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Hey guys! Happy New Year!!
Thank you so much for all your support in 2015
My channel grew a ridiculous amount
And it's all thanks to you guys, so thank you so much for sticking around
and liking my videos, and commenting on them
It totally makes my day to read all your comments
So I can't say thank you enough!! You're so sweet
Well New Years in Japan is like the most exciting time ever because...
They have LUCKY BAGS!!
If you've been following me for a year now
You know that I got the JOYRICH lucky bag last year
and I was really happy with it
So I thought I would take the plunge and get 2 this year
I literally said in my video that I wished I had gotten another one
So I thought I would try it
These are 10,000 yen each
If you put that into dollars it's probably about 80 USD or something
I'm not sure what the exchange rate is
But it's a really good deal, because JOYRICH stuff is pretty expensive
It's a brand from LA
And their stuff can get pretty pricey
Like $100 a piece sometimes
And there's about 4-5 things in each of these I think
The only time I really like to splurge on clothes is during New Years
because I can get these lucky bags and it's just a really good deal
If you are new to my channel and you have no idea what a lucky bag is
On New Years Day (Jan 1) all the clothing stores will sell lucky bags
Basically a bag full of random items, and you have no idea what's in there
They're usually around $100 each
Some of the cheaper ones can go down to about $50 or so
So I have no idea what's inside of these
And I've been looking forward to opening them, they just arrived this morning
Let's get started because I cannot wait!
One of these is significantly heavier than the other one
I have no idea what's in here
But it's really heavy
Let's start with the heavy one because I'm really curious
Omg is this like a fake leather jacket?
This must be the heavy thing
Ok I'm gonna start with this
It's huge!
Check it out! That's awesome! That's perfect for winter!
I just love leather jackets
I bought one at a thrift store recently
But I usually have more than one in my wardrobe
And at the moment I only have that one, so I'm happy to have another one
It's got a really cute silver lining
It has the original price tag on here which is 39,800 yen so about $350 USD
Like I said, their stuff is pretty pricey
So I really really enjoy these lucky bags
Good way to start off that bag, it's already totally worth the money
And the next thing we have is...
This looks like a T-shirt or a tank top
I actually really love this print and I bought several of their pieces
when this print first came out, I think it was in the spring
But I don't have this one, so that is awesome!
Oh it's a tank top! That's so cool because I was considering getting this one and I didn't
So yay!
I've got the matching skirt to go with this
Not that I would wear them together or anything
This was originally 6500 yen
Sweet! That'll be really nice for the spring
It's a really sporty, jersey kinda material
And next we have a hat!
The original price on this one is 6,800 yen
This is not the type of hat I would buy normally
I don't think I've ever owned a bucket hat
I think that's cool about lucky bags, that you often get things you'd never purchase normally
So it kinda forces you to try new stuff
and it looks like this one's reversible
You can have either the white side with the JOYRICH logo
Or you can flip it over and have this palm tree, beverly hills design
Let's try it on!
Yay it fits, awesome
This might actually be cool for the summer, I dunno I'll give it a shot
Let's flip it over
And this is what the white side looks like
This is new for me, not sure what I think about this style of hat
But I'll give it a shot
It looks like that was all that was in the first lucky bag!
I'm really happy with it, I'm really happy with the jacket and the shirt
I can totally wear those, and I'll give this a try
Maybe it'll look alright
Moving on to bag #2!
Let's see if I am just as lucky with this one
This one's kind heavy but not as heavy
Oh wow looks like there's lots of stuff in here
Let's start with the first thing that I see
Oh it's another tank top
A sparkly colourful tank top
I'm pretty much a fan of all the fabrics and designs that JOYRICH has
So it's hard to go wrong with their stuff
This is cute, I like this
This is originally 9,500 yen
Next is... Oh I think this another one of the ones that I was contemplating getting but I didn't
It was actually in my video when I went to their Spring line display
Yeah that's so cool, it totally is
It says no money but filthy rich
I really liked that saying
It's black and white, which is sweet because I love black and white stuff
And on the back it's got a JOYRICH logo
This is originally 6,800 yen
Sweet! Ah I'm so happy
Ooo it looks like I have another jacket in here
I got really lucky, these jackets are expensive!
I wonder if everyone got jackets in their JOYRICH bags this year
Aww this is adorable
I love it!
Check it out! Another fake leather jacket, this one's white
And it's got stars down the sleeves, and on the back...
It says Beverly Hills Private International...
I dunno, Beverly Hills something in gold
And the inside looks super fancy, check it out
And the sizes look perfect
The JOYRICH lucky bags come in small and medium
And I always get the medium one
Their stuff is American size so the medium is a bit big on me
This looks like it'll be perfect
And this was 36,800 yen
I can't wait to try these on
I'm gonna go that now actually so you guys can see them
This is the No Money but Filthy Rich T-shirt
The size is perfect, I'm really happy with it
Here is the white fake leather jacket
It's also a good size, I like it
It's a little baggy which is nice, it's roomy
It's so warm, this'll be great for winter
I love the inside
And this is what the black leather jacket looks like
Again, really nice size
A little roomy which is good, I can wear sweaters underneath it
Yay! I'm really excited about this one
Yay! So I'm really happy with them!
I think I was pretty lucky with the jackets, so that was a really good deal
I hope you guys enjoyed watching that
I will have 2 more lucky bag videos coming out, one more on this channel
and one more over on my second channel, so watch out for those
I'll see you guys soon! Bye!
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13 分類 收藏
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