spotted the group! Yaaaay!
Yeah it is the same spot as last year
I see my friend Norm! NORM~
And Hiko over there, and Chris and Ayaka! :D
So glad you're here~
How's it going?
It wasn't so hard to find everyone so that's awesome!
I'm gonna go say hi to Norm
Hey! Yaaaaay
Rachel~ Jun~ Yaaaaaay
I finally get to meet you! We have talked on the phone before!
We finally get to meet, so that's awesome!
But yeah! Everyone is so nice so far :D
I've said hi to lots of people
I got a lovely present, so I'm going to open it~
Thank you so much!
Such a cute bag!
It looks just like him!
Exactly like him!
If I do this
Thank you so much!
Aww that's so cute
It looks so much like Maro
If I put the ears like this it looks like my other cat!
So it's perfect :)
Too cute. Thank you so much!
One more bag!
Oh there's another one!?
It's like Christmas! This is awesome!
Ohhh what is this?
Oh my god it's so cute
What exactly is it?
Omg.. it's a plushie natto xD;
You know me so well! My favourite!
Haha this is too cute. Where did you get it?
That's so cute
Too cute. Thank you so much!
Ah it's Sharla!
Hi!! :D
That's so cute!
Yaaaay :D
She gave us her camera... it was a very bad decision for her... >:o
We got a special Kit Kat!
This is a new flavour from the Kit Kat store in Ikebukuro
It's Strawberry/Maple! Specially for Canadians ;)
Mmm! That's really good
It reminds me of something, I don't know what it is!
It's those wafer cookies! Those strawberry wafer cookies!
Ohhh! Yeah. Good! So good! Thank you!
Just met some really lovely people!
Do you live in Japan?
Yeah I do, I live in
Oh nice! I've never been there, but I've heard it's really beautiful
Aww we should all go shopping or something!
We're gonna go to Nakano Broadway together, because it's the best place in Tokyo!
And you guys should join!
But yeah! I'm having so much fun at hanami!
I need to go eat! Miranda is waiting for me
over in the corner. I'm starving so let's go eat something!
Alright so, I just got the coolest present ever!!
From this awesome guy, Martin from Germany!
He made me a T-shirt! He drew this all himself
It's me and a friggen GTR!! Like how cool is that!!
Duuude that is so awesome!
This is Shun, and he has been watching my videos since the very first one
Which is really embarrassing, but that's so cool!
It's really awesome that I get to meet him today, so thank you for coming!!
So this awesome guy that I met last year, brought me the same omiyage as last time!
It was really good so YAY!!
It's carbonated sake
It's so good. Thank you!!
Where did you find these magical Cheetos?
The military base!
This guy's got all the connections
Thank you so much!
And I got you~ I don't know if you like them. But sunflower seeds!
Omg yes! I haven't seen these for so long!! :D
Thank you so much!
This is Sam, he organised the whole party so a big thank you to him!!
Should I do it in Japanese so I can save you some subtitling?
I have a camera on my head
Didn't realise how ridiculous I looked until now
Victor's here! Victor, say hi to everyone!
Or not...
I'll say hi for him, Victor says hi guys!! xD;
It's Tomoko!! :D
So happy I could see you again!
I only get to see you once a year ;__;
Yeah! We met at the party here last year!
Oh wow has it already been a year since then!?
Your Japanese is so good!
No no no
I need to study English!!
Tomoko-san gave me some sakura rice crackers
These look so yummy!
Sakura... I don't what this is
Ko, ko bu? Sakura something! :D
Kotsubu! It's Kotsubu!


YouTube Hanami Meetup 2015 花見 ♥︎ オフ会

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