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Hello, Happy Valentine's Day.
Today is Valentine's Day in Japan, and Valentine's Day in Japan is probably a little different than what you're used to in your country unless you live in Asia.
Um, but on February 14th the girls give presents to the boys, but they don't get anything in return.
And then a month later, on March 14th which is called Wait a day, that's the day when the guys give presents back to the girls.
So it's kind of strange you you give your presents to the boys and then you wait a month to get anything back.
But it's kind of cool, because then on March 14th you have a day that's like all about you.
So the most popular president for girls to give to guys today is chocolates you've ever bought from the store or handmade.
And, yeah, handmade chocolates, air probably more popular here than buying them.
So, uh, Japan has, like, loads of decorating tools.
Stores are like filled with this stuff, and it just looks super fun and cute.
So I thought I would try it out this year.
So these are the type to talk, but I'm gonna be using and will be melting it down and pouring it into these little silicone cups.
And I thought it would be kind of boring just to like melted chocolate and make new shapes with it.
So I bought a whole bunch of different things to put inside the chocolate.
So the first thing I have is Tookie is I've got a chocolate cookie.
It's like a chewy chocolate, um, chocolate chocolate chip cookie and a vanilla version.
And I got the most delicious thing ever made.
Um, Black Thunder.
You can read that products.
And, uh, these are so good.
I don't know how to explain it.
Other than amazing.
It's like, Ahh, chocolate crunchy chocolate.
I kind of like an Oreo cookie.
And then it's got, like, pieces of chewy chocolate in it.
And, um, Cookie Yeah, sorry.
I really suck it explaining it.
But it's delicious.
And I've got some gummy Candies where these call in English, Where these cold gun Musialik gummies.
So I've got Apple and these who cute one shaped like cat paws.
But unfortunately, it'll be chopping them up.
Um, these are peach, peach flavored, and yeah, that's for the inside.
And then I've got all these cool things to decorate them with.
Once I've created the chocolate.
So, um, I got this chocolate pen, um, to use.
Kind of like as glue for sticking the decorations on cute little chocolate hearts.
Wait and pink.
Um, sure, sure.
Bulls rainbow.
Super great and adorable.
Shiny blue and silver one.
And these.
They're super cute as well.
Colorful hearts and stars.
So cute, rich.
So those are the tools.
Let's get started.
Hey, They turned out way better than I expected.
I'm I'm so happy with that.
So cute.
I don't want to give him away.
Maybe I won't.
You ways.
Um, I know it's Valentine's Day already, but, um, he's really didn't take that long to make about, um, an hour or so, including hardening in the fridge.
So, yeah, give him a shot.
Makes him this year making for an anniversary gift or birthday gift.
And by the way, my makeup was inspired by lovely Me May, who posted a super adorable Valentine's Day makeup video recently.
So if you're interested in that, check it out.
I'll pulling great here.
Um, it's made using this palette by Rimmel smell so good.
It's scented.
It's the first like Oh my God, it's the first Send it I should have ever seen And I'm just in love with it.
So I hope you all have a super lovely Valentine's Day and I will see you soon.


Japanese Deco Chocolate for Valentine's ♡バレンタインチョコの作り方

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 24 日
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