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Foods I miss living in Japan
Hey guys!
So my friend Jackie, or NerdECrafter here on YouTube
I'll link her channel here and down below, go check her out
She's in Tokyo right now!
She brought me the biggest haul of things I miss from Canada
I thought it would be a good oppurtunity to talk to you guys
about all the foods I miss from Canada
and kind of show off all the things that I got
I'm so excited to eat them, you have no idea!
So the number one thing that I miss from Canada...
If you watch lots of my videos I'm sure you've heard me talk about this
because I complain about it all the time
Breakfast cereal
All of the breakfast cereals~ I want them all
She brought me 5 different kinds!
There's actually a couple cereals here that I haven't tried before
So I'm excited for those! Like, Captain Crunch
This will be a new one for me
So for my Japanese viewers...
In Canada we have a gigantic selection of breakfast cereals
All different flavours, shapes, ingredients
Made out of corn or wheat or rice
There's just such a huge selection!
I'll try to find a picture of a Canadian cereal aisle
So you can see the amazingness that is Canadian cereals
I personally like the really simple ones like Honey Nut Cheerios
or Special K... But!
This is one of my all time favourites
And she went through a lot of trouble to find this for me
So thank you Jackie, I really appreciate it!!
Reese Puffs - these are chocolate and peanut butter cereal
Reese's in general are not really available in Japan
Even just the regular chocolates themselves
A few stores started selling them, but they're kinda hard to find
So YAY so excited!
Breakfast cereals are definitely my #1 missed food while living in Japan
#2 would have to be pie
Well she couldn't bring me a pie, but she did the next best thing
and she brought me cans of pumpkin pie filling
and this isn't just pumpkin
It's spiced with all the pumpkin pie spices, and there's sugar and everything in here
So even if I can't bake a pie
Because I don't have an oven here in Japan
That's another common thing, is to not have an oven in your apartment
I could just eat this straight out of the can
So this is perfect
One big thing that I miss from Canada
Japan you need more pies please
Somebody open up a pie restaurant here
There's one in Shinagawa! And they have pumpkin pie
But it's really expensive and the pieces are way too small
But if you're really craving pie you can go to that place
I'll put the address down below
#3 would be peanut butter
Now peanut butter exists in Japan
You can often find this Skippy type at just a regular grocery store
But it's very expensive and they often only have just one kind
So this was probably about $5 in Canadian/American
So that's pretty pricey for a little container of it
And they don't have the natural peanut butter
That's the stuff that I miss the most
The stuff that's made just out of peanuts, with a little bit of salt or something
These ones have sugar and oils in them
It's good when you're desperate, but not my favourite
And look what Jackie brought me
It's peanut butter and chocolate spread
Even better than Nutella, if that evens sounds possible
I'm pretty sure this is going to be amazing
I cannot wait to try this
Actually I think I'm going to open it right now and just eat some
Because I can't wait
Apparently this is a new thing in Canada
I had never heard of it
Holy crap that smells so good
Look at it~
Oh it's really thick
Holy shit
Yep just tastes like the filling of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Heaven in a can!
This is a new thing for me but this will be a new thing I miss from Canada
It's probably gonna be #1 on the list
This is amazing
One other thing that I miss, which is weird
because it's not really something that I eat a lot in Canada
But I just have a craving for it, it's because I can't get it here
Kraft Dinner (Macaroni and Cheese)
So horrible and so unhealthy
I actually prefer the Annie's - it's like the natural healthy Kraft Dinner
But just any kind of instant Macaroni and Cheese product
I really miss that sometimes and get really bad cravings for it
You can find it at specialty foreign foods stores
If you're desperate you can go into Tokyo
and I'm sure you'd be able to find it in one of those, I've seen it before
As for normal grocery stores they definitely don't sell anything like that
The last thing I miss from Canada is the huge selection of non-meat meat products
So like, chicken nuggets that are made out of tofu
Or tofurky, or the tofu ham slices
My family is vegetarian, so we eat lots of those
And I really miss them, they're so delicious
Japan has, of course, a really big tofu selection
So it's not hard to find really yummy tofu here
But I really miss all the tofu nuggets and stuff
I was just so addicted to those
Every time I go back to Canada I'm always asking my Mom to stock up on those
so that I can eat them every night
There aren't many vegetarians here
So there is not really a market for those kind of products
So you probably won't be seeing many of those here in the future as well
Which is sad
Japan has lots of other amazing foods
I've been trying to show more vegetarian, and special diet related places
that you guys can eat at here
I visited a gluten-free cafe in a recent video, over on my second channel
So if you can eat gluten and you're looking for a place to eat in Tokyo
Go check out that video - it's the day one of my Vlogmas vlogs
I've been trying to visit more vegetarian and vegan cafes as well
Hopefully show you guys some more options of stuff you can eat here
It definitely exists, so if you look hard enough you can find them
So I hope that gave you guys some ideas of things
that you should bring over to Japan with you if you're gonna move here
Fill your suitcase up with cereals, you will thank me
If any of you guys live overseas
Let me know in the comments stuff that you miss from your country
I'm always curious to see what people start craving when they're in another country
Thanks for watching guys, and I'll see you soon! Bye!
I'm posting a video every day over on my 2nd channel for Vlogmas!
So if you would like to join make sure you go sub over there
I will put the link down in the description box
Vlogmas - Click here!



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