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Hey guys!
So with the Sailor Moon Crystal anime coming out last year
there have been so many Sailor Moon products on the market recently
And I've been searching for the past few months to try and find some interesting ones to show you guys
and it's been really hard D:
They have these gummy candies out right now
These gummy candies that I really want to try, but I can't find them
But I did find all the flavours of the chips!
Aren't these just the cutest packages ever?
These took me so long to find
and I ended up finding them at the dollar store
which I was not expecting
But I got all three flavours, and they all have different characters on them so
These grilled pork ones come with Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, all the characters
So you can choose which one's you like
Let's see what is special about these besides the package just being Sailor Moon
It says that they come with something...
I was hoping it was a sticker but I don't think it's a sticker
"Comes with a sailor scout wallpaper for your smartphone!"
Oh okay, so you get a wallpaper for your phone inside of each one
And it will be the character that is on the package
So this one has a Tuxedo Mask wallpaper
and a Sailor Moon wallpaper
and a Sailor Mercury! Okay let's try these cuz I'm starving
and they look really yummy~ So we have avocado cream cheese flavour
Bagnacauda, which is an anchovy and garlic flavour
and... Balsamico Grilled Pork
I guess that's balsamic vinegar and grilled pork maybe?
I don't know, I'm just guessing
Let's start with the avocado one!
Cuz we all know how much I love avocado
Oh yummy~
They're really tiny chips, hehe. That's so cute.
They're really green! Itadakimasu :)
Mmm yummy
They're corn tortilla chips
Mmm these are really good!
These would be really good with salsa too
They're not super cheese flavoured either which is nice, it's just really subtle
I really like these ones
Yum! Those will probably be my favourite, I'm just guessing now.
avocado cream cheese
Sailor Moon!
Ok let's try the Balsamico Grilled Pork
Hmmm... They kinda smell like...
Smell like... Mr. Noodles, beef flavour
and they taste like them too!
Kinda taste like soy sauce
These ones are really salty
They're like a stronger flavour of Mr. Noodles beef flavour
Like you put on 2 packages of seasoning instead of 1
They're good, but I don't think I could eat the whole pack because they're so salty
They are yummy though
So if you prefer saltier flavours, go for these ones
And last we have Bagnacauda! I don't know if I'm saying that right
I'd actually never heard of this until I came to Japan
and in Japanese they call it ba-nyakauda
It's a vegetable dish that you dip in an anchovy paste sauce kinda thing?
Hmm these ones don't really smell like anything
Mmm super garlicky
Oh yum~ I love garlic :3
A slight fishy flavour
just really slight, it's not bad at all
These are good! It's definitely a tie between these and the avocado ones
There's a little Luna in the corner :3
These are really good! I can't choose guys
They're only a dollar, just get them all
At first I was kinda suspicious, thinking they're just luring us in to buy them
with the super cute Sailor Moon packaging
But they're actually really good
I woulda bought them anyways even if they weren't, but...
I'm gonna have to say Avocado
Avocado is the winner
Anchovy and Garlic being a very close second
And the pork ones were just a little too salty for me
Still yummy, but very salty
Alright guys, I have one other Sailor Moon product that I wanted to show you!
Sailor Moon sanitary pads!! 8D
I have no idea what about these is Sailor Moon
I'm kinda hoping that they're printed with really adorable Sailor Moon designs or something
But look at the package, it's so cute!
If you guys don't know about Japanese pads... they're gigantic D;
They're huge~ I never use them I always bring ones from Canada
Cuz I find them so uncomfortable
Oh yeah! They have Sailor Moon designs written on them
Can you see how big they are!?
This is gigantic, it's like the size of my face!
Aww but it's got a really cute Sailor Moon design
That is so cute~
Here I'll open it up and show you guys what it looks like
You're just gonna be shocked at how big these are
Look at that D:
That is just crazy~ and they're so thick too!
It's like they try to make them as thick as they possibly can in Japan
Whereas in Canada they try to make them as thin as possible, which I prefer
Oh there's more, I hadn't unraveled the whole thing!
Oh my god~
If you guys have seen any Sailor Moon products around
online or something that you've heard about them please let me know in the comments!
I'm definitely looking for the gummy candies
Gummy candies, I guess they are in English...
Gumi in Japanese, in case you were wondering
If there is anything else I'll definitely go and search for it
Cuz I'm always up for buying Sailor Moon stuff so let me know
Thanks for watching guys!
If you haven't already please subscribe to my 2nd channel
if you're into beauty kinda stuff
It's not all beauty, I also do follow-me-around daily vlog kinda things on there
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Please subscribe on that channel! I'm almost at 40k subscribers, which is very cool!
because I love making videos about my makeup and my hair stuff
It's nice that you guys like watching that! So thanks for joining me on there
and yeah, I will talk to you soon! Bye!


Sailor Moon CHIPS!! and Giant Sanitary Pads...?? セーラームーンのチップスと生理用品!

10 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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