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Hey guys!
Tomorrow is a national holiday in Japan, known as Seijin no Hi
Would probably be something like Coming of Age Day
Basically it's where all the 20 year olds in Japan
celebrate their coming of age, so becoming adults
Today I'm going to be attending a Seijin Shiki
or Coming of Age Ceremony
My friend Jei turned 20 recently, so he will be celebrating becoming an adult
and he was able to participate in a Seijin Shiki today
So I'm gonna take you guys along and document his experience
Everybody who is turning 20 between April 2nd 2015 and April 1st 2016
will attend a ceremony, either today or tomorrow
Most of them happen tomorrow on the actual holiday
But there are a few going on today
So when you turn 20 in Japan, you're officially an adult
You can drink, smoke, go to hostess clubs
What else can you do when you're 20...
You can vote! I think that's basically it
So lots of 20 year olds today will be celebrating
The girls wear very gorgeous kimonos
The guys either wear a suit or hakama
Traditional Seijin Shiki wear would be hakama
Most people would wear a suit these days
We'll see what the guys are gonna be wearing today
Let's go! I hope you guys enjoy this!
Abiko City - Coming of Age Ceremony
How did you get permission to join today?
It was a bit of a mission
My boss had to help me out
So she asked around to many different cities trying to get me permission
Because I'm a foreigner, it's not exactly the easiest to get in
Usually the foreigner is not 20 to start with
If she or he is 20, they've got to have a Japanese residency
Or on their passport saying they're a Japanese citizen
I'm on a working holiday visa so it's pretty tough for me
Are you excited?
I'm excited!
Abiko City, this building here, they've let me join
It'll start soon and I'm looking forward to it!
I've heard it's gonna be some speeches
The local Japanese think it's a little bit boring
But I'm looking forward to that anyways
Get to listen to some more difficult Japanese
Their hair looks really nice
Thank you!
Are you excited?
I'm excited!
The ceremony will start any minute now
Yeah lots of people are here now!
Any plans for after the ceremony?
After the ceremony I'm gonna get WRECKED
So you're going drinking?
Sure am!
Until morning!
As I expected
Gonna pass out tonight
Inside the Coming of Age Ceremony
Opening statements
School memories
Messages from teachers
Closing statements
Did you have fun?
Yeah it was fun!
You did it!
How was it?
It was good!
What happened in there?
They introduced all the teachers from all the different elementary schools
and middle schools from in this area
and the teachers were bowing to all the students
On a big screen they put up all the memories, photos, videos
of 1st grade, 2nd grade all the way through
Yeah it was really good
They did a video in the classroom saying "Do you remember me? I was your teacher in 2nd grade!"
"You're all doing so well now, congratulations!"
That sounds fun!
Show me your hairstyles!
Wow it's amazing!!
It looks beautiful
So cute
What time did you wake up today?
I was up at 7!
But some of my friends were up at 4
to prepare their kimonos
Did you style your hair yourself?
No I went to a salon
Ah yeah it looks quite complicated
So cute!
Off to the photo studio for a shoot
Proud Dad
Hey guys! So the ceremony is all finished
and the pictures are all finished
and now we're at the izakaya (bar) to celebrate!
Because now they can drink!
I can drink! I'm an adult again!
The egg roll looks good
Sashimi Yuba
It's the skin off of when you're making tofu I think?
With lime and wasabi
I wanna try that, that looks good
Mikan liqueur
Sounds good
Peach liqueur
Peach doesn't sound so good
Mikan liqueur sounds nice
I forget how to say mikan in English
Mandarin Orange maybe?
Congratulations! Cheers!
Check out Jei's channel for more adventures! Link below!
Subscribe to my channel for more videos of my life in Japan!



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