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Hey guys!
I am back in Japan. I got back yesterday.
So I'm still pretty busy like unpacking and
dealing with all this luggage that I brought back with me,
but I thought it would be a good opportunity to show you guys all the stuff that I brought back with me.
Maybe give you some ideas if you're planning a trip to japan
and you don't know what you should pack,
Of course this can be different for everyone
and there'll be some girly stuff in here that won't apply to you guys,
but, umm hopefully it will give you some ideas of just some things that are kind of hard to get here
umm, most of the things you can get online
but they're gonna be kind of pricey
so I prefer to just bring them with me from Canada
Alright, so the number one item on my list this time
umm.. was back in Canada, was...pants!
Lots of you have asked me if it's hard to find bigger sizes in Japan, and the answer is, yes. It is very hard to find not just bigger sizes, but medium sizes, or anything above super small sizes
umm.. these are size 27 jean, so in Japan it is very hard to find this size
Most stores stop around 26 or so, and even if they have like a 27 or a 28
the hips just won't fit right
So, umm, i really recommend bringing lots of pants with you
umm, same goes for underwear. Umm, shirts and stuff i don't really seem to have a problem with, unless you have really long arms, you're probably going to find that lots of the shirts have very short arms
I've heard lots of people complaining about that
For me, it seems to be ok 'cause i'm not super tall
Umm.. but yes, pants wise, definitely bring some pants with you
Also, shoes..umm..i am a size 7.5 or 8 shoe in Canada, umm.. in Japan sizes that would be a 24.5
and that is like the largest size you can find for girls
So, if you are anything above that, i would recommend bringing lots of shoes with you
Sandals for the summer because it's super hot, maybe some boots because it gets pretty cold in the winter,
but, yeah. You'll definitely want some shoes
Alright, so the next thing i brought back with me was super unhealthy breakfast cereals!
Lucky Charms, also got some Reese Puffs, and Nesquik
Umm, basically the only cereals you can find in Japan are Cornflakes, brand flakes, rice crispy type kind of things, and i think that's about it. Maybe Corn Puffs
Umm, so if you have like a favorite breakfast cereal that you really like, i recommend bringing it with you
I normally don't even eat these in Canada, but just the fact that i can't get them here makes me want them, so i always bring some back with me
I also brought back lots of bulk dried fruit. They don't really have like bulk stuff here
So everything comes packaged and it's pretty expensive
So It's a lot cheaper to bring back like bulk stuff
Umm, these are some dried blueberries, dried apples, and dried cranberries
The same goes for like nuts and seeds, that kind of stuff. I brought some Pistachios and some Chia seeds, i also got some hemp seeds, some peanuts, almonds
trail mix, lots of stuff like that..Umm, you can find it in Japan, but pretty expensive and the variety isn't as big
So, i always bring stuff like that back with me
Kraft Dinner! Umm, another thing that i never, ever eat in Canada, but just the fact that i cant get it here makes me crave it sometimes
So, i brought back three things of craft dinner
umm, i've been told that it's not called Kraft Dinner in America
What do you guys call this? is it just like macaroni and cheese? I don't know
Anyways, this is like the instant ramen of the West for Japanese people that don't know what this is, it's cheap, easy to make, really unhealthy
Not really that delicious, but you just kinda want to eat it sometimes
And i brought this big thing of pancake syrup. This isn't even maple syrup, it's just like the cheap crappy Aunt Jemima stuff
I actually don't like maple syrup.. i am such a bad Canadian. I prefer this like artificially flavored crap
In Japan, pancake syrup is this size! and like seriously? This runs out after like, maybe, three meals
So, i really like having this large jug around, because i make pancakes and french toast quite often so, that is handy to have
I always bring some deodorant back with me in Japan they use the spray type, umm they don't have the solid type
apparently, you can get them in some drug stores, but i've never seen it so it's very hard to find
So, if you are used to using the solid deototant, you should probably bring some with you
I know in Europe, i think it was Europe, that you guys use the spray deodorant but in Canada and America, umm this is the standard type
So, if you are used to using this, you might not really like the spray stuff, so maybe bring some of that with you
For girls, i would recommend bringing some eye shadow with you
That might sound weird because, of course you can get eye shadow in Japan, but i recommend bringing mat eyeshadows
and that is because in Japan, probably about 95% of the eye shadow are super, super sparkly, shiny, glittery, and it's just not really a look that i like
I like something a little more natural so, i always bring mat eye shadows back with me
Umm, the reason that you'll find the super shiny ones here and not much of the mat is probably because the sparkly ones are more flattering on Japanese face types
And like 99% of the population here is ethnically Japanese, so all the make-up is suited towards that style of face
so, i recommend just bringing cosmetics the you really like, it might be kind of hard to find them here
Alright, so i think that is about everything that i brought back with me this time
Hopefully, that gives you guys my ideas of things that are kind of difficult to get here, things you should pack
Umm, if you have anything else that you would recommend for people to bring, leave a comment
that would be helpful. Thank you for watching and i'll see you soon, bye!


What to Pack for JAPAN 日本に持っていくべき物!

11 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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