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Hey guys! Welcome back for my next lucky bag video of the year
I actually got a lucky bag that wasn't clothes this time
It is the Mister Donut (which is a Japanese donut shop) lucky bag!
I've never gotten one of these before
I decided to get 2 because I watched a couple videos and they looked like a pretty awesome deal
So I figured why not, it's once a year
So I got two of them
Let's open them and see what we get!
These were just over 2000 yen each, around 2180 yen I think?
So the first item we have is a 2016 Rilakkuma calendar
I'm pretty sure this one comes in all of the bags
I saw everybody get one of these
I thought this was really cute
And because I have 2 bags, I'll have 2 of them
I'm gonna give one to my sister because I'm heading back to Canada soon
It's a really cute Rilakkuma and Mister Donut collaboration
So they're eating donuts and stuff, that's adorable
Alright, the next item is...
YESSS these are the ones I wanted
There are 2 different kinds of pouch sets
One that was this design with just their faces
The other one was a striped one, but I thought these ones were cuter
This bag smells like donuts... BONUS
These are really cute
They're like a canvas kind of fabric
The back has the zipper
I love how they're eating the donuts, that's so nice
These would be good for storing my makeup in
Or my memory cards or something, in the little one
Ah I'm so happy I got the one I wanted
Ok there's one big thing in here I'm gonna save that because I have no idea what that is
And this is... I don't know what these are either!
I didn't see anyone else get these
Another Rilakkuma item
Aww they're cups!
Oh these are really nice
I dunno if you can see the design on them
They've got a Rilakkuma on the front, and on the back is says Misdo Rilakkuma
Those are really cute, that's awesome
I needed more cups because I broke one of mine
Aw and on the bottom they have Kiiroitori eating a donut
Dunno if you can see that, probably not
But YAY! That's really nice
And there's still one more thing in here
A big one! Is it a towel?
What is it~
Oh it's really soft, not a towel... a blanket maybe?
It's a blanket!
It's really cute! And really really soft
Maro's gonna like that
That's really nice! I'm really happy with this
Wow my bag was better than all the ones I saw online
And I would've been happy with those, so SCORE
Actually the one thing that makes these better than any other lucky bags
is that they give you a card that you can use to get 20 donuts
So you pay about 2000 yen for the bag, and the donuts cost over 100 yen each
So this itself is worth more than you pay for the bag, which is cool
And you don't need to get all 20 donuts at once
You can just buy a couple and they'll subtract it from the amount of donuts you have left
And you're able to use this until April 1st
So I've got 4 months to eat 40 donuts
I'll share them with my friends or something
The Mister Donut lucky bag is such an awesome deal
You already pay for it with this card
Plus you get a bunch of really cute Rilakkuma stuff
So I just had to get it
Let's open the second one!
And hope that there's some different stuff in here
If not it doesn't matter because
I got a second one so that I could give some things to my sister
Again it has the same calendar
All the calendars are the same
Ahh I got the cute pouch set again
Ok good, I'll give this one to my sister
If it was a different one I'd be tempted to keep it so that's good
And cups! I wonder if these are the same cups
Might have different designs
Yes they are
They're the same blue cups
So again I can give those to someone
And the last one, is it another blanket?
It's a different one
I think it's a giant Rilakkuma face
That's really nice
Ahh this was such a score!
I love it!
And again the 20 donuts coupon
Well thank you Mister Donut for the amazing lucky bags!
What a deal, I'm so glad that I bought those
There will be one more lucky bag video coming out on my second channel
if I don't have it up already, so look out for that
And I'll see you guys soon! Bye!
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JAPANESE LUCKY BAGS! // Mister Donut x Rilakkuma 2016 [What I Got]

5 分類 收藏
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